Ceremony for the degree of Sublime Guardian of the Sacred Mount, 48

Dit Amerikaanse rituaal dateert uit de tweede helft van de negentiende eeuw.

The degree teaches much of nature; the purified man reading from a mysterious book. The Sun rises, the door opens, the Neophyte is surrounded with flames. Allegories which represent the highest mysteries.

Emblem of a discorded love; chamber of punishment; altar of Sacrifice; fury of the elements; the producer and destroyer of forms; necessary combat; new apparition of a Celestial Guide; Secrets of Medecine.
Sign: make a hasty step and then recoil.
Touch: with right hand tap thrice the hilt of the sword.
Password: Constantia (constancy).
Secret Word: Fidelitate (fidelity).
Jewel and Symbol: on a triangle are three interlaced circles.
Battery: **   **   *.

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