Ceremony for the degree of Sublime Elect of Truth, or the Red Eagle, 38

Dit Amerikaanse rituaal dateert uit de tweede helft van de negentiende eeuw

You have already this degree under the 2nd title in a printed Ritual and can use it for 38. Marconis says that the ceremonials resemble the ancient Initiation of Egypt.
In the centre is a brasier with a pure flame; and it is preferred to all others, as the custom of the greatest nations, the Egyptians, Greeks, Peruvians.
On his entrance the Neophyte is veiled, and hears an address comparing the ancient mysteries of different countries which, in effect, represented the contest between Light and Darkness.
Sign: a military salute with the Sword; Answer: make a triangle on the forehead with thumb and indexfinger.
Touch: Press five times on the palm of each others right hand with 2nd finger.
Password: Hori (celestial day); Answer: Achmoneyn (name of a tomb).
Sacred Word: Zurishodoai (God is my strongest rock).
Battery: *****   *****   *****   *****   ******,
Jewel and Symbol: a silver key crossed with a cubit rule.

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