Theta Rho Girls’ Club
Initiation Ritual



Officers enter and march to stations, the line of march being worked out by each Jurisdiction or Club.
The President, after taking her station, calls the Club to order.
Members of … Theta Rho Girls’ Club, No. … of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows, we have gathered here at this time to transact such business as may be brought before the Club, and to consider methods of serving our members, our friends and our community. The Guardians will close the doors.
The Outside Guardian will close the outer door and inform the Inside Guardian who will then close the inner door and report to the President from her station.
Inside Guardian:
Worthy President, the outer and inner doors are closed.
The Conductor and Warden will ascertain if all present are qualified to remain during our session.
If Rebekahs are present, the President will further say, "The Advisory Officer will assist. All members of the Rebekah Degree will please present their Official Certificates to the Advisory Officer proving them to be in good standing in their Rebekah lodge." Assistants may be appointed if necessary.
Conductor and Warden give the password to the President, and one of them takes the password from the Musician. They will then assume positions in center of the floor, where they will receive the password. Officers and members, led by the supporters of the President, march to the officers.
The Marshal communicates the password to the President and resumes her station, in order to direct officers and members to seats, so that none may pass directly in front of the President:
Worthy President, all members on your right are qualified.
Worthy President, all members on your left are qualified.
Advisory Officer (if assisting):
Worthy President, all Rebekahs are qualified.
The Marshal will retire and present the Flag of our country.
Marshal retires.
Inside Guardian:
Worthy President, the Marshal bearing the Flag of our country is ready to enter.
Admit her.
President signals members to rise.
The Marshal advances with the Flag to the station of the President and places the Flag in a standard, where it shall remain until the close of the session. National Anthems may be sung at this time.
The Marshal assumes her station.
The President signals members to be seated.
Will those who have never attended a Theta Rho meeting please rise. Do you faithfully promise never to reveal any of the work or business of this Club to any person except a member of such Club, or one otherwise authorized to receive such information?
I do.
Each officer shall state her duty.
As their titles are called, each officer will rise and respond with her duty and remain standing.
Vice-President, what is your duty?
My duty is to assist the President at all times, take her place when she is absent, and to return the Club sign when given by a retiring member.
Recording Secretary, what is your duty?
Recording Secretary:
My duty is to keep correctly the record of the business of the Club, and to carry on all correspondence when so directed by the Club.
Financial Secretary, what is your duty?
Financial Secretary:
It is my duty to receive all money paid this Club; to issue receipts for dues; and at the close of each meeting to pay over to the Treasurer all the Club money in my possession, taking her receipt for the same.
Where there is but one secretary, the following is to be used:
Secretary, what is your duty?
It is my duty to keep an accurate record of the business of every Club meeting; to read all communications and to carry on all correspondence when so directed by the Club; to receive all money due the Club for dues and otherwise and at the close of each meeting to pay over to the Treasurer all Club money in my possession, taking her receipt for the same.
Treasurer, what is your duty?
It is my duty to receive all Club money, giving receipt for the same, to pay all bills ordered by the Club; keep my books correctly; and report the financial standing of the Club at any time.
Chaplain, what is your duty?
It is my duty to conduct the devotional exercises of the Club.
Marshal, what is your duty?
It is my duty to present the Flag of our country, and, by request of the President, assist in the opening and closing of the Club.
Warden, what is your duty?
It is my duty to prepare the room before the meeting, assist the President in any way that she may require, and to take care of the regalia.
Conductor, what is your duty?
It is my duty to accompany all candidates for initiation and assist the Warden with her duties.
Right Supporter to President, what is your duty?
Right Supporter to President:
It is my duty to give counsel and advice to the President in a kind and courteous manner, to take her chair during a temporary absence, and return the Club sign when given by a member.
Left Supporter to President, what is your duty?
Left Supporter to President:
It is my duty to assist the President in the performance of her duties.
Right Supporter to Vice-President, what is your duty?
Right Supporter to Vice-President:
It is my duty to assist the Vice-President in the duties of her office, and take her chair during a temporary absence.
Left Supporter to Vice-President, what is your duty?
Left Supporter to Vice-President:
It is my duty to assist the Vice-President in the duties of her office.
Inside Guardian, what is your duty?
Inside Guardian:
It is my duty to attend the inner door, under the direction of the Vice-President, and admit no member unless directed to do so by the Vice-President:
Inside Guardian, assume the station of the Outside Guardian and request that officer to enter.
Outside Guardian, what is your duty?
Outside Guardian:
It is my duty to have charge of the ante-room; receive the term password from those entering; to report to the Inside Guardian, those members without such password, the presence of visiting members from other Jurisdictions, honorary members and other officials, also any signal at the door about which I may be in doubt.
Outside Guardian, return to your station and request the Inside Guardian to assume her station.
Heralds, what is your duty?
Heralds (in unison):
It is our duty to assist the President in all her duties and when requested to do so, assist in the opening and closing of the Club and during initiation.
Musician, what is your duty?
It is my duty to preside at the piano.
May each one who helps to make this meeting a success find the Bluebird of Happiness.
The President signals members to rise.
The members will be attentive while the Chaplain leads us in prayer.
The Chaplain may remain at her station and will slowly open the Bible, bow her head, and deliver the prayer, after which the members, led by the Chaplain, shall recite the Lord’s Prayer. A floor movement may be used in connection with this, the President remaining at her station.
No other prayer than the following shall be used:
O Lord, we come to Thee, with the prayer of youth, seeking wisdom and guidance that we may do well the task now before us. Give us clean minds and right spirits, that we may be noble in all our acts. Help us to be ever true to ourselves, our friends, and to Thee. "Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy name: Thy kingdom come: Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven:
Give us this day our daily bread: Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us, and lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil: For Thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory, forever. AMEN."
The members will sing the opening ode.
Blest be the tie that binds
Our hearts in perfect love;
The fellowship of kindred minds
Is like to that above.
Before our Father’s throne
We pour our ardent prayers;
Our fears, our hopes, our aims are one,
Our comforts, and our cares.
If officers and members participate in a floor movement, they shall return to their stations or seats.
Officers and members, give the Club sign.
President answers the sign.
Marshal, you will declare the Club open for the transaction of business.
By request of the President, I declare … Theta Rho Girls’ Club, No. …, of the Jurisdiction of …, open for the transaction of business.
In all our discussions, let us remember to be friendly.
Seats members.
Inside Guardian, inform the Outside Guardian that the Club is open. Vice-President, I place the inner door in your keeping.

