Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia
Initiation Ritual for Grade I, the Grade of Zelator


Opening a College with Prayer
Fratres, I greet you well and I now ask you to rise and assist me to open the College by prayer for the purpose of the transaction of the genera! business.
To order for prayer.
Celebrant (or Chaplain):
Almighty and Eternal God, cleanse Thou our hearts and make them unto ourselves a Temple, a Holy Place, that with Thy blessing they may link together to be as a chain of union.
Look down upon us, we beseech Thee, with Thy favour and through Thine infinite goodness and wisdom grant unto us this day that the presence of the spirit of our Illustrious Founder, Christian Rosencreutz, may not only dwell within our Temple but enter and enliven each and everyone of us so that we may be worthy to continue the work begun in his name, for the honour and glory of INRI, Lux Mundi.
Please be seated.
Now Follows all the Administrative Business of the College.
The College Officers are arranged as in Appendix 1
The Office of Precentor in the Ritual of the Zelator must be optional, depending on the quality of the voice. Therefore the passages from the Benedicite may be read by the Celebrant or Precentor.

Opening in the Grade of Zelator

Fratres of the Rose and Cross assist me to form the Mystic Circle.
All Fratres rise and form the Mystic Circle, clasping each other's hands. If the Chaplain needs to read the prayer then the Frater on either side of the Chaplain grasps the Chaplain's arm so as to complete the Circle. The Celebrant in the East, the Exponent in the West, the 4th. and 2nd. Ancients turn left to leave their pedestal and move to the left of the Exponent The 3rd. and 1st. Ancients turn right to leave their pedestal and move to the right of the Exponent. (Appendix 4).
Very Worthy Exponent, what are the objects of our assembly?
The diffusion of Light and the advancement of Science.
How do we hope to accomplish the aims we have in view?
By prayer and by perseverance in the paths of knowledge and virtue.
Before we pray to Heaven, Very Worthy Exponent, let us assure ourselves that the Fratres are in possession of the Mystic Word.
Fratres, I pass the Mystic Word by letters to the East.
The Fratres on the left of the Exponent comply.
The Mystic Word being correct, I return it to the West.
The Fratres on the left of the Celebrant comply.
Fratres, let us pray.
Celebrant (or Chaplain):
Fountain of Light and Glory of the universe, we humbly adore Thee.
All bow head.

Bless the Union of our hearts, symbolized by the joining of our hands, and illuminate our spirits with the brightness of Thy perfection. Sanctify our desires and purify our thoughts, so that we may become worthy to commune with the Holy Ones whom Thou hast created; and finally grant us an everlasting inheritance in the dominions illuminated by the rays of wisdom from Thine unapproachable Throne.
In the name of INRI, I declare this College duly opened, the Mystic Circle of Fratres of the Rose and Cross duly formed, and the Chain of Union complete.
All give a single clap with their right upon their left hand.
The Celebrant takes the Chair in the South East, the Exponent in the West, and all the Fratres return to their seats. The Exponent opens the Bible at John ch. 1v. 1.

Reception of a Zelator part 1
The Acolyte blindfolds the Aspirant who wears a Master Mason's Apron and instructs him to give one knock on the portal of the Temple.
Very (or Right) Worthy Celebrant there is an alarm.
You will ascertain the cause.
Very (or Right) Worthy Celebrant, Brother ..., a qualified Master Mason who has duly read and signed the Pledge of Fidelity, now seeks to be received as a Member of this College in order to study the doctrines taught by the Society of the Rose and Cross.
Let him be admitted and received by the Conductor.
The Guardian admits the Aspirant, who is received by the Herald and Conductor who takes him by the hand.
Conductor (or Precentor to chant):
I will go unto the Altar of God.
Even unto God who giveth joy to my youth.
The Conductor leads the Aspirant to the West of the Temple. Herald returns to place.
What is your desire?
Conductor (speaking for the Aspirant):
I desire to go out of darkness into the pure light of knowledge, to learn the doctrines of Nature and to discover the wondrous principles by which the Universe is governed.
My Brother, your desires are most laudable, but we are mortals like yourself, why come to us?
Because I believe that among you are practiced many great virtues, and that the growth of ages has added to your stores of learning. I desire to be received.
We acknowledge and appreciate your faith, but must remind you that the road to learning is long and the life of man is short.
Remember, therefore, that what the heart conceives is but seldom accomplished, and build no hopes upon our Society.
Our aim is to be good; our desire to be humble; our study to be wise. Wealth, honour and power we leave to the worldling, pleasure and indolence to the vicious, and we cast in our lot with the virtuous and the pure, pressing forward in the pursuit of wisdom.
Our objects are mutual aid and encouragement in working out the great problems of life, the advancement of science, the propagation of knowledge, and the diffusion of that glorious revelation, whose cardinal precepts are:
All rise. The following may be said, chanted, or sung.
Glory to God in the highest and on earth peace to men of goodwill.
All resume their seats.
My Brother, of your sincerity we are assured but of your zeal I demand some proofs.
I am ignorant of God, of Nature, and of myself. I am surrounded with spiritual doubt and darkness. I claim, I command to be received.
You have spoken truly, a bold heart may command anything, and faith can remove the mountains of ignorance and vice. Prepare therefore to undergo the Elemental Proofs required by the laws of our Society.
Let the Aspirant be conducted to the Gate of Life, where the Four Ancients will unfold to him by the Elemental Proofs the primary secrets of Nature and Truth.
If there is more than one Aspirant, they must all participate in the Proofs, the Ancients taking the hands of all the Aspirants, and speaking their parts once only, addressed to all, and applying the tests to each Aspirant in turn.

