Prince of Mercy, 26º


Dit amerikaanse rituaal dateert uit de tweede helft van de negentiende eeuw.

Sign of Entry. As if to protect one’s self from a bright light, place the right hand in the form of a triangle above the eyes.

Sign of Character. With the two thumbs and the two index fingers joined at the extremities, with the hands touching the body form a triangle.

Sign of Help. With the hands open, palm outwards, cross the two arms above the head, saying “Come to my aid, ye children of the Widow.”

Sign of Order. Place the right hand on the hip.

Grip. Place the two hands on the shoulders of the tyler; press three times saying “COMEL.”

Knocks. Fifteen by 3, 5, and 7.

Steps. Three equal steps, beginning with the left foot.

Age. Eighty-one.

Insignia. Red tunic, white sash fringed with gold; ribbon is white and chamois; worn crosswise.

Pass word. GOMEL (rewarding).

Common words. GIBLIM and GABAON (hill).

Sublime word. EDUL PEN CAGU (Do unto others that which you would they should do unto you).