Order of Tyrian Knights
Orange Rank – Rank of Knight

This ritual dates from approximately 1900.

Passing to the Orange Rank
ARCHON, *: Sir Knight Mareschal, clear the hall of all but Tyrian Knights and prepare to resume work in the Orange Rank.
MARESCHAL: All is in readiness, Archon.
ARCHON: Officers will resume their respective stations.
*   **.
I now declare this Camp open in the Orange Rank.
Sir Knights, advance and salute.
**   *.
First Section
Place—Castle on the promontory of Gibraltar
Camp of Tyrian Knights convened in sennit-mote
Candidate in Outer Court advances to inner gate and gives Votarys alarm WARDER, after ascertaining cause of alarm: Vice Archon, a Votary bearing letters from the ancient Camp at Tyre waits in the Outer Court.
VICE ARCHON: Archon, a Votary hailing from the mother city, Tyre, seeks admission to this Camp.
ARCHON: No Tyrian Votary was e’er denied the freedom of a Norman Camp. Sir Knight Mareschal, prepare the hall for his reception.
*   **.
I now declare this Camp open in the Emerald Rank.
Votaries, advance and salute.
All Votaries in line down both sides of hall give the first rank spear salute. Remain standing.
Second Section
Wicket is again opened. Candidate gives word to Warder who opens gate.
WARDER: Vice Archon, the Tyrian enters.
VICE ARCHON: Our Guide will introduce the Votary.
Guide meets Candidate near inner gate—salutes and receives from him a sealed packet. They then advance together to position facing ... where both salute Archon.
GUIDE: These letters, Archon, commend to you Votary ..., this day arrived from Tyre, the metropolitan seat of our Tyrian philosophy.
ARCHON: Our Clerk will read the scroll.
**     *.
CLERK, receives packet from Guide, breaks seal and reads: The Archon Metropolitan of Tyre, To the Archon Commandant of the Tyrian Camp at Alube: Tyre at the east extremity of the Great Sea. To Alube at its western point, sends greeting.
The men of Tyre, ever mindful of the courteous treatment of our fathers at the hands of Normans, rejoice in the growth of the Norman branch of our Order and glory in its untarnished name.
With fraternal confidence we commend to you our worthy and esteemed Votary , who desires to avail himself of those new stores of wisdom which western thought and research have added to the world-old treasures of the elder Tyrian school. Fraternal courtesies extended to him will be gratefully acknowledged by his brothers of the East.
These parchments bear every mark of authenticity.
Hands them to Archon.
ARCHON: But how know we yon stranger is the Votary whose name is here inscribed?
GUIDE: He will undergo the test.
ARCHON: Stranger, approach the Venerable Sage with the sign of recognition.
Candidate crosses to Yellow point and gives recognition challenge, which is responded to by Venerable Sage.
VENERABLE SAGE: What is the color beneath your feet
VOTARY: Yellow, the symbol of Sincerity.
VENERABLE SAGE: Approach, now, the Vice Archon and pronounce the Key-word of your rank.
VICE ARCHON: Of what is this color emblematic?
VOTARY: Fidelity.
VICE ARCHON: Advance to the Scarlet point.
ARCHON: What does this color typify?
VOTARY: Energy.
ARCHON: Give me the grip. Done.
‘Tis well, And, now, as a true and tried Votary you are assured a Norman welcome.
*   * *.
Votaries, salute our Tyrian guest.
The Camp will be at ease.
Third Section
ARCHON, *: Sir Knight Mareschal, clear the hall of all but Tyrian Knights and prepare to resume work in the Orange Rank.
MARESCHAL : All is in readiness, Archon.
ARCHON: Officers will resume their respective stations.
*   * *.
I now declare this Camp open in the Orange Rank.
Sir Knights, advance and salute.
* *   *.
Alarm at inner gate.
Warder: Who comes here?
