Ceremony for the degree of Sage of the Labyrinth, 52

Dit Amerikaanse rituaal dateert uit de tweede helft van de negentiende eeuw.

The degree is a recapitulation of Hermetic Mason: the new Initiate shows his mantle, reduced to tinder and afterwards returned to him. Penetrates a chemical laboratory, but is not admitted to practise the Art, until after some expiation: proof of blood insufficient. Paints the enthusiastic follies of false Adepts, whose work is of avarice.
Allegory of the Palm of the Valley of Oddy, the Mystic rose of Kab; the two generative principles; the tower of Ugolin; the plant Moly, whose three roots were black, the five leaves green, and the flowers white: a symbol of the Universal medicine, the red tincture which can prolong life. Consult Virgil, Homer, Nicholas, Flammel, Cagliostros Egyptian Masonry, etc.) Spirit of the dogma, Maxims etc.
Sign: join right and left hands, as if walking together.
Touch: jointly, right hand on forehead, bow the head, place left hand on breast (it implies intelligence, humility, fidelity).
Password: the same as last 3 degrees.
Secret Word: Amouon (be discreet).
Battery: ***   ***   ***   ****   ****   ****   *****   *****   *****   *****   *****.
Jewel and Symbol: a palm tree.

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