Initiation - Preliminary

Inside Guardian, retire to the anteroom and report if there are any candidates in waiting.
Inside Guardian retires and re-enters, without form, and faces President from the center of floor.
Inside Guardian:
Worthy President, the following candidate is in waiting, naming her.
Recording Secretary, has this candidate been elected to membership?
Recording Secretary:
Worthy President, … (reading name in full) has been elected to membership.
If the staff desires to robe, the President shall say:
The degree staff will retire to prepare for initiation. … will occupy the President’s station; … the vice-President’s station; … the Inside Guardian’s station; and … will act as Right Supporter to the President. It is permissible to have Rebekah sisters or honorary members occupy those stations for this purpose. Signals given for the staff to rise for the purpose of retiring to robe are given for the staff only, and members need not rise.
Conductor, retire, receive and introduce the candidate.
Conductor retires in form. Floor work optional.
Conductor gives alarm at door, which is answered by the Inside Guardian.
Inside Guardian:
Who wishes to enter?
The Conductor with the candidate.
Inside Guardian:
Worthy President, the Conductor with the candidate.
Admit her.
President signals members to rise and the Inside Guardian opens the door.
Being admitted, the Conductor, with the candidate shall march around the room while the ode is being sung; at the conclusion thereof, the Conductor shall present the candidate to the President from the center of the floor.

