Ceremony for the degree of Sublime Sage of Eleusis, 62

Dit Amerikaanse rituaal dateert uit de tweede helft van de negentiende eeuw.

In nature there is an Occult power behind the material form, viz. the fashioning of Spirit. First matter is eternal and exists everywhere; and was a doctrine taught in Egypt (Poemander). Space is eternal, immobile and immutable. On heat and humidity. Time not a principle. There are three eternal things in nature, viz: mind, first matter and space, quantity of matter always the same. Pre-existence of Souls; the body the Sepulchre of the Soul: 'We live their death, and die to their life'.
It has long been worked in Scotland by the Council of Rites, derived from Dr. Walker Arnott, as a higher degree. Perhaps they had it from Dr. Morison, who was a member of our Rite in Paris, and in 1845 founded the Rite of 330 at Edinburgh. Today they work the degree as follows. They may have modified earlier work. The Ceremonies are two fold, the first founded on the ancient Eleusinian Mysteries; the second part a Christian version of the same. The Officers are: Hierophant or Master, Huperet or Conductor; Diachanos or I.G.; Cerberus or Tyler. The Candidate is led into the Consistory by Huperet, the door being left open for the purpose.

D., meets Cand. at door:
What Profane is this who intrudes within these Sacred Precincts?
H., for Cand.:
I am no Profane, tho' but a dweller on the threshold, and am come humbly seeking light in Eleusis.
If you are sincere in your desire enter, and, having partaken in the ceremony of Lustration, emit the declaration without which no progress can be made.
Washes hands in a basin, and dries them on a towel presented to him.

Repeat after me, holding up your right hand: I, ..., do solemnly declare that in seeking advancement here, I am actuated by no unworthy motive, and I sacredly pledge myself to keep inviolably secret, from the whole world,, the secrets of or belonging to this degree, should the Hierophant see fit to entrust me with the same, and may the Great Dispenser of Life and Light deal with me as I keep my pledge.
As you have thus far conformed to our Regulations, you will proceed to the Hierophant for further instruction.
Huperet leads him to the East.

Wise Hierophant, behold before you a Dweller on the Threshold, who has washed his hands of the vanities of the world, and vowed unalterable fidelity to our Order.
Approach, O! Diachonos. Candidate approaches by 4 long and 3 short steps and kneels.

Hier., takes one step to meet him, and touching him upon the ear, eyes, and mouth says:
And thus I seal you, that you may hear, see, and speak concerning the Order, but as you may be instructed. Do you again renew the pledge you formerly made?
I do.
Hier., raising Candidate:
Hup., taking his left hand:
Hier., touching eyes and ears:
Hear, See, and be Silent concerning the Secrets of Eleusis, in which I will now instruct you.
Gives G.W., P.W. and Sign. Steps back and says:
Konx Ompax. (It is finished.) Prince of Eleusis, be secret and silent. (All give sign).

All retire to 2nd Apartment, led by the Hier., Cand., and Huperet being last. As Cand. enters a veil is thrown over him, and he is laid on the floor. Then all take their places. The Hierophant is now High Priest, and Huperet is Vice High Priest.

What is the cause of our Present Assembly?
To learn for ourselves, and to explain to a Priest of the old Eleusis, the Mysteries of the New Jerusalem which is the true Eleusis.
Where is he that is to profit by the lesson?
He is dead in error, but awaits the vivifying teaching of the new law.
Let him be raised from the grave of error by the power of the word, and by aid of the three points: Faith, Hope and Charity.
V.H.P., taking Cand. by right hand and whispering:
Rise, by the power of the Word, from deadly error to living truth.
Chaplain, reads Rev. XXIC, whilst Cand. is led slowly round halting before the H.P.

I here present you Reverend High Priest, a Priest of the old Eleusis whom from the death of error has been Raised to living truth.
Companion ..., I welcome you as a Priest of the true Eleusis, and now put you in possession of the Secrets of the grade, which consist of Sign, Password, and Grip.
He then gives an Address on ancient Initiation. Chaplain reads XXIIC Revelations to close the ceremony.
(In the "Early Grand" of Scotland, this grade is given between Priest of the Sun, and Royal Secret, both a scant abridgement of S.R.)
Grip: look up to heaven, then down to earth.
Touch: join inside of right feet and let knees touch
Password: same as in last degrees.
Secret Word: Eleusis (secret of Grecian Mysteries), Answer: Knox Ompax (it is finished).
Battery: ****   ****   ****   ****     ***   ***   ***.
Jewel and Symbol: a sun on which is three Yods.

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