Royal Order of Scotland
Ritual for the Degree of Knighthood of the Rosy Cross


The Provincial Grand Master or the Presiding Officer calls the Knights to order by giving one knock. All rise and the Grand Guarder draws his sword and brings it to the carry.
Provincial Grand Master: Since ‘tis the first of Masons’ care
To see that we well guarded are,
Pray, Brother Knight, examine straight
If our Grand Guarder’s at the gate.
JGW: He there does stand pointing to him and I dare say,
Will keep all Cowans far away.
PGM: I declare this Provincial Grand Lodge open.
The Provincial Grand Master gives the knocks of the Degree and these are repeated by the Wardens, Grand Guarder and the Deputy Guarder.
The Provincial Grand Master then makes the Sign of the Degree, in which he is followed by all present. The Knights resume their seats.
The Grand Chaplain goes to the Altar and opens the Bible and arranges the Square and Compasses as in the Master Mason Degree, with the points now facing West. During the interval between the close of the Chapter and the opening of the Lodge the Grand Marischal will have placed on the Altar a small trowel and a small sword or dagger.
PGM: Brother Grand Introductor and Examiner the Grand Introductor and Examiner leaves his seat, comes to the centre of the Chamber and salutes, go and examine the Candidate on his knowledge of the Degree of Heredom. If you are satisfied, you will direct the Deputy Grand Guarder to conduct him to the door.
The Grand Introductor and Examiner salutes, goes to the door, which is opened for him by the Grand Guarder, proceeds to the Preparation Room where he examines the Candidate. Being satisfied he brings the Candidate, clothed as a Brother of Heredom, to the Deputy Grand Guarder at the door of the Reception Chamber.
The Deputy Grand Guarder gives the knocks oft he Degree.
GG: rises, presents arms, and returns to the carry: Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master, there is a report.
PGM: Brother Grand Guarder, you will enquire who seeks admission.
The Grand Guarder acknowledges the order with his sword and with it at the carry goes outside, closing the door, and says: Whom have you here?
DGG: Brother … giving his Christian name and Characteristic a worthy Brother of Heredom, who requests the Provincial Grand Master to confer upon him the honour of Knighthood of the Rosy Cross as a reward for his faithful services.
GG: Wait while I report to the Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master.
The Grand Guarder re-enters the Chamber, presents arms, returns to the carry, and says: Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master, at the door of the Lodge stands Brother …, a worthy Brother of Heredom, who requests that you confer on him the honour of Knighthood of the Rosy Cross, as a reward for his faithful services,
The Grand Guarder acknowledges the order, returns to the carry and opens the door.
The Grand Introductor and Examiner and the Candidate are admitted by the Grand Guarder, who closes the door. The Grand Introductor and Examiner goes to his place and resumes his seat. The Grand Guarder sheaths his sword.
The two Grand Wardens leave their stations, go to the door and receive the Candidate, the Senior Grand Warden on his left, the Junior Grand Warden on his right. They lead him forward into the Chamber by intertwining the little fingers of their right and left hands with his little fingers. He is led to the West side of the Altar.
The Provincial Grand Master leaves his seat and accompanied by the Grand Sword Bearer and the Grand Banner Bearer goes to the Altar, The Grand Sword Bearer takes post slightly to the rear and to the right of the Provincial Grand Master and the Grand Banner Bearer takes post in a similar position on his left.
PGM: What is your name and characteristic?
Can: ….
PGM: You will kneel on both knees.
The Candidate does so. The Wardens place in his hands the small trowel and the small sword which are on the Altar. The Candidate places his hands upon the Bible, holding the trowel and the sword points upwards.
PGM: To order, Brethren, and form a circle.
