Rituaal voor de graad van Zelator

Dit rituaal dateert uit ca. 1880 en werd gebruikt door de Societatis Rosicruciana in Civitatibus Foederatis

First Section

The Aspirant in the Preparation Room, retains his Citizen’s dress, but uncovered. Over his head and face is thrown a light scarlet veil. The Conductor of Novices is robed in black with a cowl on his head, and taking the left arm of the Aspirant approaches the door leading from the Porch into the Sacred Hall; while the two Heralds stand one on each side of the entrance.
Conductor of Novices:
I will go unto the Altar of God.
The First Herald meeting them at the entrance:
To God who giveth joy to my heart.
The entrance of the Aspirant into the Sacred Hall is now made in the following order:

First Herald and Second Herald, then Conductor of Novices and Aspirant and finally Torch Bearer.

Five circuits of the Sacred Hall are made, with the course of the Sun, which the Fraters and Officers are standing, and the following ODE is sung:

Ere God the Universe began, in one rude heap all matter lay
Which wild disorder over-ran, nor knew the light one glimmering ray
While darkness o’re the whole confusion reigned without control
Then God arose, his thunders hurl’d, and bade the elements arise
In Air he hung the pendant World, and o’er it spread the azure skies;
Stars in circles caused to run, and in the center fixed the sun.
Then Man he called forth out of dust, and formed him with a living Soul
All things committed to his trust, and made him Lord of all, the whole
But yet ungrateful unto heaven he proved, and was from Eden driven.
From thence proceeded all our woes, nor could mankind one comfort share
Until the Rosicrucians rose and formed another Eden here:
Where true pleasure ever reigns, and native innocence regains.
Here crystal fountains flow, here naught that’s vile can enter in
The Tree of Knowledge here doth grow, whose fruit we taste, yet free from sin While sweet friendship does abound, and guardian Angels hover round.
At the close of the ODE, the procession halts in front of the Suffragan in the West.
Brother Conductor of Novices, what is the desire of this Aspirant?
Conductor of Novices:
He desires to proceed from darkness into the pure light of knowledge, to learn the secrets and Doctrines of Nature, and discern the wondrous principles by which the Universe is governed.
My Brother, your desire is laudable, but we are mortal like yourself, why come to us?
Conductor of Novices:
Because he believes that among you are practiced many great virtues, and that the growth of ages has added to your store of knowledge. He desires to be received.
Suffragan: We appreciate your faith, but must remind you that the road to knowledge is long, and the life of man is short; remember too hat what the heart conceives is not always accomplished. Build not your hopes too high upon our Order. Our aim is true, our desire to be humble, our study to be wise. The Rosaic System left wealth, honor and power to the worldly; pleasure and indolence to the vicious. We cast our lot with the virtuous and the pure, pressing forward in the pursuit of wisdom. Our objects are fraternal aid and encouragement in working out the great problem of life, in the advancement of science, in the propagation of knowledge and in the diffusion of that glorious acclamation "Glory to God in the Highest and on Earth, Peace, Good-will toward men."
My Brother, of your faith we are assured, but of your zeal, I demand proof.
Conductor of Novices:
I am instructed by the Aspirant to say in his behalf that he is ignorant of much pertaining to God, to nature and himself; that he is surrounded with spiritual doubt and darkness; that his search is just and sincere. He desires, he beseeches to be received.
You have spoken wisely. A brave heart may seek anything pure of the pure. Zeal in an exalted purpose is most commendable, and with it faith can remove mountains. Prepare then to undergo the elementary tests requires by our Order.
Let the Aspirant be conducted to the Gate of Life, and there be unfolded to him the elementary tests, and primary secrets of Nature and Truth.
The Aspirant, with the attendants, pass towards the North, then Southward to the front of the 1st Ancient, who places a little clean earth on his lips.

1st Ancient:
And the voice of the First Ancient was heard, saying, "Hearken ye Aspirant. Death is the Gate of Life, fear not to enter therein, for in the dust are sown the seeds of Immortality."
I disclose the Pass-word, Immortality
The Aspirant is instructed to place his right hand upon his heart, and is then conducted to the South, then back by the North in front of the 2nd Ancient; who plies a fan twice or thrice, that the Aspirant may feel the motion of the Air.
2nd Ancient:
And the voice of the 2nd Ancient was heard, saying, "Behold, the very Air we breathe is full of mystery; but the love of God surpasseth all things, visible or invisible, while Hope is the inheritance of man on Earth."
I disclose the Pass-word, Hope.
The Aspirant is instructed to place his hand as before, and is thus conducted toward the North and around toward the South in front of the 3rd Ancient, who sprinkles him with pure Water.