(What a Friend We Have in Jesus)
Welcome, welcome, to our Theta Rho,
We are glad to welcome you,
Glad that you have come to join us,
And to you we will be true.
As you stand before our altar,
We want you to truly know,
We belong to a great Order,
Girls of the Theta Rho.
Worthy President, it gives me pleasure to present to you …, who has been elected to membership in this Club.
As President of … Theta Rho Girls’ Club, No. …, of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows, I welcome you to our Club, and hope that you will enjoy meeting with us. Before we ask you to assume the duties of a member, the Past President will give you a short outline explaining the nature of the Club and the results it seeks to accomplish.
Conductor and candidate face Past President:
Past President, by request of the President, I present this candidate for an explanation of the objects of our Club.
Past President:
Theta Rho Girls’ Clubs are a part of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows and are closely related to the Rebekah Degree. The Clubs are organized for the purpose of teaching our members how they may get the most out of life. We teach that the happiest and most successful lives are spent in service. The service of which we speak is given willingly and without thought of reward.
We refer you to the story of Rebekah, the heroine of our sister Rebekahs, who went forth to a land of strangers, because God had chosen her for this service. For her faith in God she was rewarded with a happy marriage, and also became the mother of the first twins in history—Jacob and Esau.
As a member of the Club you will be expected to use every effort to improve yourself physically and mentally; to so build your character that you will be fitted to perform those acts of service which are so necessary for happiness in the home; which form a basis of lasting friendship, and create an influence for good in your community.
By the united efforts of its members, this Club can accomplish results far beyond the scope of any one member.
Having been informed as to the general nature of our Club, do you still desire to become one of us?
Candidate answers. If in the negative, she will retire; if in the affirmative, the work will proceed.
Past President:
Conductor, present the candidate to the Vice-President for obligation.
Conductor and candidate face the vice-President:
Vice-President, by direction of our Past President, I present this candidate for obligation.
President signals members to rise.
Tableau of angel kneeling with open Bible in front of vice-President’s station or other appropriate tableau may be used during the obligation.
Place your right hand over your heart, say I, pronounce your name in full, and repeat after me.
I, …, in the presence of the members of the Theta Rho Girls’ Club here present hereby promise never to make known to any person not a member of a Theta Rho Girls’ Club any of the work or business of this Club, or of any other Theta Rho Girls’ Club of which I may attend, or belong to. I will ever strive to scatter happiness among those with whom I come in contact; to respect and consider information and advice from my parents and other persons of experience; to protect and promote the interests of my home and my community and to be loyal to my country, and faithful to God.
The following ode may be sung, or a few strains of soft and sacred instrumental music may be used.
Floor work may be used in connection with ode if desired.
(I Would Be True)
I would be true, for there are those who trust me;
I would be pure, for there are those who care;
I would be strong, for there is much to suffer;
I would be brave, for there is much to dare,
I would be brave, for there is much to dare.
I would be friend of all, the foe, the friendless;
I would be giving, and forget the gift;
I would be humble, for I know my weakness;
I would look up, and laugh and love and lift,
I would look up, and laugh and love and lift.
President seats members.
Conductor, you will proceed to the desk of the Recording Secretary where the candidate will sign the members’ register, after which you will present her to the President for further instruction.
After candidate signs register, the Conductor and candidate face the President from the center of the floor.
Worthy President, at the request of the Vice-President, this candidate is presented for further instruction.
My friend, in order that you may visit Clubs other than your own, it is necessary that you be able to identify yourself as a member. For this reason we have certain secret work, known only to Club members or qualified visitors, and which must never be communicated to any one except for the purpose of identification or admission to a Club.
I will now instruct you in the secret work.
In the Theta Rho Club there is a signal for admission, a password, a sign and answer, the voting sign and the Honors of Theta Rho Degree.
The signal for admission shall consist of a rap or any other signal at the Outer Door, which will attract the attention of the Outside Guardian, and one distinct rap at the Inner Door.
The password of the Theta Rho Club shall be Service, to be communicated in a whisper.
The Club sign and answer. Place the open right hand over the heart, fingers touching, and back of the hand outward. After a slight pause, extend the hand at arm’s length in front of the body, palm upward. Then drop the hand to the side, at the same time making a slight bow.
The answer is the same as the sign.
The voting sign of the Theta Rho Club shall be the right hand uplifted.
The Honors of the Theta Rho Degree are given as follows: Officers and members standing — Marshal stands in front of the chair of the Worthy President: The members look to and follow her motions which are: Hands open, arms crossed over the breast right over the left, then extended at arm’s length nearly in front of the body at the same time the members make a slight bow.
The members led by the Worthy President shall repeat the words in unison: — In Happiness through Service we welcome you to Theta Rho.
The Honors of the Theta Rho Degree shall be given to all elective and past elective officers of all Branches of the Order, Past Generals Commanding and to a District Deputy President, when visiting Theta Rho Girls’ Clubs officially, or when their titles are announced at a Visitation.
The term password is selected by the President of the Rebekah Assembly of this Jurisdiction and is changed on the first of … and of each year and shall be communicated semi-annually or annually by the Installing Officer to the President and Vice-President of the Club. It is used when attending any Club within this Jurisdiction, and is given only to members whose dues are paid in advance.
You will advance and receive the term password.
Conductor advances to station of President with candidate. After candidate receives the password, the Conductor escorts her to center of the floor facing President.

