National Grand Order of the United Brothers of the African Race of America
Ritual for the Third Degree or Degree of Princehood



Question: Will you be governed by the laws and rules of the United Brothers of the African Race of America?
Answer: I will endeavor so to do.
Question: Will you deal honestly with all the Lodge moneys that have to carne through your hands?
Answer: If the Lord will help me, I will.
Question: Will you obey all proclamations sent out from the headquarters, and help to enforce the same?
Answer: With all my heart I will, and if I fail, may I be suspended from this Order. I will lead a new life, help a Brother or Sister at all times, when I am able to do so. I shall not villify in any way to hurt them, so help me God.

A Prince, in general, is one who is a son of a king or is otherwise possessed of high rule and authority.
When the Hebrews came out of Egypt they had twelve princes, as referred to above, to govern their twelve tribes. These Princes on twelve several days offered their obligations for the dedication of the Tabernacle. The offering of each was one silver charger 130 shekels' weight, one silver bowl of 70 shekels, both of them full of fine flour mingled with oil for a meat offering. One golden spoon of 10 shekels, full of incense; one bullock, one ram, and one lamb for a meat offering. One kid for a sin offering, and two oxen, five rams, five hegoats, and as many lambs for a peace offering. Ten princes of the congregation, along with Joshua and Eliazar, were appointed to divide the land of Canaan, westward of Jordan. David had twelve
princes who commanded the militia. Solomon had twelve princes who provided for his family. David's princes contributed largely toward the expenses of building the Temple.
Question: Have you the P. H. D.?
Answer: I have.
Explanation to the following:
H. E. 12 princes to govern 12 tribes. 12 princes O.- the - O.
They offered 130 silver shekels' weight, one silver bowl of 70 shekels.
Question: Can you tell anything about the 12 F?
Answer: I can.
Question: Proceed, then.
Answer: lst J.- the L. Sin the H. P. B.: P; 2d Sa- second S. in the second R in the H. P. B. P. 3 Chr.- S. W. M. C.; 4 E.; 5 Sa.; 6 Sar, first S. in the R. H. P. B. P.; 7. Chr.; 2 B.: first S. in the fourth R. in the H. P. B. P. 9 T.; second S. in the first R. H. P. B. P. 10 chy.; 11 Ja; 12 Ame- third S. in third R. H. P. B. P.
Brother (or Sister), you are now adopted into the Princehood. I hope you will prove good and true to the Craft. Always be ready to help some poor girl, woman, man, or boy up. Walk in the light and do not forget to trust in the Lord.
The grip is then given.
The Password is: I. V. L. E.
Distress Sign is: Raise right hand to top of the head. Answer is: Left hand to top of head, going directly to the person giving the sign and saying, "Are you in New Jerusalem?" Should they be a Sister or Brother of the United Brothers of the African Race of America, they will answer: "I am one of the 12 princes of David."
Question: What is the 1st F. N. J. and the 9 F. N. J.?
If they cannot tel1 any of the 12 F., then you stop.
If they ask you, say: "It has two meanings, the 1st F. N . J."
District Call by night,: S. U. I. D. R. A. S.
Answer is: Z.A. P. O. T.