3rd Ancient:
And the voice of the 3rd Ancient was heard, saying, "Let us approach the House of Sanctification with clean hands and purified hearts, for our Strength is in the Omnipotent Deity."
I disclose the Pass-word, Strengthens.
The Aspirant is instructed to place his hand as before, and is thus conducted toward the South and around toward the North in front of the 4th Ancient, who causes the Aspirant to feel the heat of Flame.

4th Ancient:
And the voice of the 4th Ancient was hear, saying, "Let us enter the Temple of Perfection and shrink not from the ordeal of Fire, for the wrath of the Holy One consumeth only the impious and impenitent."
I disclose the Pass-word, Virtue.
These four Pass-words of the Ancients form the aphorism Immortal Hope Strengthens Virtue, the initials of which: I\ H\ S\ V\ .
The Aspirant places his hand upon his heart, at the pronunciation of the word Virtue; and when the Aphorism is pronounced he bows; and further he is caused to repeat the I\ H\ S\ V\ .

The Aspirant continues toward the North with his companions and around toward the South until he is in front of the Celebrant, but West of the Altar.

My Brother, the tests though which you have successfully passed are elementary, but in them lie many secrets, which will hereafter be revealed to you. In ancient times, knowledge as to the Most high was not made known without due preparation on the part of the Aspirant, through purifications by Earth, Air, Water and Fire, as well as by signal proofs of the Applicants morality, virtue, prudence, and zeal. Having advanced thus far with cheerfulness, are you willing to assure us of your good faith by a 

Pledge of Fidelity

for vows are not exacted from members of this Grade.
I am.
Place your hand upon your heart. Do you pledge your honor never to reveal the Secret ceremonial of our Mystic Circle unless by permission of the Supreme Magus, and even then only in strict conformity with our Rule and Ordinances?
I do.
Do you pledge your honor never to be concerned or connected with any Rosicrucian College, except the one into which you are now admitted, without first obtaining the consent of the Supreme Magus?
I do.
Do you pledge your honor to yield a ready obedience to your Superior officers, in matters pertaining to the Order and to assist and defend your Brethren of the Rosae Cross when just occasion requires it?
I do.
Brethren, do you consent that this Aspirant may proceed?
The Brethren cross their arms upon theirs breasts in token of assent.

Let the Aspirant kneel at the Altar. Brethren, as true Rosicrucians, let us bend the knee to Him from whom we derive our being. Kneel for 


We supplicate Thy blessing and gracious guidance, O Holy Lord, Father Almighty, Author of Light and Truth, on behalf of this Thy servant, who aspires to a greater knowledge of Thee, and of Thy wondrous works, that Thy Glory may be magnified. Vouchsafe to illume him with the Light of Thy Wisdom; cleanse him and sanctify him, that being made worthy of this place where we strive to comprehend and glorify Thee, he may be enabled to retain a firm Hope, a righteous council and appreciate Thy Holy Doctrine. Amen.
The Brethren now noiselessly form the Mystic Circle about the Altar and the Aspirant, who is still kneeling, while the Suffragan reads the following:
"In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.
The same was in the beginning with God.
All things were made by Him; and without Him was not anything made that was made.
In Him was Life, and the Life was the Light of men.
And the Light shineth in the darkness and the darkness comprehendeth it not."
The curtain in the East is withdrawn, revealing the Chief Adept in front of a white covered table, with 33 burning candles upon it; in front of this is an Altar (small) of incense, burning; and above this is suspended a 5-pointed Star (one point up). The Aspirant is caused to rise in front of the Altar on which is the Rose and cross, having the letters I.N.R.I. above the Rose, when the celebrant so directs:
Rise, my Brother, and receive the Light of our Mystic Circle.
The Conductor removes the veil of obscurity from the Aspirant, while the Brethren thrice strike their arms across the breast.

