Council of Knight Masons

This order is not active in the Netherlands. It originated in 1923 in Ireland and went to the United States in 1936. There the order has spread and consists now of approximately 70 councils, with almost 700 members. In Ireland this order is of almost no significance, in Scotland it is administrated by the Royal Arch Chapter.

This order has three degrees:

These degrees tell the story of Zerubbabel and the rebuilding of King Solomon's Temple in Jerusalem. They are related to the degrees of the Holy Royal Arch and of the Red Cross of Babylon of the Allied Masonic Degrees. The theme of these degrees also appear in one of the degrees of the Scottish Rite, the Knight of the East and the Sword (15) and in one of the Historical Degrees of the Higher Degrees: Knight of the Sword and of the East.
Membership requires Royal Arch and Mark Master Masonship.

English Ritual of this order.
Ritual for the Installation of Officers.
We have published a number of other rituals and texts of this order on our CD-Rom York Rite Invitational Orders Library