The term password, the Club sign and answer are also used in the opening ceremonies.
The annual password is chosen annually by the Sovereign Grand Master. It is given only when dues are paid in advance, and is used only when visiting Clubs in another Jurisdiction, for the purpose of proving membership. The passwords are always to be given in a whisper.
All Club rooms are so arranged that there is an inner as well as an outer door. Between these doors is the ante-room in charge of the Outside Guardian. The inner door is attended by the Inside Guardian.
Wishing to be admitted to any Club in this Jurisdiction, while it is in session, you will give the signal for admission at the outer door. The Outside Guardian will admit you, when you will give her the term password. You will then put on your regalia and give the signal for admission at the inner door. The Inside Guardian will open the wicket, obtain your name and the name and number of your Club, and will report to the Vice President, who will then instruct the Inside Guardian to admit you. The Inside Guardian will reopen the wicket and, if correct, you will communicate to her the password of the Theta Rho Degree. If correct you will be admitted. You will advance to the center of the floor, face the President and give the Club sign which will be answered by the Right Supporter to the President: You will then be seated.
A member who is not in possession of the term password will be reported by the Outside Guardian to the Inside Guardian and that officer will report to the President: After determining if the member is in good standing in the Club, she will say "Admit Her".
Visiting a Club in another Jurisdiction, you will present your official receipt or unexpired withdrawal card to the Outside Guardian, who will admit you to the ante-room. The Outside Guardian will hand your receipt or card to the Inside Guardian, who will deliver it to the President: You must prove yourself as a member to the Reception Committee, who, when satisfied, will see that you wear proper regalia and escort you into the Club room.
After giving the Club sign, you will be introduced to the members.
Wishing to retire while the Club is in session, you will address the Vice-President with the Club sign. The Vice-President will answer you and you will then be permitted to leave.
One rap of the gavel calls the Club to order, or seats the members. Two raps signal the members to rise.
You will now give the sign and the Right Supporter to the President will respond with the answer.
Conductor and Warden will assist the candidate.

You have been informed in a general way of the purposes of this Club. That you may more fully realize the importance of these purposes, further explanation will now be given you.
The Conductor will seat the candidate.
The candidate shall be seated at a point which will enable her to see the tableaux or dramatic work, if any, and to hear the charges.
Appropriate floor work may be used at this time in connection with the delivery of any of the following charges.
As you go through life, you are privileged to make your own decision upon problems with which you are confronted. It is right and proper that you should do so. The progress of our civilization is the result of experience.
You should neither thoughtlessly follow nor carelessly reject advice you may receive from those of mature years who have an unselfish interest in your welfare. Age and experience are entitled to respect and consideration.
To have a full and happy life we need courage, faith, and love. Be willing to accept responsibility. We are taught a lesson in courage by studying the lives of some of the heroines of the Bible. One such example is the beautiful story of the sister of Moses and Aaron.
First Herald:
We have the first picture of Miriam when she was a little girl. Her courage displayed at this time gives an indication of the kind of woman she was to become.
suggested tableau — small girl dressed in robe — walks around.
Second Herald:
When a hostile tyrant had decreed that all male babies should be put to death, Miriam showed poise and intelligence as she watched her infant brother by the river bank.
suggested tableau — Miriam kneels watching brother —(doll in basket).
Third Herald:
When Pharoah’s daughter came to bathe and found the little Moses lying there in his ark, Miriam approached her quietly, asking if she would like her to find a Hebrew woman to nurse the baby.
suggested tableau — Older girl in robe comes down to baby, looks, then looks around and Miriam approaches her, holds out her hands to older girl and leaves.
Fourth Herald:
She brought the child’s own mother to the Princess, never disclosing by look or word her own relationship to the child. She exhibited a fearlessness and self-possession unusual in a child of seven years.
suggested tableau — Miriam comes back on scene with another older girl as Mother. The Princess picks up baby, hands him to Mother and all three leave together.
Through the years Miriam ministered to her people and was revered as the honored sister of Moses and Aaron who were to lead the Hebrew people out of bondage.
This was Miriam’s great hour. She was the first woman singer on record. The wonder of it is that she sang unto the Lord, using her great talent for the elevation of her people. We are taught the lesson of patriotism, responsibility, confidence and faith.
Our Club motto is "Happiness through Service." A service which is voluntary, without thought of obtaining anything in return, a service in which the only reward is to see the pleasure which is shown by the one who receives it. This is done with little effort on our part if we but follow the "Golden Rule," "Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you."
Our emblem is the "Bluebird," and has been selected because it is associated with the return of spring, and represents happiness. Let us strive to be as happy as the Bluebird and remember that making others happy is one of the greatest pleasures of life.
Right Supporter to President:
The home is the foundation on which our civilization and culture is built. Let us always remember to honor our fathers and mothers, as from them we receive first lessons in our responsibilities toward each other. Within this circle we first realize that good may be done for its own sake.
The first mark of the development of service is doing something willingly, and without request, because it may please mother, or father, or some other member of the family.
Children obey your parents in the Lord; For this is right. Honor thy Father and Mother, which is the First Commandment with promise.
suggested tableau — Mother sitting, child comes in, presents Mother with bouquet of flowers. Remain in position.
Left Supporter to President:
As in our home life, so among our friends, we find that there is a place for the sharing of our privileges with those less fortunate than ourselves. Friendships are formed by these kindly acts, which make life happier and better.
The growth of service may be noted in the effort to do favors for those we especially like, not for any reward, but for the pleasure it may give them.
Tableau — Crippled child, other child with arm around lears her into room. Joins other tableaux. Remain in position.
Right Supporter to Vice-President:
To the community in which we live, we owe some of our time and effort. Where a number of families have joined together for protection, for progress, and for development, the field for service is broadened, and now things may be done for the welfare or betterment of the whole group.
In the Holy Bible we are taught, "Love thy neighbor as thyself." A great service may be rendered the community through being courteous and kind to strangers who are among us for a short time.
Tableaux — Girl enters holding open Bible. Joins other Tableaux. Remain in position.
Left Supporter to Vice-President:
A study of the lives of those noble men and women are honored and loved because of the work they have done for humanity, or in the service of their country, will clearly show that they were inspired by a desire to serve their fellow man without thought of reward.
In the Bible it is written: "When thou doest alms, let not thy right hand know what thy left hand doeth, that thine alms may be in secret, and thy Father, which seeth in secret, Himself shall reward thee openly."
Neither silver nor gold, place or position, the hope of fame, nor any other material advantage, can purchase, or justly reward such service. The spirit which inspires the highest type of willing service, honors and confers dignity upon the lowliest, as well as the most exalted act.
Tableau — Girl enters carrying flag and stands beside other tableaux. Remains in position. This will make one large picture — adding other characters if desired, angel, etc. song while holding tableaux.