MARESCHAL: The Mareschal and guard, escorting a candidate.
WARDER: Vice Archon, the Mareschal and guard escorting a candidate seek admission.
VICE ARCHON: Permit them to enter.
Warder admits them.
VICE ARCHON: Halt. Who passes?
MARESCHAL: The Mareschal and guard escorting an aspirant for the honors of Tyrian Knighthood.
VICE ARCHON: His name and rank?
MARESCHAL: Votary ..., a true and tried Votary of the Tyrian school, who, treading the path of Truth, would now ascend the heights of Tyrian Knighthood.
VICE ARCHON: What is his claim to such distinction?
MARESCHAL: Well grounded in the Tyrian learning, it is his proud boast that he has exemplified in his life the exalted principles of our Order.
VICE ARCHON: Who vouches for the Candidate?
MARESCHAL: Chevaliers ... and ...
VICE ARCHON: Chevaliers ... and ...
CHEVALIERS, rise and salute: Vice Archon.
VICE ARCHON: Do you of your own knowledge bear witness to this Tyrian’s Sincerity. Fidelity and Energy in the cause of Truth?
VICE ARCHON: Is he a man of approved courage?
MARESCHAL, having consulted Candidate; he interrupts: He will meet the test.
Chevaliers ale seated.
ARCHON: Vice Archon.
VICE ARCHON: The Mareschal and guard, escorting a Candidate who is duly commended and vouched for by two true Knights of our chivalric Order.
ARCHON: Sir Knight Mareschal, approach this station.
Tyrian, it is announced that you seek advancement in our order.
Is this your desire?
VOTARY: It is.
ARCHON: The wish does you honor, and yet, we ask that you consider well the path before you. Once traversed it may never be retraced. Safe are the lower levels, and the bravest, only, venture to forsake them. Fierce are the foes who storm our heights, and dangers menace us on every hand. If here you hope to bask at ease, in Wisdom’s sunset rays, we warn you that your hopes are vain. Not in this day and age may Tyrian swords rust in their scabbards. Knowing this much, do you still venture to proceed?
ARCHON: Sir Knights, before you stands a Votary who seeks advancement to our rank. He has averred his readiness to meet such tests as you propose.
It now remains for you to voice your thoughts and settle on a test.
ARCHON: Chevalier ...
FIRST CHEVALIER: Before these deliberations begin, I wish to enter an earnest protest against putting this Tyrian to the tests of courage. He is my friend, and I most earnestly assure you that he lacks no manly quality which a Knight should possess, that he is a man whom we should all be proud to hail as brother.
I beg of you Sir Knights to make an exception in his case.
You have known me long. Let my word suffice. Do not subject him to these dangerous tests.
ARCHON: Chevalier ...
SECOND CHEVALIER: We waste time listening to such pleas as this.
Our brother is an honored Knight, a credit even to our own illustrious Order, but he should not seek to set aside the ancient law which makes these ordeals a feature of our Exaltation Rites.
The Tyrian Knights of Norman times won world-wide fame by strict adherence to the Tyrian laws, by close conformity with those usages which made their Order what it was. If we hope to win an equal prestige, we must win it by a similar observance of laws made by those farther seen, and wiser in these matters than ourselves.
I propose the arrow test—the oldest in the history of our rank. Let this man be placed against the great screen by the armory door, then let our archers choose their strongest bows, their sharpest steel tipped arrows. If he has true nerve he will stand unmoved, while arrow after arrow strikes the wooden screen, pinning him fast, until he stands, unhurt, encircled by a hedge of feathered shafts.
This is not an unusual nor cruel test. Our archers are all perfect in their skill, and if the candidate has half the courage Tyrian Knights should have, he will come forth unharmed.
ARCHON: Chevalier ...
THIRD CHEVALIER: Two tests there are of endurance and of fortitude still in high favor with our eastern Camps—the silk fold and the test of fire. Stern ordeals both that soon evince the presence or the lack of these high knightly qualities.
