Order of Free Weavers Vinculum Verum

This order was founded in 2001 as a schism of the Order of Weavers Vita Feminea Textura. The Dordrecht-based lodge Anabasis and a number of ladies from the rest of the country couldn't find themselves in the hierarchical structure of the order and split-off.
This new order is characterized by is horizontal structure of organization. Besides a number of Dutch ladies, most French members of the Order of Weavers have joined the Free Weavers.
The rituals and degrees are based on those of the Weavers. This order has also the degrees of Weaver, Spinster en Designer.
From an information brochure of the order: "Spinning resembles the process of self-reflection. It is the spinning of the thread of life, in order to weave this into the grand total of the Creation.
One year after the initiation as a Spinner, there is the elevation to Weaver. In this degree attention is given to the Weaving, our functioning in the world. Then, after another year, there is the third phase, Designing. Designing our own life, in relation to that, what goes above reason, is the central theme of this degree.
At this moment there are two circles active, in Dordrecht and Almelo. In due time these circles will have to become lodges.

statutes Vinculum Verum