United Ancient Order of Druids
Juvenile Branch Ritual



As soon after the appointed hour as there shall be sufficient members present, the Arch Druid should see that all officers are in their places and, in the event of any officer being absent, will instruct one of the members present to act in the position for the meeting. The A.D. will then give one knock to attract attention, stand up, and say:
Worthy Guardian, please close the door.
Officers and Members, Please be upstanding, clothe yourselves in your regalia, and assist me to open the Lodge. My Bards will take the Password.
The Bards shall report:
All present are members, Worthy Arch.
A.D. shall then say:
Worthy Vice-Arch, be pleased to inform me of the cares of an Arch Druid.
Your first care, Worthy Arch, is to see 1 that the doors are closed, that the Officers are in their places, and that none but duly initiated members are present.
Sisters and Brothers, I will thank you for a proof that you are members of the United Ancient Order of Druids.
The sign having been given.
The second care is to remind the members of the purposes of our Institution, and to open the Lodge in due form for carrying out those purposes.
The purposes for which this Juvenile Lodge is established, are the diffusion of social and intellectual intercourse among its members, and I need only repeat to you that, both in the business and harmony of this meeting, you are required to pay strict obedience to the Rules by which the Lodge is governed; to abstain from all personality, and to conduct yourselves in all things as Sisters and Brothers in the benevolent bonds of Druidism. With these injunctions, I declare this Lodge duly opened until the hour of closing.
"Here from jars, etc."
Seat the Lodge. As soon as all present are seated, the A.D. shall say:
Worthy Secretary, please call the roll of Officers and then read the minutes of the last Lodge meeting.
The Secretary shall say, after reading the minutes:
Worthy Arch, Vice-Arch, Officers and Members, I believe this to be a correct record of the proceedings of the last Lodge meeting.
After the minutes have been confirmed, the business shall proceed in the following order. The A.D. shall announce the business, and no departure from the prescribed order shall take place unless by resolution of the Lodge.
Any further General Business. Should there be no reply, the Arch Druid will proceed to close the Lodge.


Are there any initiations, Worthy Secretary?
Yes, Worthy Arch.
The Conductor will then retire and take charge of the Candidate.
The alarm having been given.
Inside Guardian:
Alarm, Worthy Arch.
Attend to the alarm, Worthy Guardian.
Outside Guardian:
Worthy Guardian, Conductor with a friend, who wishes to join our Lodge and Order.
Inside Guardian:
Worthy Arch Druid, our Worthy Conductor is at the door with a friend who is desirous of joining this Lodge.
Worthy Secretary, has the candidate been duly proposed and accepted?
Yes, Worthy Arch.
Admit. Raise the Lodge.
While the candidate is being led round the Lodge, those present will sing: "Hark, Hark, etc."
Worthy Vice-Arch, I have much pleasure in introducing to you a friend, who wishes to become a member of our Lodge.
Friend, we are pleased that you have sought to join our Lodge, the objects of which are to raise funds for the relief of members during sickness, to secure an amount to be paid on the death of a Sister or Brother, to promote among its members fraternal sympathy, and to prepare our members for admission into an Adult Lodge.
Worthy Conductor, please conduct our friend to the A.D. for further instruction.
Worthy Arch Druid, by direction of the Vice-Arch, I present to you …, a friend for further instruction.
In ancient times the Druids were Priests, who had the ruling and teaching of the people. They believed in one God, and first taught that the soul must live in a state of happiness or misery, according as men or women lived on earth. They were beloved by their countrymen because of their justice and kindness, and in these points are worthy of imitation by all members of our Order. You will please repeat after me as follows:
I will attend the meetings of the Lodge─ as often as I can.
I will pay due respect─ to the Laws of the Order.
I will endeavour─ to secure more members.
I will be obedient─ to those in authority over me.
Please remember the following instruction:— If you wish to enter the meeting after the Lodge has been opened, you will give one light distinct knock thus (…). If this is answered by two knocks thus (…) business is going on, and you will have to wait for a few minutes.
Upon entering, the Lodge you will walk to the centre of the room, salute the Arch Druid with the proving sign thus (…), this being a mark of respect.
When you wish to leave the meeting, you will salute the Vice-Arch only with the sign.
Our Junior Past Arch will address you.
Junior Past Arch: It is now my pleasing duty to declare that you have been received as a member of this Lodge, and to welcome you as such. In doing so, I trust that your conduct will ever be such as will command respect and esteem, that you will prove yourself worthy of the confidence of the members, and
useful member of the United Ancient Order of Druids.
Sisters and Brothers, allow me to introduce to you your newly initiated member.
The members will now give you a cordial welcome.
Druids’ Welcome Chorus.
The Conductor will please take the newly initiated member outside, and instruct him (or her) how to enter the Lodge.
Seat the Lodge. When the new member is ready to enter, raise Lodge.
After the newly initiated member has given the sign, the Arch Druid will then add:
I have now to instruct you in the password and
its use. The password for the juvenile branch of the United Ancient Order of Druids is … and is the secret of the Order. You must not, therefore, tell it or the sign to anyone who is not a member.
It is used in this manner: Should you come to Lodge after the meeting has opened, you will give the alarm at the door, and after the Guardian has reported you, you will give the password and enter.
You may now be seated, and I trust you will spend many pleasant evenings in the Lodge room.


Sisters and Brothers, please be upstanding. The hour for closing this Lodge having arrived, I will thank you, Worthy Vice-Arch, to inform me of the last care of an Arch Druid.
Your last care is to thank the Visitors, Officers and members for their attention and kindness, and then to declare the Lodge duly closed.
It only remains for me to cordially thank you all, collectively and individually, especially the Visitors, for your support of the objects and your obedience to the laws during the present meeting, and as we commenced the business of the evening, so to close in harmony.
"Now let your voices ring."
I declare this Lodge duly closed till the hour of opening on this night fortnight, in Unity, Peace and Concord.