Order of Tyrian Knights
Emerald Rank – Rank of Votary

This ritual dates from approximately 1900.

Passing to the Emerald Rank
ARCHON, *: Sir Knight Mareschal, prepare the hall for work in the Emerald Rank.
MARESCHAL: All is in readiness, Archon.
ARCHON: Officers will assume their respective stations.
*   **.
I now declare this Camp open in the Emerald Rank.
Votaries, advance and salute.
**   *.

Place: Island Tyre
Reception of Anacharsis into the Mystic Order of Tyre.
First Section

Messenger raps and enters in usual form, advances with Guide to position at base of Altar, Salutes Archon, and speaks:
MESSENGER: I come as a messenger from our brother at the Northern Gate, to announce that a Scythian from beyond the Black Sea desires to obligate himself as a Votary of our Mystic Order.
ARCHON: By whom is the stranger commended?
MESSENGER: By the Grecian Clitus, now journeying in these distant lands. I present these parchments, and await your pleasure.
Guide receives packet and conveys it to Archon.
ARCHON: We will read the scroll; the Messenger may retire. Brothers, these parchments bearing the seal of our worthy and well beloved Clitus, commend to us one Anacharsis, a Scythian stranger, as a fit member of our band. If none object, our trusty Guide will repair with the Messenger to the Northern Gate of the City and conduct the stranger hither.

Second Section

Accessories are here placed in position and lights turned low.

WARDER: Vice Archon, the Guide with the stranger is at the gate.
VICE ARCHON: Permit him to pass,
Guide, with stranger hoodwinked, marches slowly twice around the Altar and halts before Archon. As he turns each corner the nearest officer strikes the floor sharply wrth spear.
GUIDE: Archon, I present to you a commended stranger from distant Scythia, who, having traversed forest and plain, enduring all hardships and facing many perils, has arrived in our city to obligate himself as a Votary of our Mystic Order.
ARCHON: Stranger, are you the Scythian to whom this scroll refers?
ARCHON: How were you recognized by our brother at the Northern Gate?
STRANGER: By the secret word.
ARCHON: Give me the word.
ARCHON: Scythian, that word is the very keystone to the Grand Arch of our Tyrian philosophy; binding together huge blocks from the quarries of Egyptian lore, rough stones gathered by the wandering nomads of the North, the clean-cut Grecian granite and the polished product of the Master, Kong. Remove that stone and our whole structure topples to the earth.
Founded, like Tyre herself, upon a rock—the rock of Reason—our Order stands beside Truth’s pathway affording aid and shelter to the earnest seeker after knowledge. Within our walls he is safe. From our towers he first beholds the far white light which flashes from the summit of the heights of Truth. To climb those heights and light your torch at that pure flame, Sincerity, Fidelity and Energy must be yours. Unless you possess these qualities in the fullest measure you cannot hope for success. With them, success is assured. Do you still persist?
ARCHON: Guide, present the stranger at the ... for obligation.
Votaries, form triangle.
*   **.
GUIDE: Venerable Sage, by command of the Archon, I present the Scythian for obligation.
VENERABLE SAGE: Stranger, put forth your hand. Repeat after me this pledge of Sincerity and Fidelity. I, ..., upon my sacred honor and in the presence of these witnesses do solemnly and sincerely promise and pledge a life-long loyalty to this Mystic Order of Tyre, an unswerving fidelity to its principles, an unfalling obedience to its Book of Laws. I will not reveal its secret work, nor through my indiscretion or negligence, permit its secrets to become known.
ALL: We are the witnesses!
All stamp with right foot at the word ‘we’. The Guide at the same instant removes hoodwink.
VENERABLE SAGE: The Messenger may retire with the Votary to the Outer Court to await the commands of the Archon.
**   *.
The accessories are here removed, the room re-arranged and fully lighted.
Third Section
ARCHON: Guide, repair to the Outer Court and introduce the Votary for instruction.
GUIDE retires, and returns without ceremony, and presents Votary before Venerable Sage: Venerable Sage, I present the Votary for instruction.
VENERABLE SAGE: Votary, I welcome you as an earnest seeker after knowledge. You enter here the path which leads to truth. Persevere therein until you have attained to the farthest heights e’er trod by mortal feet. Before your vows were spoken you were warned that Sincerity, Fidelity and Energy would be required of you. It is of the first of these qualities that I wish now to speak.
Earnestness, or Sincerity, is the starting point of every salutary movement, and among our Votaries YELLOW is its symbolic color. Your obligation is a most solemn assertion of your utter earnestness. Let the mere sight of this bright symbol, whether shining in the Tyrian Altar and in the banners of our order, or flashing in the rays of the morning sun, be to you ever a reminder of your pledge of abiding Sincerity.
VICE ARCHON: Mencius says, “The superior man makes his advances in learning with deep earnestness and sincerity.”
ARCHON: The Master says, “Sincerity is the end and beginning of things. Without sincerity there would be nothing.”
VENERABLE SAGE: Guide, being assured of the Sincerity of the Votary, you will advance to the Blue point for instruction in our secret work.
GUIDE: Vice Archon, I present to you the Votary for instruction.
VICE ARCHON: I greet you as an earnest wayfarer along Truth’s pathway. Fidelity is the second requirement of the Votary. BLUE is its symbolic color. May the azure dome above you, as well as the Blue point beneath your feet, call to mind what is due from you to your brother Tyrians, and to the bountiful cause whose interests you have this night espoused. I will now instruct you in the secret work of this rank. To obtain admission to a camp while open in this rank you will give this alarm ... at the outer gate. The Sentry will admit you to the Outer Court and invest you with a green sash. At the inner gate you will give this alarm ..., and to the Warder give in a whisper the Keyword of the rank in which the Camp is open. The word of this rank is R... When admitted you will accompany the Guide to position at the base of the Altar and salute the Archon thus: ...
On being recognized you may be seated. Guide, advance the Votary for final instruction in the work of this rank.
GUIDE: Archon, I present to you the Votary for final instruction in this rank.
ARCHON: Votary, you have compassed two points of our mystic Altar and have teen admonished to practice the primary virtues which those colors typify. The third is now beneath your feet. SCARLET, the Tyrian symbol of Energy, and the type, throughout all ages, of effective energy and executive power. Clothe, now, this new framework of Sincerity with the firm flesh of Fidelity, and infuse into this being the red life-blood of Energy. I will now instruct you in the signs of recognition and Votary’s grip. The challenging sign is given by placing the left hand over the heart to indicate Sincerity. In reply the right hand is extended as in taking the obligation of Fidelity. This reply is acknowledged by tightly closing the right hand as a sign of Energy. The grip is given thus: ... Pass now to the desk of the Keeper of Archives who will enroll your name as a Votary of this Order. I will appoint Brothers ... and ... to instruct the new Votary in the rudiments of Tyrian learning.
Fourth Section
ARCHON: The Guide will place the Votary in position facing the camp.
Votaries, I have pleasure in presenting to you ... who is now and henceforth entitled to the fraternal aid and comfort so cheerfully tendered to every Tyrian Votary.
The camp will be at ease to afford opportunity for all to congratulate the new Votary.