Royal Order of Scotland


In 1974 the Provincial Grand Lodge of the Netherlands was constituted, under authority of the Order in Edinburgh. In the Netherlands experienced Masons are invited to this form of freemasonry. There are now about 100 members of the Provincial Grand Lodge, including some Belgians. They meet twice a year, on the second fridays in March and October in the masonic home for the elderly Huize het Oosten (House The Orient) in Bilthoven. These meetings are concluded by a 'Brothers meal'. 

It is one of the most select degrees, given in Scotland. In the 18th century this order existed of two degrees: Heredom of Kilwinning en Rosy Cross. Now these two degrees are combined. This degree has a double fase: crossing a bridge and admission in the Chamber of Wisdom. In each Chapter the seat on the right of the Tirshatha (chairman) is left free and dressed with royal attributes: an ermine mantle and a crown.  This is beacuase the King of Scotland is still the heriditary Grandmaster of the Order. The degree of Heredom of Kilwinning is typically christian. The whole ritual is in ancient English and partially in rhyme.
There are now provincial Grandlodges in England, the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Gibraltar, Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Germany, Bermuda, the Philippines, Barbados, the Bahamas, Jamaïca, Trinidad, South Africa, Kenia, Zimbabwe en Zambia.

Ritual for Installation of Office-Bearers.
Dutch statutes of the Royal Order of Scotland
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