Veterans of World War I of the U.S.A.
Ritual for the Installation of Officers



The Adjutant will read the warrant for the installation of the officers of Barracks No .
The Sergeant-al-Arms will escort the installing officer to this station. (On arrival the Commander presents gavel to installing officer.)
Have the officers for the ensuing year been duly elected?
Have the books of the Quartermaster and Adjutant been audited and approved?
Has the premium on the Quartermaster bond been paid?
All answers must be in the affirmative.
The Adjutant will call the roll of newly-elected and appointed officers, who will present themselves to the Sergeant-at-Arms.
This may be at any indicated spot.
SERGEANT-AT-ARMS brings group to the Altar:
Sir, I present to you the newly elected, and appointed, officers of Barracks No. .... (District, Department or National.)
The Installing Officer will now proceed to a point one half way between his station and the altar. Circumstances may alter the instructions to the installing officer to proceed half way between station and altar.
My Buddies, you have been elected to fill the various offices in
Barracks No. . (District, Department or National.)
You will, I know, respect the trust that has been placed in you, and fulfill in every way the obligation that trust entails. You shall at once familiarize yourselves with the duties of your particular office. You must know that the welfare and progress of the Barracks depends largely upon you and you must know that, equally upon your shoulders, rests the burden of preserving and protecting the integrity, the honor, and the unity of the Veterans of World War I of the U.S.A. You must protect its good name at all times by your own conduct.
You should let others know the purposes and policies of our organization. There is no rank among us, for each serves as the equal of his Buddy, and all strive toward the same goal. Ever remember that the cardinal purpose of the Veterans of World War I of the U.S.A., is the welfare of every Buddy, his widow and his dependents.
Designated Officer will give three raps of gavel to bring membership to attention.
The new officers will raise their right hand and repeat after me, giving their name where I give mine:
I, , do solemnly pledge myself, to perform faithfully and impartially the duties of the office I am about to assume in the Veterans of World War I of the U.S.A. I further promise, that upon the termination of my office, I shall surrender immediately, all property of the organization under my control. (Lower hands.)
The Buddies will uncover, the Installing Chaplain will invoke the Divine Blessing.
Heavenly Father, we ask Thy blessings on these Buddies as they assume their duties as officers of this Barracks, (District or Department.) Grant them wisdom and understanding as they guide the progress and welfare of their Buddies; instill in them tolerance and sympathy as they perform their duties. We ask Thee to guide them and direct them in Thy greater honor and glory. Amen.
Buddies recover.
My Buddies of Barracks No. , (District, Department or National) I present to you the officers of your choice. Having reposed confidence in them for the ensuing year, it is your duty to support them in every way.
If not at station, Installing Officer returns, seats membership with one rap of the gavel.
Sergeant-at-Arms, you will conduct the new officers to their stations, reserving the Commander until last.
Your inspiration and leadership in directing the affairs of this Barracks (District, Department or National) during the past year are sincerely appreciated by the Buddies. You are now in a position to render very helpful assistance, in an advisory capacity, to the new administration. Your valuable experience will aid in the future progress of our organization. Many thanks for your devoted service.
INSTALLING OFFICER to new Commander:
Buddy Commander, the administration of the affairs of this Barracks is about to be placed in your hands.
By virtue of your election, we know that you will consider your duties seriously and discharge them to the best of your ability. This gavel, which I now present to you is the symbol of authority and shall be used by you in the true spirit of Buddyship. You will now occupy this station.
Buddies of Barracks No. , (District, Department or National) by virtue of the authority vested in me, I now declare your officers duly installed.