Tune — "America"
God Bless our Theta Rho
Girls of our Order dear,
Our Theta Rho
Long may they serve the right
Spread sunshine, joy and light
Protect them by thy might
God Bless our Girls.
Entire tableau retires.
Conductor, present the candidate to this station.
Conductor presents candidate to President from center of the floor.
Marshal, standing before her chair in front of the President:
"May the peace that is past understanding,
May the faith that can mountains move,
Be multiplied to you, and bring you,
Into oneness with infinite Love."
Our colors are Yale blue and light peach. Blue is symbolical of the bluebird and represents happiness. Light peach represents thoughtfulness and teaches us to render service to others.
Conductor advances with candidate to station of the President.
President signals members to rise.
President will place regalia on the candidate as the following is spoken:
In recognition of your membership in this Club, it is my pleasure to place upon you this regalia which is to be worn at all times when the Club is in session. And now, by the authority of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows, I declare you admitted to membership in … Theta Rho Girls’ Club No. ….
Conductor and candidate turn and face the station of the vice-President.
Officers and members you will welcome … to our Club.
The Club:
In Happiness through Service, we welcome you to Theta Rho.
Conductor, you will please seat our new member.
If the staff has robed for the degree, they may retire using form similar to that of retiring to prepare for initiation, only omitting the purpose of retiring, saying simply: "The staff will retire. Those who officiated before will please fill the stations to which they were assigned."


Having finished the business of the Club for the evening, we will proceed with the closing exercises.
President signals members to rise.
Marshal, you will retire with the Flag.
Marshal retires and re-enters without form and resumes her station. Officers and members stand at "Attention" as Flag is being retired.
No prayer other than the following shall be used:
The members will be attentive while our Chaplain offers Prayer.
Our Heavenly Father, who art the friend of all mankind, we thank Thee for Thy presence with us and ask Thee to forgive us wherein we have failed to do our best. As we part and go our way, guide and guard our footsteps. May many pleasant memories of our associations here linger with us. Keep us in the hollow of Thy hand and make us a blessing to others until we meet again. All unite: The Lord watch between me and thee while we are absent one from the other.
The members will sing the closing ode.
The following ode, "An Evening Prayer" and no other, may be sung.

If I have wounded any soul today,
If I have caused one foot to go astray,
If I have walked in my own willful way,
Dear Lord, forgive!
Forgive the sins I have confessed to Thee;
Forgive the secret sins I do not see;
O guide me, love me, and my keeper be.
Marshal, you will please express appreciation to our members.
Our business being concluded, we extend thanks to each member for her attendance and help. The next meeting will be … state time and place and it is our hope that all members will be present.
President: I now declare this meeting closed.
Sounds gavel.