Illustrious Elect of Fifteen, 10ļ


Dit amerikaanse rituaal dateert uit de tweede helft van de negentiende eeuw.

Sign. Place the dagger under the chin; and as if one wished to open the breast, draw the hand down the body; in reply, having the point covered and the thumb raised, make the sign of an apprentice.

Grip. Interlace with the tyler the fingers of each others right hand.

Knocks. Five equal knocks.

Steps. Fifteen triangular steps.

Insignia. Blue tunic, red sash fringed with gold, black ribbon worn crosswise; three heads are embroidered on the front of the ribbon. The three heads on the ribbon signify the three assassins of Hiram.

Pass-word. ELIAM (Godís People).

Sacred words. ZERBEL, who was the son of Jaida, a general of Solomonís army. The reply is BEN-IAH (Sons of God.)