The Brethren rise and, as many as space will allow, form round the Altar a circle in which the Provincial Grand Master, the Grand Sword Bearer, the Grand Banner Bearer, the Grand Wardens and the Candidate take their places.
PGM: I shall repeat the Obligation and at the end I shall ask if you accept it as your own.
In presence of that God we all revere,
And of these worthy Knights assembled here,
I do promise and protest
To conceal within my breast,
All knightly Secrets I may now receive,
And that I never will them speak or give
To mortal, day or night,
Except unto a Rosicrucian Knight,
Or in the Grand Lodge perfect and complete
in due and proper form, as they do meet,
Unless unto the Grand Lodge it seems fit
Such special powers and privileges to commit,
And that I will not from this Grand Lodge roam
To form unlawful Lodges of my own.
All this you promise to observe, do you not?
Candidate assents.
Repeat after me.
And now I say, God grant me aid
To keep this solemn yow I’ve made.
All: And now we say, God grant us aid
To keep the solemn vow we’ve made.
The Banner Bearer hands the Banner to the Provincial Grand Master, who, waving the Banner thrice over the Candidate’s head, says: When Sanballat Jerusalem distressed
With sharp assaults in Nehemiah’s time,
The Jews themselves for war or work addressed,
And did repair their walls with stone and lime.
One hand the Sword against the foe did shake,
The other hand the Trowel up did take.
Oh valiant minds, lo! here’s a worthy part,
The Jews quailed not at ruin of their wall,
But, champion-like, improved Freemason’s Art;
Which does infer this lesson unto all,
That, to defend our country dear from harm,
For war or work we either hand should arm.
The Provincial Grand Master returns the Banner to the Banner Bearer. The Grand Sword Bearer hands the sword to the Provincial Grand Master, who gives the Candidate three strokes with it on the left shoulder.
PGM: By virtue of the special powers vested in me, I create and constitute you a Knight of the Rosy Cross, to enjoy, under all the Obligations you have contracted, the prerogatives belonging to this honourable Order. Rise, Sir … Christian name and Characteristic.
The Provincial Grand Master returns the sword to its scabbard held in position by the Grand Sword Bearer.
The Grand Marischal assists the Candidate to rise and places him a few steps back from the Altar. The Provincial Grand Master returns to his chair and the remaining Brethren, apart from those taking part in the Investiture, go to their places and stand.
Grand Marischal: Brethren be seated.
PGM: Right Worthy Senior Grand Warden, you will invest the Candidate with the Insignia of the Degree and thereafter instruct him in the Signs, Token and Word,
The Senior Grand Warden moves to face the Candidate, standing between him and the Altar. The Grand Marischal, and one or more of the Provincial Grand Stewards, bring forward the Insignia with which the Senior Grand Warden invests the Candidate. The apron of Heredom is removed by those bringing forward the apron of the Rosy Cross.
SGW: I decorate you with this green Cordon or Baldric, which is worn over the right shoulder and under the left arm. You will observe that it is worn on top of the red baldric of Heredom. I invest you with this apron which is the Badge of Knighthood of the Rosy Cross of the Royal Order of Scotland.
I pin on your left breast this Star of the Order and I secure on your left arm this Garter as the Insignia of Knighthood.
I will now instruct you in the Signs, Tokens and Word of this degree. The Sign is given by extending both arms, crossing them over to make a cross. The Token is given by advancing with the Sign, which is repeated by the Brother and then grasping Brother’s arms so as to form a double cross.
The Word is I.N.R.I.
After the Investiture those taking part turn and face the Provincial Grand Master. They salute him with the sign of the Degree and resume their places.
GM: Brethren, Form a circle.
The Brethren present, or as many as space will allow, form a circle round the Altar. The Provincial Grand Master stands in the East of the circle and the Wardens in the West. The Candidate is placed between the Wardens.


