Intimate Secretary or Sublime Master, 6º


Dit amerikaanse rituaal dateert uit de tweede helft van de negentiende eeuw.

Sign. Place the right hand on the left shoulder, and draw the hand down to the right hip, in designing the shoulder belt; the reply is given by crossing the arms on the breast, then lowering them towards the sword, at the same time raising the eyes towards the heavens.

Grip. Each one takes the right hand of the other, and the first one says “Berith” (alliance); the second, turning the hand over says “Neder” (vow); then the first, recovering his first position says “Schelemoth” (pure).

Knocks. Twenty-seven knocks by 3 times 9.

Insignia. Blue tunic, blue sash with sil­ver fringe.

Pass-word. 1st word Mohaben (Son of God); this name is given the recipient. 2nd word Zerbel.