See also the Appendix 6 for the original Westcott perambulations given here. But with space restrictions it is usually necessary to make circuit perambulations.

The Conductor leads the Aspirant from position 0 in the Temple to the RIGHT hand of the First Ancient at position 1a and waits.
Precentor chants during perambulation, or spoken by the Celebrant.

O all ye Works of the Lord bless ye the Lord; praise Him and magnify Him for ever. O let the Earth bless the Lord praise Him and magnify Him for ever.
The Conductor leads the Aspirant from position 1a in the Temple to FACE the First Ancient at position 1b and waits.
1st Ancient rises, takes right hand of Aspirant in his own left hand and applies the test of Earth by sprinkling earth (dry soil or sand) upon his palm, saying:
The First Ancient said: "Harken, O Aspirant, Death is the gate of life, fear not to enter therein, for in dust are sown the seeds of immortality; and the Word is IMMORTAL".
Aspirant repeats.
Ancient resumes his sent.
The Conductor leads the Aspirant from position 1b in the Temple to the LEFT hand of the Second Ancient at position 2a and waits.
Precentor chants during perambulation, or spoken by the Celebrant.

O ye Winds of God bless ye the Lord; praise Him and magnify Him for ever. O ye Spirits and Souls of the righteous bless ye the Lord; praise Him and magnify Him for ever.
The Conductor leads the Aspirant from position 2a in the Temple to FACE the second Ancient at position 2b and waits.
2nd Ancient rises, takes right hand of Aspirant in his own left hand, applies the test of Air by applying air with fan upon his palm, saying:
And the Second Ancient said: "Behold, the very air we breathe is full of mysteries, but the love of God surpasses all things visible and invisible, and hope is the inheritance of man on earth; and the Word is HOPE".
Aspirant repeats.
Ancient resumes his sent.
The Conductor leads the Aspirant from position 2b in the Temple to the RIGHT hand of the Third Ancient at position 3a and waits.
Precentor chants during perambulation, or spoken by the Celebrant.

O ye Seas and Floods bless ye the Lord; praise Him and magnify Him for ever. O ye Waters that be above the firmament bless ye the Lord; praise Him and magnify Him for ever.
The Conductor leads the Aspirant from position 3a in the Temple to FACE the Third Ancient at position 3b and waits.
3rd Ancient rises, takes right hand of Aspirant in his own left hand and applies the test of Water by dipping his right forefinger into water and making a cross on Aspirants forehead, saying:
And the Third Ancient said: "Let us approach with joy the House of Sanctification with clean hands and purified hearts, for our strength is in the Most High God; and the Word is STRENGTHENS".
Aspirant repeats.
Ancient resumes his seat.
The Conductor leads the Aspirant from position 3b in the Temple to the LEFT hand of the Fourth Ancient at position 4a and waits.
Precentor chants during perambulation or spoken by the Celebrant.

