Holy Royal Arch Knight Templar Priests and Order of the Holy Wisdom

A Knight of the Temple, who also has been a Worshipful Master of a symbolical lodge can also join the Knight Templar Priests. Since 1984 this order is active in the Netherlands. At this time there are three 'Tabernacles'. These are:

The international headquarters of this order is in York, England.
Each Tabernacle has a maximum of 33 members. Early 2001 there were 91 Dutch masons member of a Dutch tabernacle. Early 2019 there were 87 members of the Dutch tabernacles, some of which are Belgian citizens.
This order has 32 degrees, however, only in one degree is actually worked is, the 32nd. The other degrees are communicated upon the candidate:
I Funeral Master
II Master of the Blue or Knight of Solomon
III Most Excellent Master
IV Excellent Mason and Master of the Veils
V Sublime Master of Jacob's Wrestle
VI Fugitive Mark
VII Architect
VIII Order of the Scarlet Cord of Knight of Rahab
IX Knight of the Three Kings or The Balance
X Knight of the North
XI Knight of the South
XII Knight of Patmos or Philippi
XIII Knight of Redemption
XIV Knight of Death or Elysium
XV Knight of the Holy Grave
XVI Knight of the Christian Mark
XVII Knight of Bethany
XVIII Knight of the Royal Prussian Blue
XIX Knight of Eleusis
XX Knight of Palestine
XXI Knight of St. John the Baptist
XXII Knight of the Cross
XXIII Knight of the Black Cross
XXIV Knight of the White Cross
XXV Knight of the White Cross Torpichen
XXVI Knight of the Suspended Cross of Babylon
XXVII Knight of the Red Cross of Jerusalem
XXVIII Knight of the Red Cross or Roseae Crucis
XXIX Knight of the Triple Cross
XXX Grand Cross of St. John
XXXI Made free from Harodim
XXXII Holy Royal Arch Knight Templar Priest

The rituals of this last degree is mainly made up from quotations from the Old and new Testament. It is based on the Apocalyps of John and some other apocalyptical books. The candidate is a pilgrim, on his way to Jerusalem. He is being led to seven pillars, placed in the form of a triangle. At each one of these pillars he is instructed and given a word. After a number of instructions he has to split a rock with his rod of faith.
After passing the 7th pillar, the candidate is led before the Preceptor and is given the name of the great Melchizedek.

In 2014 the Order of Holy Wisdom was reintroduced as an associated order, quite seperate and different from the appendant degrees. This order was used in older times, but due to the complex and expensive requirements of the original ritual it fell in disuse. The ritual was rewritten so as to contain all of the essentials, but capable of being worked in a much more practical manner.
All Knight Templar Priests who joined before june 2014 were automatically members of the Order of Holy Wisdom. Members joining after that date must be admitted.
This degree is now a necessary qualification for the office of High Priest of a Tabernacle.

Ritual for the Installation of a High Priest
American Ritual, 1952

On our download York Rite Invitations Orders Library we have published a number of other rituals and texts.