Ceremony for the degree of Sublime Master of the Great Work, 90

Dit Amerikaanse rituaal dateert uit de tweede helft van de negentiende eeuw.

Sign: draw the sword across the breast from left to right, then make nine points to the right and nine points back to the left. On Retiring, bring the sword across the breast and sheathe it.
Touch: three strokes on first joint of the right index finger; then nine, then nine on the first joint of second finger of right hand.

Password: Isis (the generator, the existing).

W. of R.: Demi-Ur-Gos (celestial intelligence).

Secret Word: given only in Council. Giver of light.

Battery: ***   ***   ***     *********   *********   *********   *********   *********   *********   *********   *********   *********      *********   *********   *********   *********   *********   *********   *********   *********   *********.

Jewel and Symbol: winged egg. A point in the centre of three  which end in a triple D with 2 points at base.

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