O ye Fire and Heat bless ye the Lord; praise Him and magnify Him forever. O ye Holy and Humble men of heart bless ye the Lord; praise Him and magnify Him forever.
The Conductor leads the Aspirant from position 4a in the Temple to FACE the Fourth Ancient at position 4b and waits.
4th Ancient rises, takes right hand of Aspirant in his own left hand and applies the test of Fire by applying fire near enough to Aspirants right hand to allow it to be felt, saying:
And the Fourth Ancient said: "Let us therefore enter the Temple of Perfection, and shrink not from the ordeal of fire, for the wrath of God consumeth only the impious and impenitent man and the Word is VIRTUE.
Aspirant repeats.

And the four words make the sentence ' Immortal Hope Strengthens Virtue".
Aspirant repeats.
Ancient resumes his seat.
The Aspirant is again conducted to the West and then faces the Celebrant in the East.
An anthem or voluntary may now be performed.
My Brother, the trials through which you have successfully passed were ordained to test your patience and perseverance.
In ancient times the knowledge of the Most High was not revealed without due preparation on the part of the Aspirant for the sacred mysteries. His initiation was preceded by four purifications, that is by Earth, Air, Water, and Fire, as well as by signal proofs of his morality, prudence and zeal. Having submitted with cheerfulness to the required tests, are you likewise willing to assure us of your good faith by a pledge of fidelity, vows not being exacted from the members of this Grade?
I am.
Do you therefore pledge your honour as a Master Mason never to reveal the secret Ceremonial of the Mystic Circle, except in strict conformity with our Ordinances?
I do.
Do you promise to prosecute with zeal the study of our mysteries, to yield a ready obedience to your superiors in the Society, and to assist and defend your Fratres of the Rose and Cross when occasion requires it?
I do.
Fratres, are you all satisfied with the answers given by the Aspirant?
All Fratres clap their hands once as a sign of assent.
Conduct the Aspirant to the foot of the Altar.
The Conductor leads the Aspirant to the Altar, preceded by the Torch Bearer with a lighted censer. The censer is placed immediately in front of the Altar, in as cental a position as possible, and the Torch Bearer resumes his seat.

(The lighted censor may be omitted see Appendix 5. )

As true Rosicrucians we respect the decrees of the Most High and bend the knee to Him from Whom we derive our existence. Let the Aspirant kneel. (done) Let us pray.
The Conductor assists the Aspirant to kneel before the Altar. All stand for prayer.
Celebrant (or Chaplain):
We supplicate Thine eternal and most just goodness, O Holy Lord, Father Almighty, Author of Light and Truth, on behalf of this Thy servant, that Thou wouldst vouchsafe to illumine him with the Light of Thy wisdom; cleanse him and sanctify him; give unto him true knowledge, that, being made worthy of the grace of Thy baptism, he may retain firm hope, right counsel and holy doctrine.
The Exponent reads from the Bible the Gospel according to St. John ch 1, vs 1-5.
In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.
The same was in the beginning with God.
All things were made by Him; and without Him was not anything made that was made.
In Him was life; and the life was the light of men.
And the light shineth in darkness, and the darkness comprehended it not.
Rise my Brother, and receive the light of our Mystic Temple.
The Conductor raises the Aspirant from the kneeling stool and removes the blindfold, at which moment all the Fratres clap their hands once.
The Lord 's Light be with you.
And with thy spirit.
The Celebrant stands beside the Aspirant, facing East.
Worthy Brother, on being restored to vision you stand before the Altar which we raise to commemorate the spotless life of Him who was the manifested glory of Yod He Vau He - Jehovah.
Above the Altar are inscribed the initials of that Sacred Name and Title which were traced in burning letters upon the Cross of the Redeemer. Treasure in your heart, my beloved Brother, the remembrance of the Word INRI - Jesus Nazarenus Rex Judaeorum .
Forget not that for thirty-three years He laboured on earth in meekness and humility, a period represented by the thirty-three lights on the Altar. The Roses allude to the beauty and grandeur of His Resurrection from the dead, and are typical of the eternal glory of the Rose of Sharon. The Five-pointed Star reminds us of the five points of felicity, which are to walk with, to intercede for, to assist, to love, and to pray for our Brethren, so as to be united with them in heart and mind.
(If the incense is omitted then see Appendix 5.)

