Ceremony for the degree of Patriarch or Doctor of the Izeds, 84

Dit Amerikaanse rituaal dateert uit de tweede helft van de negentiende eeuw.

It is intended for instruction on the Persian Izeds of whom the Chief is Bahman the King of Light. They were created, male and female, by Ormuz, and amongst them are Mithra and Meher.
The 1st class of Gods are the seven Amaschpands, of whom Ormuz is Chief. In the 2nd rank are 20 Izeds. In the 3rd rank innumerable Feryers. There is a Mystic cross of the Izeds.

Sign: cross the arms within the sleeve of the robe.

Touch: form cross by placing hands on each others shoulders.

Password: the same.

Secret Word: Ibis (sacred Stork; vigilance).

Battery: ****   ****   ****   ****.

Jewel and Symbol: three concentric circles, with point in center.

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