National Sojourners

The National Sojourners was founded in 1918 as a fraternal order for American military freemasons; past or present commissioned officers, warrant officers and senior non-commissioned officers of the uniformed services of the United States who are Master Masons, "for the promotion of good fellowship among its members, for assisting such as may be overtaken by adversity or affliction, for cultivating Masonic ideals, for supporting all patriotic aims and activities in Masonry, for developing true Patriotism and Americanism throughout the Nation, for bringing together representatives of the uniformed forces of the United States (past and present) in a united effort to further the military need of National Defense, and for opposing any influence whatsoever calculated to weaken the National Security." There were 10,000 members in 1994.
The Heroes of ’76 is a subsidiary organization of the National Sojourners, based in the same headquarters and apparently sharing in the parent’s group membership.

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