Ceremony for the degree of Knight or Sage of the Golden Branch of Eleusis, 69

Dit Amerikaanse rituaal dateert uit de tweede helft van de negentiende eeuw.

It is an explanation of the Symbol of Initiation, and, refers to the Pythagorean dogma, the path of Virtue and Vice resembles the letter Y; It symbolises that double path, one leading to Elysium the other to Tartarus in the scenic drama. The 1st, or narrow path, as the poets say, 'slippery, muddy, stoney and narrow; the second broad and easy'. It was symbolised by a Golden Branch. So named from the excellency of the Symbol, broken off so as to show the two paths. The Sybil gives it to Aeneas as his passport to the two spiritual worlds. Eleusis used the Myrtle, Heliopolis the Ivy, India the Papyra, Masonry the Acacia.
Sign: draw sword and extend horizontally, raise it to the height of the head and return to the scabbard.

Touch: place right hand on each others head.

Password: as before.

Secret Word: Endymion (cavern of the 64 )

Battery: *.

Jewel and Symbol: winged egg, with a circle in which is the Y branch.

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