United Sons of Vulcan


Secretary’s Test

Upon the announcement of a candidate for initiation, the Secretary will retire to the ante-room and propound the following questions, to wit:
Have you ever been proposed for membership in any other Forge before this?
If the answer be in the affirmative:
Please state the reasons, if you know them, and the place, name and number of the Forge that rejected you?
If the answer to the question be in the negative, and the Secretary is satisfied that the candidate never did hold membership in any sub-F. the conductor will be instructed to prepare the candidate for initiation.
In order to impress on your mind the sacredness of the obligations you are about to take, you will please answer the following questions, in the presence of the members now assembled in this Forge. Members standing. Do you consider the obligations you are about to take to this Order binding before God and man?
I do.
I will now, in the presence of the members of this Forge, administer the test of our Order.
The President will hold the candidate by the right hand while he reads the test, which the candidate will repeat distinctly after him:


I., …, of my own free will and accord, with my right hand clasped in yours, and my left hand enfolded in the emblem of my country’s freedom, do solemnly promise to carry out faithfully the policy of’ this Order, and obey all its laws now in force, or to be enacted by this Forge, of the N.F. of the United States; and if at any time I should withdraw from this Order, for the purpose of following any other occupation, I will hold the secrets of this Order inviolate, and endeavor to forward the interests of its members, individually and collectively. Failing to do all this, when in my power, I will consider myself justly entitled to the scorn and contempt of every good and true member of this Order.

President’s Address

It is necessary that I should give you a few of the many reasons for our formation: First, the general improvement of all members of our Order, both mentally and morally. Second, To inculcate brotherly love and friendship among all members, and obliterate all lines of demarcation caused by creed or nationality. Third, To assert our rights to organize and demand just remuneration for our labor, and transmit it intact to those that may come after us. In order to carry out these principles faithfully, we are bound to study our laws and regulations: to be sober and industrious; attend all meetings of this Forge, unless when prevented by sickness or some other unavoidable cause; also, make known to this Order any vicious or immoral conduct on the part of its members, whereby it would be likely to cause public scandal or bring the organization into disrepute in the future. You will learn no helpers, unless authorized by this Forge. Show no preference to any non-union man on account of previous acquaintance, such as procuring a situation, etc., as such a course would be very unjust to a brother that was out of employment. If a helper’s job is at your disposal, you are bound, if you know of a brother out of employment, to give him the preference; provided, he performs the usual duties of a helper. Said brother is bound to give one days notice before quitting you. Use your utmost endeavors to cultivate feelings of love, friendship, and benevolence. Boldly proclaim your rights to organize for your own protection. Demand nothing unjust; submit to no injustice. Be prudent and watchful; and before you make any resistance to what you may think a wrong, submit your case to this Forge, or the committee of the mill where you work; so as we can act in harmony for the common good―as the interest of one is the interest of all. Reflect on these instructions and endeavor to act according to their dictates; and I have no doubt the United Sons of Vulcan will soon stand regenerated, demanding and receiving the respect of an intelligent and appreciative public.
I will now instruct you with the secret workings of our Order: …
Members standing.

Brothers, I now have the pleasure of introducing to you Brother …. I hope you will extend to him that kindly consideration that is due to each member and I also hope that he will never give us cause to regret the honor we have just conferred upon him.
The candidate takes his seat.