When Tyre was sacked, our legends tell, the invaders sought in vain the treasures by her Mystics hid, and many a close-lipped Votary submitted to the twisted cloth even unto death nor uttered one hoarse whisper of the secret they had sworn to keep.
Others, bound hand and foot, were plied with irons glowing from the forge, yet from their grim lips came no shriek which told what their tormentors hoped to hear.
And so the Order lived—its secrets sacked and inviolate and handed down from lip to lip through long black centuries survives unto this hour.
So runs the legend—Now in memory of these heroes let this Votary prove his worthiness by tests like these.
FOURTH CHEVALIER: Archon and Chevaliers. In loyalty and love for our illustrious Order I yield to none. I hold that none are worthy of her knightly spurs but the earth’s worthiest. It is meet that every aspirant should be proved in such a manner as our Knights shall choose.
But ere the die is cast, I beg of you remember that the times have changed—and men have changed.
Mere physical prowess and a reckless disregard of life and limb are not the. highest attributes of modern knighthood.
These usages come down to us from ruder times.
In this, our day, men live long lives and die without once facing dangers which the old Knights daily met.
That you and you and I have passed the tests prescribed by them may be to us a source of pride but it should not induce us to impose upon another friend these frightful custom’s of a barbarous age.
ARCHON, * * * * * * *: The Chevalier is out of order. Such language is unworthy of a Tyrian Knight. Every true Tyrian respects our ancient landmarks and pays ready homage to the source from whence they sprung.
And now to dispose of this vexed question I, as Archon, invoke the arbitration of the die. Let chance decide.
On the six faces of this cube you see engraved the names of our six tests. One is a mild, a modern test which none should fear to meet. Five are severe ordeals but none are dangerous to the tearless man.
Bear this in mind, whatever Fate’s decree, ‘tis courage and not skill that we expect to find in you. To him who has the courage, skill may come, but for the craven soul there is no hope. Be bold and face the ordeal like a man.
The Ensign will cast the die.
*   * *.
ARCHON: Sir Knight Mareschal, announce the verdict.
MARESCHAL: The modern test—the rostrum.
FIRST AND FOURTH CHEVALIERS: Exclamations of pleasure.
ARCHON: Tyrian, I congratulate you on your good fortune .All that chance requires of you is an impromptu speech from this rostrum. Under the circumstances we do not look for eloquence, but if you expect to pass you must make a bold attempt. It is now or never. These notes will assist you.
* *   *.
*. The ordeal is at an end. You have satisfied every requirement.
Sir Knight Mareschal, prepare our brother for the Rite of Exaltation.
*   * *.
Tyrian, kneel.
In the name of our ancient and illustrious Order and by virtue of my authority as Archon of this Camp, I dub you Tyrian Knight. Rise Sir Knight and face your peers.
I have pleasure in presenting to this Camp, Sir Knight ..., who is now and henceforth entitled to the knightly courtesies due to a Chevalier of the Tyrian order.
Our Clerk and Keeper of Archives will enroll him as such.
The camp will be at ease to afford opportunity to extend personal welcome to the new Chevalier.
Fourth Section
* ARCHON: Before this Tyrian can be further instructed in the mysteries of our rank it is necessary that he should repeat orally in the presence of this Camp the obligation which he has already affixed his name.
Sir Knight Mareschal, escort the Chevalier to position facing the Venerable Sage.
VENERABLE SAGE: Brother Knight ..., draw your sword. Repeat after me the solemn and binding obligation of a Tyrian Knight.
*   * *
* *   *.
Sheathe your sword. And now I offer you your first libation from our mystic Cup. This chalice typifies the cup of Tyrian learning handed down from sage to sage for ages past. May it be yours to raise to many a thirsty lip this grateful draught.
