Ceremony for the degree of Grand Elect of the AEons, 39

Dit Amerikaanse rituaal dateert uit de tweede helft van de negentiende eeuw

In the Phoenician language AEon signifies a central point of developmen. It also has reference to the Avators or Saviours Gods treated by the Mysteries.
Marconis says that its precepts are drawn from the Izesclme, a Zoroastrian work of 72 chapters. Our Order, born with the first races of mankind has initiated and developed everything that has been of service to humanity. As the child of the dogma of true light it has marched at the head of civilization and advanced the progress of intelligence.
Our Order is the depository of all that is valuable to man, as it has preserved in its temples that which the profane world has long lost - the virgin simplicity of natural laws.
Properly speaking the Zoroastrian Masonry of the last century was divided into three points: the Veiled; the Elect and the Seer, and its object was the rehabilitation of Man, so that he might approach his Creator. Thus it brings the Seer in contact with the facts of Magnetism, Somnambulism, dreams, prescience of prevision, and sympathies and antipathies.
1st. Section (Veiled), Sign: right hand on brow.
Touch: Place left hand on heart of examiner.
Password: Amara.
2nd. Section (Elect), Sign: Place two fingers of left hand on the mouth and the right over the heart.
Touch: none.
Password: Archimage.
3rd Section (Seer), Sign: Join the two hands, flex the left knee and fix the eyes on heaven.
Touch: Take each right hand and press seven times.
R.Word: Anagogie (elevation); Answer: Dounnoun (abode of the Lord).
Sacred Word: Locutuis-Aius (the Word, the Lord)
Battery: *    *    *.
Jewel and symbol: Star with a central point.

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