Chief Adept:
The Light of the Lord be with you.
And with thy Spirit.
Worthy Brother, on being restored to a more perfect vision you discover before you the Altar upon which rests the Rose upon the Cross, commemorative of the spotless life of Him whom we believe was the Manifested Glory of God. Behold the initials of that Sacred Name and Title which were traced in burning letters upon the cross of the Redeemer. Treasure in your heart the remembrance of the Word, I.N.R.I., Jesus Nazarenus Rex Judecorum. Forget not that for 33 years he labored on earth in meekness and humility, a period which is represented by the 33 lights in the East. The Rose, my Brother, alludes to the beauty and grandeur of His Resurrection from the dead, and is typical of the eternal glory of the Rose of Sharon, Ego sum Rosce Sharonus, et Lillium Convallium. The 5-pointed Star above the East emblemized by your 5 circuits of this Secret Hall reminds us of the 5 points of felicity, which are, (1) to walk with, (2) to intercede for, (3) to love, (4) to assist, and (5) to pray for, our Brethren, so as to be united with them in heart and mind. The Incense which rises in waving lines toward the luminous Star, is a symbol of prayer which precedes to the Throne of God. Your passing the 4 Ancients in a serpentine course has a mystical allusion, for you were in search of Wisdom. Be thou as wise as a Serpent. In learning Wisdom seek to be obedient unto the Law, for all its paths are peace.
The Conductor of Novice invests the Aspirant with a crimson robe, as the Celebrant says:
Receive and be invested with, the Crimson robe in token of your ardor, zeal and promised devotion to the Rosicrucian Order. Let the Aspirant be placed in the Mystic Circle and join with us in repeating the Initials of the Mystic Word. I.N.R.I.
The Mystic Circle is formed, the Aspirant uniting.

Brethren and Fraters, I declare this Mystic Circle perfect and the Chain of Union complete.
The Brethren clap their arms sharply across the breast. The Aspirant is led to the center of the Circle and kneels, while the Celebrant, Suifragan and 4 Ancients lay their hands on the head of the Aspirant; when the Chief Adept says:
We receive thee, Brother, as a Zelator, and one of the "eight." You may now retire without the Porch of Reflection, and when you shall desire to reenter you will place your name on one side of a triangular piece of white paper, and the Mystic Initials on the Altar, and exhibit the same to the Acolyte at the entrance.
The Aspirant is escorted to the entrance, the escort excepting the Conductor of Novices returning to their stations. The Conductor, in Preparation chamber, instructs the Aspirant that his prep aring t he paper signifies his sufficient reflection, and his determined desire for more light.

Second Section

The arrangement of the Hall is as before, save that but 3 lights burn on the table in the East, and the Rose on the cross is removed from the Altar to the center of this table. Conductor in black, Zelator in crimson robe. The Aspirant and Conductor approach the Acolyte at the Porch and exhibit the Triangular paper, whereupon he makes a battery of 4. The Guard of the Caverns opens the door to receive the paper and then turning to the Suffragan, says: Most Worthy Suffragan, the Chosen one desires re-admission to the Mystic Circle.
Require him to advance to you in due form and present the Mystic Token.
Advance to me in due form, and present the Mystic Token of admission.
The Aspirant as previously instructed by the Conductor advances by 4 steps, laying his hand on his heart each time and bowing at the last step; he than hands to the Guardian the Mystic paper; The door is closed and Guardian reports:
Most Worthy Suffragan, by the evidence I have received the Aspirant has meditated upon the preliminary precepts of our Order, and humbly craves re-admission.
What does he desire?
That he has already received, what more does he seek?
Further knowledge.
Let him enter and advance to the center of the Sacred Hall by the 4 steps of Wisdom.
The Aspirant makes the 4 steps when near the center of the Hall, placing hand to heart each time and finally bowing.

My Brother, Whence came you?
From a land of shadows, where the blessings of knowledge but rarely penetrate.
Where stand you now?
In the depths of the Earth, my hands extended to the North and to the South.
Aspirant stands in a crucified form as instructed.

