Ancient and Primitive Rite of Memphis Misra´m

This order originated in 1881 by combining two 'Egyptian' Rites, those of Mepmphis and of Misraim. Giuseppi Garibaldi became the first Grandmaster of this united rite. Before that he was already the Grandmaster of the Italian order of freemasons.
The origins of the Misraim-rite were in the late 1700s, the Memphis rite was founded in 1815 by freemasons who had joined the Napoleontic battle campaigns in Egypt and learned there of ancient Egyptian initiation rites.
Nowadays this rite has a couple of thousand members, mostly in Europe. There are lodges in France, Belgium (140 members), Switzerland, United Kingdom, Italy, Canada, United States, Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia, Haiti, Australia and several African countries, including Madagascar. 
The order has 99 degrees and is therefore the largest masonic order in number of degrees. Not all degrees are worked in.
The first 33 degrees are similar to those of the Scottish Rite.

The degrees of the Memphis-Misraim Rite ( as of 1980 )

1║. Apprentice
2║. Companion
3║. Master

4║. Secret Master
5║. Perfect Master
6║. Intimate Secretary
7║. Provost and Judge
8║. Intendant of the Buildings
9║. Master Elect of Nine
10║. Illustrious Elect of Fifteen
11║. Sublime Prince Elect
12║. Grand Master Architect
13║. Royal Arch
14║. Grand Elect Perfect and Sublime Master

15║. Knight of the East or the Sword
16║. Prince of Jerusalem
17║. Knight of the East and the West
18║. Knight of the Rose Cross

19║. Grand Pontiff
20║. Knight of the Temple
21║. Patriarch Noachite
22║. Knight of the Royal Axe
23║. Chief of the Tabernacle
24║. Prince of the  Tabernacle
25║. Knight of the Brazen Serpent
26║. Prince of Mercy
27║. Commander of the Temple
28║. Knight of the Sun, or Prince Adept
29║. Knight of St. Andrew
Areopage and Tribunal

30║. Grand Elected Knight of Kadosh
31║. Grand Inspector Inquisitor Commander
32║. Sublime Prince of the  Royal Secret
33║. Sovereign Grand Inspector General

34║. Knight of Scandinavia
35║. Knight of the Temple
36║. Sublime Negociant
37║. Knight of Shota (Sage of Truth)
38║. Sublime Elect of Truth (The Red Eagle)
39║. Grand Elect of the Aeons
40║. Sage Savaiste (Perfect Sage)
41║. Knight of the Arch of Seven Colours
42║. Prince of Light
43║. Sublime Hermetic Sage (Hermetic Philosopher)
44║. Prince of the Zodiac
45║. Sublime Sage of the Mysteries
46║. Sublime Pastor of the Huts
47║. Knight of the Seven Stars
48║. Sublime Guardian of the Sacred Mount
49║. Sublime Sage of the Pyramids
50║. Sublime Philosopher of Samothrace
51║. Sublime Titan of the Caucasus
52║. Sage of the  Labyrinth
53║. Knight or Sage of the Phoenix
54║. Sublime Scalde
55║. Sublime Orphic Doctor
56║. Pontiff, of Sage of Cadmia
57║. Sublime Magus
58║. Sage, or Prince Brahmine
59║. Sublime Sage, or Grand Pontiff of Ogygia
60║. Sublime Guardian of the Three Fires
61║. Sublime Unknown Philosopher
62║. Sublime Sage of Eulisis
63║. Sublime Kawi
64║. Sage of Mythras
65║. Guardian of Sanctuary - Grand Installator
66║. Grand Architect of the Mysterious City - Grand Consecrator
67║. Guardian of the Incommunicable Name - Grand Eulogist
68║. Patriarch of Truth
69║. Knight or Sage of the Golden Branch of Eleusis
70║. Prince of Light, or Patriarch of the Planispheres
71║. Patriarch of the Sacred Vedas
72║. Sublime Master of Wisdom
73║. Patriarch, or Doctor of the Sacred Fire
74║. Sublime Master of the Stoka
75║. Knight Commandel of the Lybic Chain
Sublime Council
76║. Interpreter of Hieroglyphics, of Patriarch of Isis
77║. Sublime Knight or Sage Theosopher
78║. Grand Pontiff of the Thebiad
79║. Knight, or Sage of the Redoubtable Sada
80║. Sublime Elect of the Sanctuary of Mazias
81║. Intendent Regulator, or Patriarch of Memphis
82║. Grand Elect of the Temple of Midgard
83║. Sublime Elect of the Valley of Oddy
84║. Patriarch or Doctor of the Izeds
85║. Sublime Sage, or Knight of Kneph
86║. Sublime Philosopher of the Valley of Kab
87║. Sublime Prince of Masonry
88║. Grand Elect of the Sacred Curtain
89║. Patriarch of the Mystic City
90║. Sublime Master of the Great Work
Grand Tribunal

91║. Grand Defender
92║. Grand Catechist
93║. Regulator General
94║. Prince of Memphis, or Grand Administrator
95║.Grand Conservator
96║. Grand and Puissant Sovereign of the Order
97║. Deputy International Grand Master
98║. International Grand Master
99║. Grand Hierophant