The incense, which rises towards the luminous Star, is a symbol of prayer which proceeds directly to the Throne of God.
Learn to fulfill the Law, for it is pleasant, and all its paths are peace.
The Conductor removes the Master Mason's Apron and the Director of Ceremonies hands a white robe to the Celebrant, who then invests the Aspirant with it, the Exponent reciting:
He that overcometh, the same shall be clothed in white raiment.
Receive this white garment and see thou carry it without stain before the tribunal of the world, of your Fratres and of our Master, for so thou mayest have eternal life.
The First and Fourth Ancients step up and stand behind the Aspirant; and with the Celebrant, all three place their right hand on his head, and all three say:
We receive thee as a Frater of the Society of the Rose Cross.
If there is more than one Aspirant this procedure is repeated.
All Fratres then form the Mystic Circle, as in the Opening.
You will now be placed in the Mystic Circle, and will join with us in repeating the initials of the Mystic Word.
The Aspirant is placed in the Mystic Circle by the Conductor, on the immediate right of the Celebrant. The Celebrant passes the Mystic Word to the West, and the Exponent returns it to the East.
The Mystic Word is correct. I declare the Mystic Circle to be perfect, and the Chain of Union complete.
All clap hands once and return to their places.
All resume their seats.
You will now be conducted to the outer chamber to enable you to reflect upon the solemn ceremony through which you have just passed. Let me, therefore, strictly enjoin you to a deportment consistent with the honour and dignity of this Society of the Rose and Cross into whose circle you have been this day received, a day which should be ever considered as one of the most memorable periods of your life, inasmuch as you have voluntarily dedicated your soul to the service of Truth and Virtue. The initials forming the Mystic Word, with which you have been entrusted, will ensure your re-admission to the Mystic Circle.
The Celebrant hands to the Aspirant a Mystic Token. The Conductor tells the Aspirant, in a whisper, to put the token into his pocket, then leads the Aspirant out of the Temple.

Preparation for Part 2
After the Aspirant has left the Temple at the end of Part 1, the Torchbearer, having disposed of the Censer, puts out all candles except Nos 4, 23 and 29.
The Ancients move their pedestals (with symbols) and chairs to their new positions (1 in North, 2 in East, 3 in West and 4 in South - Appendix 2) all facing East. They should be arranged in the form of n Cosmic Cross (i.e. one with equal arms), allowing sufficient space for the Director of Ceremonies to place the floorcloth, symbolizing the Centre of the Earth, described in Clavicula Rosicruciana No. VI, in the centre of the square bounded by the Ancients. (If the Hall is too narrow the Pillars may be removed to the four corners, provided that the correct positions are subsequently explained to the Aspirant.)
In the Anteroom the Aspirant, instructed by the Acolyte, writes the initials of his Latin Motto upon the Mystic Token, and awaits in a period of contemplation the order for his readmission.
When all is prepared the Guardian informs the Acolyte, who instructs the Aspirant to carry the Mystic Token and to knock three times on the Portal.

