Ceremony for the degree of Sublime Negotiant, 36

Dit Amerikaanse rituaal dateert uit de tweede helft van de negentiende eeuw.

Founded in 1870 of 3 grades, or points: Believer; Elect and Perfect.
1. Purification by the four Elements.
2. The symbols should recall the Unity of God.
It has reference to primitive worship and the consequences resulting from the Astronomical observations of the Priests of Babylon, Chaldea and Sidon. It quotes a Chapter in Al Koran, being the protests of Abram against star and idol worship. The labour is consecrated to Geometry and astronomy.
President: You understand now our Mysteries, our Science, our Altar and our God; it is with the idea of Unity that the luminous triangle unites all our symbols.
In investing you with the Habit, I invite you to let it cover for ever the darkness of error and prejudice.
1. Section Believer, Sign: Place left ahnd over the eyes and the two first fingers of right hand on the lips.
Touch: Take each others little finger.
Password: Meunith.
2. Section Elect, Sign: Right knee on floor, cross arms on breast.
Touch: take mutually the fingers of the right hand.
Password: Tzdikim.
3. Section Perfect, Sign: Place open hand on forehead as if to screen the eyes, thumb in square.
Touch:Take right hand mutually, and give seven light shakes.
Password: Abraham, Answer: Brahma.
R.W.: Sarah, Answer: Saris-Wati
Sacred Word: Jehovah
Battery: * (The Unity).
Jewel and Symbol: A luminous triangle.

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