PGM: Right Worthy Senior Grand Warden.
Pray tell me, for I’m at a loss,
Are you a Knight of Rosy-Cross?
SGW: A Rosicrucian Knight I am regularly made,
To do what’s just and shun all harm I ne’er shall be afraid.
PGM: Where on this honour did you light
Of being made a Rosicrucian Knight?
SGW: In Lodge complete, all Knights of fame,
And from Grand Master of the same.
PGM: How by this honour did you come?
Tell me, with your Character and name.
SGW: At my own desire advanced
I was incarcerate in Tower;
By just essaye and passing fee
Released, then raised to Power;
A Cabineter being made,
Degree of honour great
And for my faithful services
I’m since a Knight create.
My proper name and Character,
With "Sir" thereto conjoined,
Is … as on record you’ll find.
PGM: How many is the number meet
To Form a Knighthood Lodge complete?
SGW: Sufficient is the number three,
Though oft-times many more there be.
PGM: Why is it Said that three will do?
Tell me this and tell me true.
SGW: Because there is a righteous God
In Heaven, we Father call;
His only Son, our Saviour, Christ,
Who suffered for us all;
The Holy Ghost the Comforter,
The Great and mighty Three,
Yet Three in One, with Whom we hope Eternally to be.
PGM: Who was your Introductor, friend,
When you for Knighthood did attend
SGW: Grand Guarder led me to the Gate,
He knocked: I got admittance straight,
Received between two Wardens Grand,
Who led me on by either hand,
Till I before Grand Master came,
Who asked my Character and name,
And made me kneel down at his feet.
PGM: What did you there and then repeat?
SGW: A solemn Obligation I did take,
And vow most willingly did make.
PGM: What ceremonials more were used
When you for Knight were introduced?
SGW: On bended knee I there was placed,
With the Sword in my right hand,
The Trowel also in my left,
While Knights did round me stand.
Then o’er my head in solemn form
Three times the Banner passed;
I eke three strokes on back received
With Sword; upreared at last,
A Sign and Token, each of which
Did form a Cross complete;
A Word also I did receive
So soon as on my feet.
PGM: The Sign and Token, each of which,
To you a cross appeared
You’ll show to me, and name the Word,
Received on feet upreared.
SGW: The Sign is this gives the Sign; the Token thus I give aided by the Junior Grand Warden;
"I.N.R.I." the Word which I did then receive.
PGM: The meaning of that Word you must explain,
Whether it sacred is, or is profane.
SGW: Sacred it is, without dispute,
If rightly understood:
Though much it was profaned by those
Who shed sweet Jesus’ blood.
The initials four on label placed
O’er our dear Saviour’s head,
The letters are which form the Word
In Scripture to be read.
The "I" sweet Jesus’ name doth meant
"N" for Nazareth use,
"R" stands for Rex, in Scots, the King,
Of "I" which signifies of Jews.
PGM: To what intent established was
The Knighthood of the Rosy-Cross?
SGW: To mind us of the tree that bore
The lovely Sharon rose,
Which Jesus was, and lily fair
That in the valley blows.
PGM: What doth this Order teach to you?
SGW: To put my whole belief and trust
In Jesus, Son of God,
By Pilate’s soldiers crowned with thorns
And scourged with a rod,
Who for men’s sins upon a Cross
Between two thieves did die;
From thence descended into hell,
Now sits enthroned on high
Until the Day of Judgment; when
He shall return again
With mighty power and righteousness
To judge all sons of men.
The living and the dead shall rise
At the last trumpet’s sound
To hear their sentences pronounced
By Him, their Judge profound.
It also teaches me to hope
In my dear Saviour’s death,
To obtain remission of my sins
And that alone by faith;
And that I in that Day shall stand
Before the Lord of might,
Whom I shall see with these same eyes
To which He now gives sight.
Then shall our Saviour Jesus Christ
The sheep from goats divide,
That He may give Eternal Life
To those whom He hath tried,
Within His Lodge celestial
For evermore to rest,
With all the holy company
Of Saints and Angels blessed
Who serve the Glorious Trinity
The Three-in-One adore.
PGM: To whom be all Dominion, Power and Praises evermore.
All: Amen.
The Brethren remain standing while the Provincial Grand Master returns to his chair.
GM: Brethren, be seated.
The Grand Marischal brings the Candidate to the Provincial Grand Master who presents him with a copy of the Statutes of the Order and a copy of the By-laws of the Provincial Grand Lodge. He welcomes him as a member of the Order. Thereafter the Grand Marischal conducts the new Knight to his seat.

Closing the Lodge

PGM: Has any Brother anything further to propose for the good of the Order or this Provincial Grand Lodge in particular?
Any competent business will now be transacted.
PGM, gives one knock, all rise: All the business having been transacted I declare Provincial Grand Lodge closed.
He gives the knocks of the Degree, which are repeated by the Wardens and the Guarders. The Grand Chaplain goes to the Altar and closes the Bible, placing the Square and Compasses on the cover.
The Provincial Grand Master gives the Sign of the Degree which is repeated by all present.
GM: Brethren, to order while the Provincial Grand Master and his Office Bearers retire.
The Brethren remain standing ; the two Wardens leave their chairs and stand facing each other in the West ; the Sword Bearer takes post to allow the Provincial Grand Master to fall in behind him; the Banner Bearer falls in behind the Provincial Grand Master. As the Provincial Grand Master walks down the length of the Chamber the other Office Bearers fall in behind the Banner Bearer, leaving enough room for the Wardens to fall in immediately behind the Substitute Provincial Grand Master.

nederlandse versie van dit rituaal