Order of the True Kindred

According to the Masonic Service Association, the origins of this order in the United States go back to Marquis de Lafayette, when he conferred the True Kindred degree upon George Washington. Washington reportedly also conferred the degree upon his wife, which led to the degree being called the Martha Washington degree. The Supreme Conclave of the True Kindred, however, was not formed and incorporated until December 15, 1905. It is much more likely that this order started at that date and that tghe story of Marquis de Lafayette has no historical ground whatsoever. The incorporation took place in Illinois. The objectives of the order are to practice fraternalism, promote truth and moral intellectual values, aid and assist its members needing relief, and support charities of various kinds.

The ritual of the order contains four degrees that the order bestows: True Kindred, The Heroine of Jericho, The Good Samaritan, and The Daughters of Bethany degree.

The order is what might be called part of Adoptive Masonry in that it admits females. Master Masons, their wives, widows, mothers, daughters, sisters, grandmothers, granddaughters, "blood nieces," and half-sisters are eligible for membership, provided that the women are at least eighteen years old.

The order has three levels of administration. The "Conclave" is the local or subordinate unit. The state or regional group is called "Grand Conclave," and the national structure is named "Supreme Conclave."

Ritual for the Installation Ceremonies.