Excepting that pertaining to our secret work, all knowledge gained in Tyrian studies you are free to use in any way becoming to a Tyrian Knight. Only its source you must conceal. This one condition Tyrian laws impose. Is this a wrong, unnecessary rule? Think well before you pass harsh judgment. Time has been when the world’s masters were in league with the dark powers that stifle Reason. Little learning then escaped destruction save the arcana of the secret schools. These fountains only, flowed unsullied at their source. History may yet repeat itself. Guard well your lips.
You will now be instructed in the signs of recognition, the acrostic test and the signs of distress of this rank.
The challenging sign is a representation of the act of      ... and is called the sign of courage. The recognition sign, called the sign of knowledge, is a reference to the ... The final sign confidence represents ..., and indicates that you are satisfied that the stranger is a Tyrian Knight. If you are not satisfied of this and circumstances permit, apply the acrostic test. The test-word is spelled by the first letters of sentences in the following dialogue:
... is a handsome badge.
... a puzzling design.
... you are posted.
... are growing numerous of late.
... have you been a member?
The word is ...
The first movement in the sign of distress is a forward step with the right hand covering the eyes to represent walking in darkness. In the second movement the right hand is raised as in holding aloft a torch. The response to this signal is raising the eyes to the sun.
Pass now to the Vice Archon and advance the challenging sign of courage.
VICE ARCHON: Tyrian, by this sign I recognize you as a brother Knight. Henceforth let your sword be drawn only in defence of Reason, Right and Truth.
In the golden Torch, behold our symbol of that torch of Reason by whose light mankind has pressed upward and out of the dense darkness of ignorance and credulity into the growing light of higher knowledge. Tyrians recognize in this faint light the dawn of the long-looked-for, glorious day of Wisdom. May you ever dwell on Tyrian table-lands. Upon these heights will shine the first red rays long ere they pierce the mists which hang over the gloomy vales of superstition.
I will now instruct you in the secret work.
To obtain admission to a Camp while open in this rank you will give ... raps on the outer barrier. Upon its being opened you will give the watchword to the Sentry who will admit you to the Outer Court and invest you with a Knight’s baldric. At the inner gate you will give this alarm and to the Warder give in a whisper the key-word of the Orange Rank. The word of this rank is ... When admitted you will accompany the Mareschal to position facing the █ and salute the Archon
Thus ... On being recognized you will pass to position facing the Vice Archon, give the same salute and he seated. In retiring from Camp while in session you will take position facing the Venerable Sage and salute that officer. On being recognized you may retire. You will now approach the Archon with the salute in which you have just been instructed.
ARCHON: To complete your instruction in our secret work I will now give you the Tyrian grip and watch-word. The grip is given thus ... The watchword is ... This word is changed quarterly and can be communicated by you to no one, either in or out of the Camp, except to the Sentry on duty at the outer barrier, and to the officers who test all present during the opening ceremonies and to them only in a whisper.
I will appoint Knights ... and ... to further advance our brother in the Tyrian learning.
And now in conclusion let me admonish you to faithfully observe your obligation.
Chevaliers, together on the pledge of silence.
CHEVALIERS, all repeat together: By no peril will I ever be compelled to disclose to the uninitiated the things that I have had intrusted to me on condition of silence.
ARCHON: Maintain secrecy in regard to our esoteric work and teachings. This is the vital point of every secret order. Societies like our own, flourish for centuries where non-secret bands fail to survive as many years.
Faithfully abide by all our laws and usages and uphold and advance the interests of our order by all proper means.
Wrong not nor defraud, but be ever ready and willing to assist a Tyrian Knight in distress. Practice every Tyrian virtue. Let your influence be ever on the side of progress. Be courageous in defence of Reason, Right and Truth. Considerations of expediency should not dampen your enthusiasm for the Right. Right must ultimately triumph. When her day of victory comes may you be found fighting gallantly beneath her banners—not cowering in the crumbling fortresses of Wrong.
The Camp will be at ease.