Reception of a Zelator part 2
Very /Right Worthy Celebrant, there is an alarm.
You will ascertain the cause.
Guardian opens door, sees who seeks admission, closes the door and reports to the Celebrant.
Very /Right Worthy Celebrant one of the chosen desires re admission to the Mystic Circle.
Require him to advance to you in due form and present the Mystic Token.
Guardian and Conductor go to the door.
Guardian (at the door):
Advance to me and present the token for admission.
Conductor instructs the Aspirant to advance by seven complete steps; laying his right hand on his breast at each time and bowing at the last step. He then hands to the Guardian his Mystic Token on which the initials of his Latin Motto are written and, if it is approved, returned to the Aspirant.
The door is closed. Aspirant remains in the North-West.
Very /Right Worthy Celebrant, Frater ..., having meditated upon the Celestial precepts of our Order humbly craves re-admission.
What does he now desire?
That he has already received. What more is his request?
More Light.
Frater Conductor, you will lead the Aspirant to the centre of our Temple by the four steps of Wisdom.
Before the four steps are taken, the Aspirant is placed in front of Third Ancient's pedestal; the steps are four completed steps (i.e. not 'marching steps'), and are taken due Eastwards, the feet being placed naturally at the completion of each step, and not in any ritual position.
The Conductor instructs the Aspirant to place his feet together and then to step forward with the left foot, then bringing the right foot level with it, four times, stepping into the centre of the floorcloth on the fourth and last step. Once in the centre of the floorcloth the Aspirant is instructed by the Conductor to raise both arms to the sides, hands level with the shoulders, palms facing forward. If there is more than one Aspirant, all but the last should, after a short pause on the central circle, be moved away from the centre.
The Four steps allude to Y.H.V.H.; I.N.R.I.; and the 4 Ancients.
Worthy Brother, whence come you?
Conductor (for the Aspirant):
I came from a land of shadows, where the rays of Wisdom do but rarely penetrate.
Where do you now stand?
In the symbolic Centre of the Earth, my arms are extended from North to South, my desire is to approach the radiant East and to rejoice in the Light of Perfection.
You are worthily inspired, my Frater, I approve and commend your zeal, but your progress to the goal of truth must be slow and gradual, as the mysteries of nature are not to be unfolded to all who seek her shrine, but only to the strong in faith and the humble in spirit.
Conductor instructs Aspirant to lower arms.
The Magus; Magister or Celebrant rises.
Magus (Magister or Celebrant):
Behold me approaching you from the radiant East to communicate those secrets which have long been cherished by the Fratres of our Society.
The Magus (Magister or Celebrant) stands in front of the Altar, facing West, and says:
Magus (Magister or Celebrant):
The Sign of a Zelator of the Society of the Rose and Cross is thus given: raise both hands to the forehead palms forward, and then cross the index fingers, left over right.
The Pass Word is Lux, which signifies Light. The figure of a cross is equivalent to the word Lux as it exhibits the letters of which that Word is composed.
On the continent of Europe the Pass Word was not spoken, but was given with the hands, thus making L, U, X with the fingers.
The Pass Word leads to the Grand Word composed of the Four Mystic Letters I. N. R. I. which represent the Everlasting Son, Who is the true Light of the World and the Glory of the Father.
To obtain admission to the temple, a Zelator must give Three and Two knocks on the Portal. The number Three refers to The Trinity, and the number Two to the ancient Hermetic maxim 'As above, so it is below'.
Magus (Magister or Celebrant):
You will now be conducted to your place and the Exponent will read from the Revelation of St John the Divine.
Aspirant is conducted to the North East Conductor stands next to him.
All stand.
Magus (Magister or Celebrant) returns to his place.
Exponent reads Revelations ch. VII vs 9-12 from the Bible.
"After this I beheld, and, lo, a great multitude which no man could number, of all nations, and kindreds and people, and tongues, stood before the throne, and before the Lamb, clothed with white robes, and palms in their hands,
And cried out with a loud voice, saying. Salvation to our God which sitteth upon the throne, and unto the Lamb.
And all the angels stood round about the throne, and about the elders and the four beasts, and fell before the throne on their faces, and worshipped God.
Saying, Amen; blessing, and glory, and wisdom, and thanksgiving, and honour, and power and might, be unto our God for ever and ever. Amen".
All sit.
Frater, having passed through the various trials required by our Ordinances and having knelt before the Altar of Light, you are now permitted to join in the mystic labours of the Society.
This privilege is conferred only upon discreet and worthy men, to whom the revelation of Theosophy and Hermetic Science may be safely confided. In the ceremony through which you have been voluntarily conducted this evening, you will doubtless have observed a similarity to certain rites practiced in the Ancient Mysteries. It is thus that we hope to lead the sincere Aspirant to the radiant realms of intellectual Truth, and to the Court of the Everlasting I.H.V.H. (Yod Heh Vau Heh).
The significance of our symbols is a most important branch of the studies which you have promised to prosecute with zeal. This engagement which your tongue pronounced and, we trust, your heart approved, can be fulfilled only by diligence and perseverance. We trace the growth of our philosophy in the perpetual advent of Sages through the remotest avenues of Time. A grand and spiritual procession of Teachers illuminating the earth with their wisdom; Moses, Elijah, and Ezekiel were the Heralds of our principles and all the great and wise men of old have kindled their lamps at the Sacred Fire in which we now rejoice.
Among the secrets of Nature, which it is now your duty to investigate, are the mysteries of the Kabbalists, which include the demonstration of the Eternal Essence of God, the key to the government of the Universe and the powers and properties of Numbers.
With reference to the interpretation of Numerals, I may briefly explain the primary meaning attributed to each.
Fratres may give their own lecture if they so wish

