Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia


The modern society of Rosicrucians was given its present form by Robert Wentworth Little in 1865, who with other zealous masons founded the order following the reputed discovery of certain manuscripts in the archives of Grand Lodge. The society was based upon symbolism and traditions of a much earlier Society known as the Fraternity of the Rose and Cross, which in turn claimed its origin from an immortal character, real or mythical, known as Christian Rosenkreutz and familiarly designated by the initials CRC. This society subsequently gave rise to other bodies in Scotland and the USA, and in building upon the ancient order the modern societies have not departed from precedent, but have continued the eternal search for knowledge. This is evinced by the encouragement given for members to produce papers and deliver lectures as a vital part of College work.
The order is being governed by the Grand College in England. In various countries there are local chapters. In total there are about fifty chapters worldwide under this order.
In the Netherlands there are four Colleges (2019):

The number of members is not clear, but does not exceed a couple of dozen.
This order or the Dutch College is actually not connected to the Grand Orient of the Netherlands. It is not recognized as an appendant order and did not need approval of the Grand Orient. The SRIA is however only open to Master Masons who proclaim a belief in the christian Tri-Unity.

Besides the Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia, there is a Grand Council in Schotland, that governs the Societats Rosicruciana in Scotia, with five Colleges and approximately 300 members and a Grand Council in the United States: Societas Rosicruciana in Civitatibus Foederatis. Under this Society work 32 Colleges.

The Order has nine degrees. The first four are grouped in the First Order.

The ‘Second Order’ comprises of the Vth—VIIth grades, variously known as the Adept Grades which are conferred in a College of Adepts by a Chief Adept or his duly appointed deputy. Selection for advancement in the Adept grades is made by the Supreme Magus or Chief Adept only.

The Third Order: The two grades are conferred by the Supreme Magus, or by special dispensation by another Magus.
Selection for these grades is made by the Supreme Magus only, the third being the ruling Order of the Society.

The Electoral College is composed of all members of the Third Order who are subscribing members of a College of the Society and is responsible for the election of a new Supreme Magus when that Office falls vacant.

From the Fifth degree members can be invited to join the Order of Eri.
Opening- and closingceremonies of the order
The Degrees Zelator, Theoricus and Practicus of the SRIA
The degrees
Zelator, Theoricus, Practicus and Philosophus of the American order.
Brochure Entrance to the Mystic Circle
On the download Masonic Rosicrucian Library we have published more rituals and other texts of this order.