Knight of the Royal Axe, 22º


Dit amerikaanse rituaal dateert uit de tweede helft van de negentiende eeuw.

Signs. Make a sign as if lifting an axe with both hands to cut a tree at its base. Reply: Raise the two hands, the fingers extended as high as the forehead, and then drop them.

Grip. Each takes the hands of the other and intertwines the fingers.

Knocks. Two equal knocks.

Steps. Three steps crosswise.

Insignia. Red tunic, blue sash fringed with gold, grand cross, rainbow coloured ribbon worn cross­wise; jewel is a golden axe surmounted by a crown.

Pass word. JAPHET, AHOLIAB (Tabernacle of the Father).

Sacred word. NOAH, BEZALEEL (shadow of God), and SIDONUS (Hunter).