No.1 represents God, the Unity of the Divine Being, and the generative principle of Nature; it is typified by the central point within a circle.
No. 2 is called the Dyad; it denotes the active and passive qualities of Nature, male and female, Light and Darkness, Life and Death.
No. 3 is called the Majestic number, as it refers to the Trinity, the Triple Essence of the Deity; its emblem is the equilateral triangle, which in ancient Egypt was called the Sacred Delta; it was symbolical of Osiris, Isis and Horus, and the Hierophant in the mysteries of Osiris required all Aspirants to take the oath of secrecy with both hands extended over this Divine Symbol. Brahma, Vishnu and Siva form the Trinity of the Hindus.
No. 4 is the Mystic number, and indicates the operative influence of the four elements. Under this number, or the geometrical square, Pythagoras communicated the ineffable Name of God to his chosen disciples.
No. 5 is the emblem of Health and Safety; it is also denominated the Occult number; the Pentagram was a famous talisman; it represents Spirit and the four Elements. In our Society the Pentagram should always appear pointing upwards, the downwards pointing Pentagram being an emblem of ill omen.
No. 6 is considered an epitome of Nature, as it presents to our view the dimensions of all things, adding to the four cardinal or superficial points, the two lines of height and breadth; the Hexagram representing the Planets was also a notable talisman.
No. 7 is the Perfect number, also termed the most venerable, since it refers to the creation of the world according to the Mosaic cosmogony.
No. 8 designates the primitive law of Nature, being the first cube, and points out that all men are born equal; it is also esteemed the number most to be desired, being the number of Justice.
No. 9 is called the Triple Ternary and refers to the perfection of the spheres. It is the first square of an odd number.
No. 10 is the most sublime, as it contains the Monad or Unity which created all things, and also the Zero, a symbol of Chaos, out of which the world was formed. It is the foundation of the Divine Sephiroth of the Theosophical Kabbalah of the Hebrews.
No. 11 is called the Evil number; it is an omen of Defeat or Death.
No. 12 alludes to the 12 Apostles of the Messiah, and to the 12 signs of the Zodiac, expressing the cosmogony of Nature, spiritually and materially. Twelve times 12000 is the number of the sealed. The square of 12, namely 144 is also the limit of our Rosicrucian circle, and reminds us of the 72 attributes of God, which form the names of the 72 angels who occupy the 72 rounds of the ladder of Jacob.
The Aspirant is again conducted to the centre of the Temple.
Magus (Magister or Celebrant):
Falter not, my Frater, because the way seems long and the soul is weary, but toil on towards the utmost pinnacles of wisdom. Life itself is imaged in this, our opening ceremony; difficulties have been placed in your path, and perils have beset you, even as obstacles present themselves in our worldly career. Let us remember, however, that knowledge is power, and that the Source of all wisdom will sustain our feeble steps on the journey that leads to eternal life.
All rise.

Be ready to exclaim like the martyrs of old: AB, Ben, veh Ruach ha Kodesh. Father, Son and Holy Spirit, to Thee be all the glory.
An Anthem may now be sung.
The newly-admitted Frater is placed before the Altar, and the Fratres resume their seats.
The Torch Bearer proceeds to the newly-admitted Frater and places a lighted taper in his hand. The Mystic Token is burnt by the Torch Bearer, who then blows out the candle saying:

(Note also the alternative instructions See Appendix 5)

Torch Bearer:
As the light of this taper, so shall your light be extinguished from among us if you fail.
I now exhibit to you and shall shortly invest you with the Jewel of the Society. It consists of a cross, the arms of equal length, on a curved shield having the form of a lozenge or rhombus. The arms of the Cross exhibit four times 18, that is 72, lines, having reference to the 72 rounds of the Ladder of Jacob; in the centre is a square, representing the Square of the Universe; and in the midst of the square is a Pentagram, that mysterious device which has always been considered by ancients and moderns as a potent emblem. The Cross is overlaid with red enamel, surrounded by a golden line; while the shield is of white enamel with a girding line of gold. The jewel is suspended by a green ribbon from a golden bar on which are inscribed the letters S R I A. I now invest you with the Jewel.
I exhibit to you the Warrant under which the Convocations of this College are held.
I present to you a copy of the Ordinances of the Society, and a copy of the By-laws of the College.
I congratulate you upon your reception as a Zelator and express the hope that you will in due course gain such knowledge of our mysteries as will merit your advancement to a higher grade.
You may now take a seat in the Temple among your Fratres.
The Ancients resume their original 'in line' positions.

Closing a College
Very Worthy Exponent, having satisfactorily laboured to diffuse the Light, what is our reward?
The consciousness of having performed our duty to God and man, and more particularly to our Fratres of the Rose and Cross.
With this guerdon let us be content. Aid me to dissolve the Mystic Circle and hermetically to seal up our secrets in the chambers of our souls.
All rise and form the Mystic Circle as in the Opening.
Let us pray.
Celebrant (or Chaplain):
In the Light of Thy countenance, O Father of angels and men, we rejoice and are glad.
All bow bend.