And my desire is to approach the radiant East and rejoice in the perfect Light.
Celebrant: You are worthily inspired my brother. I approve and commend your zeal, but your progress to the goal of Truth must be slow and gradual as the mysteries of Nature are not to be unfolded to all who seek her shrine, but only to the strong in faith, and the humble, though zealous in spirit.
I will now invest you with the modes of recognition in this degree of Zelator.
Sign: The Ancient Sign of a Rosicrucian is given thus: right hand on heart, left hand above it crossing at the wrists. This sign of a Cross is equivalent to the word LVX (lux) as it exhibits at the same time the 3 letters of which LVX is composed.
Token and Password: right arm across breast, the opponent crosses it with his left arm. Lvx (meaning "Light") is not uttered, but expressed by the fingers.
Sacred Word: I\ N\ R\ I\ represents the Everlasting Sun; the true Light of the World, and the Glory of the Father.
Battery: *****.
You will now repair to the Suffragan in the West, and give due heed to the historical narrative of our Order. Then return again to me for final instruction.
The Aspirant is conducted to the Suffragan and seated.

While instructing you in our modem system of Ethics and general metaphysics, we adhere to the old Fables and Legends pertaining to the Rosicrucian Society, and accordingly introduce you to so much of the habits, customs and manners of living of those Philosophers and the general arrangement of their Home, as is essential at the present time for your just appreciation of our theme. Listen!

Historical Narrative

Buried in the depths of solitude, far from the sight and sound of human life, partly rock-hewn and partly constructed of massive stone closely and carefully placed in position, were three clustering and connecting, but equally sized compartments; so completely and studiously compacted and deadened in their structure and approach that the outside world could not know of their existence were the roar of thunder, or the shouts of Myriads to awake their echoes in these subterranean halls.
One chamber was devoted to a general Laboratory with a section set apart for domestic purposes, with ingenious sieve-like flues for the unrecognizable escape to the outer world of the smoke, gasses and fumes. This Apartment was long and of ample size; while the Second, also rectangular in shape, was set apart for rest, containing rude couches and also simple tables for simpler fare. Opposed to this, across the Main Laboratory and opening into it, but with descending steps, was the Third and largest Hall, with rising pointed roof of rugged structure, used for a monkish study and Chapel, as well. At regular intervals through the center, were four cubic tables used as desks with seats of stone, and pendant from the center of the lofty roof hung the wondrous lamp, whose radiant flame, was as the rosy light of a summer’s setting sun, intensely golden, illuminating all space, never needing care and inexhaustible. High above all else in the groins of the roof, was a white and black, yet massive Roman Cross, deftly carved in marble. Into these sacred, silent precincts none were allowed to enter except the Adepts, the Magister Templi and the Magus, save at the daily morning and evening hour of prayer, when all must gather for silent
worship, or at periods of Reception of Aspirants, or during the Annual Assembly. These solitary chambers formed the home of 36 of the Rosicrucian Brotherhood, no more, no less, could occupy these rock-built Halls: all others were constrained to serve their learnings and to account for deeds of good and service done. Their brief sojourn being ended, from the entire number the Magus again tailed off those who were to serve humanity at large and 36 remained. With pestle, mortar, alembic, crucible and forge; with nitre, resin, roselite and various sulphate strangely compounded, and with astronomic instruments and tablets so passed the years in these wondrous Caverns; all intent upon the abstruse study of analyses and syntheses to the end of conquering the possible; the reduction or destruction of pain and waste in physical organism, the rejuvenation of man, the obtainment of the general solvent, or Menstrum Universale, which should possess the power of removing all the seeds of disease from the human system, thereby renewing life, the transmutation of baser to superior metals, or the elevation of the Divine in Man.
Twice had the iron-tongued bell echoed through the rocks, startling the monks from their reveries and duties, proclaiming some potent special secret found. Once it was the Mystery solved, that alloy and baser metal had yielded to transmutation to Silver, and again, once to the richer Gold, but their products were not permitted to result in ease and luxury.
The greatest secret yet lay hid, the prolongation, the rejuvenation of animal life. ‘Twas death to strike the toscin-bell, save by him whose skill had solved one of four problems: First, the rejuvenation of the ever-burning lamp; Second, the transmutation to Silver; Third, the transmutation to gold; and Fourth, the discovery of the Elixir Vitae.
Of this last, long had the Frater, Signor Gualdi, a Magister Templi, daily hoped for the final solution; that he was on the verge of the discovery he had no doubt, and his belief was imbued in the minds of his fellows, he longed to sound the bell and startle his own soul. In letters of fire he had written this aphorism, Igne Nitrum Roris Invenitur, "by Fire the Nitre of the dew is extracted" and this was to be his solution.
All nature slept, the wearied monks save, save one, had gone to rest, the very fires of the forge were wrapped in slumber, when at the dread hour, the hopeful Gualdi, rose from his seat of stone in the brilliant but rocky chapel, and shouting Eureka, rand out the bell with unearthly clangor, startling the very rocks into echo. It as suddenly ceased as Monk followed Monk into the Holy Chamber to meet, to see nought, even to hear but the still resounding echo of the clamoring bell.
At the central table-altar were open books of Gualdi; by their side a small vessel containing nitre and a crucible partly filled with golf held in solution. A further search disclosed the overcome Gualdi prone on the pavement, still holding the thong of the bell.
Repair now to the Celebrant.
The Aspirant is conducted to the Celebrant by the North.

