Ceremony for the degree of Knight of the Seven Stars, 47

Dit Amerikaanse rituaal dateert uit de tweede helft van de negentiende eeuw.

The most ancient of all Symbols, the seven Stars of Ursa Major's annual revolution round the Mystery Sun, a talisman (swastika), the seven Ristus and their consort in the Pleides, one unfaithful.

The Columns fall; scene changes; flaming star shows the route the adept should take. Downfall of the traveller; passage of the obscure vault; candlestick of seven branches which gives light to all the world, its influence acts unceasingly on nature and man; new calculation of numbers; use and virtue of the mapped signs of the Zodiac, and their spiritual influence invention of the Compasses.
Sign: incline head, place right index on brow.
Touch: with both hands seize each other's shoulders.
Password: Spero (hope).
Secret Word: Vigilo (watch).
Jewel and Symbol: a heptagon with a star at each angle.
Battery: *    **   **     ****   ****   ****    ****.

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