May we leave Thy footstool with purer hearts and clearer consciences, and may we be spared to assemble again in this Temple of Truth. Hasten, we beseech Thee, the coming of that day when Thy knowledge shall cover the earth, and the fullness of Thy glory be revealed to all mankind.
By the Mystic Word INRI, I dissolve this Mystic Circle and declare the Chain of Union imperfect until again united by the power of the Mystic Word.
All break off and clap hands once.
The Temple is closed.
Exponent closes Bible.


Appendix 1

Layout of Temple Grade of Zelator, Part 1

The numbers refer to the Four Ancients: 1 Black, Earth; 2 Yellow, Air; 3 Blue, Water; 4 Red, Fire.
All sit to the West of their Pillars and face East.
The Chaplain is an optional office.

Appendix 2

Layout of the Temple Grade of Zelator, Part 2

The Four Ancients move their Pillars to the Four Cardinal Points:
1 Black, Earth to North,
2 Yellow, Air to East,
3 Blue, Water to West,
4, Red, Fire to South.
Symbol in the Centre.
All sit to the West of their Pillars and face East.

The Altar
The Superaltar should be arranged in accordance with the diagram, the candles being on three 'steps ', with the Cross above. Candles 4, 23 and 29 should be raised on blocks.
When the College is opened by prayer for the transaction of the administration business candles 4, 23 and 29 are to be lit before the opening. If the work to follow is Grade I or the Installation ceremony, then all 33 must be lit before forming the Mystic Circle. Otherwise candles 4, 23 and 29 are left and the appropriate candles for the Grade to be worked are to be lit when the College is opened in that Grade.
The Calvary Cross above the Altar is the same for Grades I, II & III: black, hearing a gold star and a scroll inscribed 'I N R I', with a wreath of roses, ideally passing behind the upper arm of the Cross and in front of the other three arms, so that it is held in place by the two side arms. Care should be taken to ensure that the wreath does not obscure the star or scroll.

Appendix 4

Ancients' position in M.C.


Appendix 5
In recent times it has become common for Masonic Halls to ban the use of all naked flames to keep to the requirements of their insurance policies. Therefore the reference to the "incense rising" may be omitted in such cases and the following should be spoken instead.

..... so as to be united with them in heart and mind.
Like as incense rises, so should we direct our prayers to rise up to the Throne of God.
Learn to fulfill the Law .....
It also follows that the burning of the Mystic Token might also be forbidden. In such cases, the following ritual is to be adopted. In this piece of ritual the judgment of the failure of the Aspirant is left in the hands of his God.

" ....... Be read y to exclaim like the martyrs of old: AB, Ben, veh Ruach ha Kodesh. Father, Son and Holy Spirit , to Thee be all the glory.'
An Anthem may now be sung.
The newly-admitted Frater is placed before the Altar, and the Fratres resume their seats.
The Exponent reads these verses taken from Daniel ch. V
And in the same hour came forth the fingers of a man's hand which wrote over against the candlestick on the plaster of the wall of the king' s palace and the king saw the part of the hand that wrote.
Then the king's countenance was changed and his thoughts troubled him so that the joints of his hips were loosened and his knees knocked together.
Then was Daniel brought in before the king and spake to the king saying.
And you have praised the gods of silver and gold, bronze and iron, wood and stone which do not see or hear or know and the God who holds your breath in His hand and owns all your ways, you have not glorified.
And the fingers of the hand were sent from Him and this is the inscription that was written - Mene Mene Tekel Upharsin.
Which is to say "Thou art weighed in the balance and found wanting."
And that very night Belshazzar the king was slain.
The Torch Bearer proceeds to the Exponent and carries the Bible to the Celebrant who places the Mystic Token on the open Bible.
Torch Bearer:
In like manner to the king, so shall your light be extinguished from among us if you fail.
The Bible is slammed shut on the Mystic Token.
Forget not the covenant that you have made with your God.
The Torch Bearer returns the Bible to the Exponent and returns to his seat.
The Exponent removes and destroys the token after the meeting.
I now exhibit to you and shall shortly invest you with the Jewel of the Society ....."
I would just add that throughout the ceremonials I have kept to the more familiar spelling of the word "Ancient" instead or reverting back to the earlier spelling "Antient" which is found in the Westcott manuscript.


Appendix 6

Westcott perambulations