Here, for the present, we must rest, but we cannot leave the subject without offering to remove from your mind unpleasant impressions, if any exist, as to who the former Rosicrucians were.
The Society, or Fraternity of Rosicrucians has been largely misrepresented, and the minds of students greatly prejudiced. The want of intelligence would be simply amazing were it not evident that the mischievous ignorance of a few has been repeated successively without individual research. Ignorance, prejudice, envy and conceit have taken possession of the minds of the critics and Historians; yet the unique and attractive Rosaic doctrines interested vast masses of 17th century, although the society had taken its rise in the latter part of the 15th century.
The lives of the Rosicrucians were dramatic to a sensational degree. The practical branch of the Society was in charge of Alchemists and Hermeticists, who while they claimed, and not without much reason, their ability to transmute metals to Silver or Gold, further sought for mental and moral powers, rather than riches, which are the aims of true philosophers. The real philosopher looks not for pomp, glitter, splendor nor luxury, he has been schooled in a higher sphere and he appreciates their transitory nature. Wealth in money to him is dross, far desire, and freedom from confused annoyance of worldly thoughts, which are engendered and distracted by the purchases of riches. Possessions, honor, rank and money to him are but as trifles; he forces the growing Supernatural soul to work amidst the loving sunshine and to propagate holy thoughts as the most precious of heavenly gifts.
Worldly grandeur fades before intellectual elevation; the physical world sinks below him and he feels nearer to the angelic Hosts. He values the unseen kingdoms, and glimpses of immortal glories obtained from Magic reveries. He dwells in an atmosphere of heavenly music, his soul keeping harmony with the yearnings of his intellect.
The earnest wish of the Rosicrucians was to pass through with World unnoticed and unchallenged, but ever prepared for exalted action when in their power, without a revelation of who they are.
Now, Frater Zelator, having passed through the ceremonies required by our Ordinance, and having knelt before the Altar of Light, you are permitted to join in the Mystic labors of this grade.
This privilege is conferred only upon discreet and worthy men to whom the revelations of Theosophy and Hermetic Science may be safely confided. In our ceremony you may have noticed a similarity to certain Rite practiced in the Ancient Mysteries. It is thus that we hope to lead the sincere Aspirant to the lofty realms of intellectual Truth and to the knowledge of the Everlasting. We trace the growth of our philosophy through the remotest avenues of time, sustained by the continuous advent of Sages and Magi, a grand and spiritual procession of teachers illuminating the the pathway to Wisdom, The great and wise men of were the heralds of our principles and kindled their lamps at the Sacred Fire in which we now rejoice. Falter not because the way seems long and the Soul is weary, but toil on toward the higher planes of Wisdom. Life itself is imaged in this opening ceremony, and the serpent course, truly and divinely directed, is that of the Wise Men in search of Truth. Difficulties and perils may beset your mental vision, even as obstacles present themselves in our worldly affairs, let us, however, remember that Knowledge is Power and that the source of all Wisdom will sustain our feeble steps on the journey that leads to Eternal Life.
Battery of three, that all may rise.

Be thou ready to exclaim, like the Martyrs of old, שדקת תורו ןב בא, Ab Ben veRouah haCodesh, "Father, Son, Holy Spirit", to Thee be all the Glory.


The Torch Bearer proceeds to the Aspirant and placing a lighted taper in his hand causes him reverse it in a vessel of salt (which is near the East) so as to extinguish, as he says: Like the light of this taper so should your light be extinguished should you fail in your voluntary pledge to us.
At the same time placing the triangular Mystic paper with the name of the Aspirant and the Sacred Initials in the flames of the Central candle in the East, and then conducts the Aspirant out.