Master, 3º


Dit amerikaanse rituaal dateert uit de tweede helft van de negentiende eeuw.

Sign of Horror. Place the open right hand, fingers extended, the thumb apart and touching the right flank; this is the sign of order; lift the two hands towards the heavens, the fingers extended and separated, saying, “Adonai,” after this exclamation let the two hands fall on the apron, as if expressing surprise; this is the complete sign.

Sign of Help. When a master is in danger, and wishes to call a brother to his assistance, he elevates his two hands joined together above the head, palms uppermost, saying “Come to my aid, ye children of the widow.”

Grip. Right foot against right foot, knee against knee, lean towards each other; place reciprocally the left hand on the right shoulder to hold each other up, and draw together; take each the right hand of the other in forming a claw as if to enfold the palm; these are the five perfect points of a master. One and the other say alternatively the three syllables of the sacred word and give each other the kiss of peace; these five points signify: (1) The feet together, that every Mason should hasten to the help of his brethren. (2) The bending of the knees, that one should bend without ceasing before the All Powerful. (3) The joining of the right hands, that one should help all brethren. (4) The arm on the shoulder, that one should give wise advice. (5) The kiss of peace announces that happiness, that unalterable union which is at the base of the Order.

Knocks. Nine, by three times three.

Steps. Three steps, as if passing over an object placed on the ground; the first step to the right, commencing with the right foot; the second step to the left, with the left foot; the third to the right with the right foot, bringing the feet together after each step.

Age. Seven years and upwards.

Insignia. Blue tunic, white apron with red border, with a pocket underneath the flap; in the middle of the apron are embroidered the letters M.B.: a water marked sash worn from right to left; at the bottom is suspended with a red rosette the jewel, a square on which are compasses open at 45 degrees.

Pass-word. Tubal Cain.

Sacred Word. Moabon, meaning “begotten of the father.”