Future Farmers of America
Chapter FFA Degree Ceremony


Secretary: Mr./Mdm. President, it is my privilege to announce that Ö number members are candidates for the Chapter FFA Degree. Reads their names.
Our constitution sets up minimum qualifications which must be met before members advance to a higher degree. The secretary will please read the section of our constitution which outlines the standards for this degree.
Secretary, reads Article 6, Section D:
To be eligible to receive the Chapter FFA Degree from the chapter, the member must meet the following minimum qualifications:
1. Must have received the Greenhand FFA Degree.
2. Must have satisfactorily completed the equivalent of at least 180 hours of systematic school instruction in agricultural education at or above the ninth grade level, have in operation an approved supervised agricultural experience program and be enrolled in an agricultural education course.
3. Have participated in the planning and conducting of at least three official functions in the chapter Program of Activities.
4. A student after entering agricultural education must have:
a. Earned and productively invested at least $150 by the memberís own efforts; or worked at least 45 hours in excess of scheduled class time; or a combination thereof; and b. Developed plans for continued growth and improvement in a supervised agricultural experience program.
5. Have effectively led a group discussion for 15 minutes.
6. Have demonstrated five procedures of parliamentary law.
7. Show progress toward individual achievement in the FFA award programs.
8. Have a satisfactory scholastic record.
9. Have participated in at least 10 hours of community service activities. These hours are in addition to and cannot be duplicated as paid or unpaid SAE hours.
10. Submit a written application for the Chapter FFA Degree.
Other requirements may be established by the chapter and/or the state FFA association.
Mr./Mdm. Advisor, have all candidates met or exceeded these standards?
They have.
Will the candidates please rise, and will the officers take their positions for this ceremony?
Fellowship and brotherhood are desirable aspects of a full and satisfying life. Your many friends in the FFA share with you the satisfaction of your achievement. May you continue to advance in the FFA.
We enjoy many benefits through the FFA. It is important that all of you inform others about this organization so that its influence can be a contributing factor in their lives. Let us work together to build a better America.
FFA members learn the importance of sound financial practices. The skills you are developing in keeping records and accounts will be valuable assets to you throughout life. May you use this training to support yourself, your family and worthy activities of your community.
You have earned the highest FFA degree a chapter can bestow on its members. As secretary, it is my pleasure to inscribe your name in our permanent records. May you continue your individual growth and development in our organization.
Vice President:
Planning and completing a task brings a certain satisfaction that is the reward of the industrious individual. Our forefathers worked hard to transform America from a wilderness to a great nation. Your attainment of this degree demonstrated your willingness to work. You have done well and have taken a major step toward fulfilling your goals in the FFA.
Those who succeed best in life, regardless of occupation, know the means whereby the great problems may be solved. Ignorance leads to neglect, waste, want and poverty, while wisdom leads to industry, productivity and happiness. You have studied and learned in order to earn this degree. Every worthwhile recognition carries with it additional responsibilities. Your increased leadership ability should be reflected by your further involvement in the activities of our chapter.
The pin symbolizing the Chapter FFA Degree is made of silver. Just as there are metals more precious than silver, there are more precious laurels to be won in our organization. The golden charm of the State FFA Degree and the golden key of the American FFA Degree await those who earn them. It is our hope that you reach these higher goals in our organization. I am pleased to present each of you with the silver pin of the Chapter FFA Degree.
President presents pin to each candidate. Secretary reads each name as the pins are being presented.

Please be seated, and will the officers return to their stations?