Ceremony for the degree of Sublime Master of Wisdom, 72

Dit Amerikaanse rituaal dateert uit de tweede helft van de negentiende eeuw.

Concerns the general aspect of our Institutions. Originally the Mysteries were the Greater and Lesser, but seem to have had subdivisions and under the Ptolemys were increased to Seven, or a Square under a Triangle. These are still represented by the seven sections, or classes of our Rite, the intermediary grades being schools of Instruction in matters of Science which may be elaborated ceremonially; whilst the combined seven sections represent the dogmas of the primitive system. They again correspond with the seven states of Macrocosm, and Microcosm.

Sign: raise sword, and place flat on forehead, then salute thrice in front, twice to left, and twice to right.

Touch: grasp the blade of each others sword.

Password: as before.

Secret Word: Cosmos Carma; Answer: Micracosmos.

Battery: ***   ***   ***     ****   ****   ****   ****.

Jewel and Symbol: a triangle, or pyramid, over which is a sun.

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