Sovereigns of Industry



The President calls to order by a single rap. The Steward rises in his place and says:
The President being about to open this Council, all persons not qualified to remain will please retire.
The Steward and Assistant Steward will satisfy themselves that all present are qualified to remain. Each member will rise in giving the P. W.
The Steward and Assistant Steward, advancing to the President’s stand, will receive the P. W. from members present, the Steward on the right, and the Assistant Steward on the left. Meeting in front of the Vice-President, the Steward says:
Mr. President, we are satisfied that all present are qualified to remain.
The President calls up the Council with three raps, and says:
We have again met, for the transaction of such business as may properly come before us; and to receive such communications and suggestions as you may have to make for the benefit of the Order. Let our proceedings be conducted with dignity and decorum.
The President with one rap calls the Council to their seats and says:
Our Council is now open, and prepared to proceed to business.
Initiation of Candidates
The candidates being in the ante-room in waiting, the Inner Guard says:
Mr. President; … candidates are in waiting.
The President instructs the Steward to retire and report the names of candidates.
The Steward, having obtained their names, returns and says:
Mr. President, I report to you the following list of candidates: …
The President addresses time Secretary and says:
Brother Secretary, have the candidates been duly elected, and the initiation fees paid to you?
The Secretary will answer in accordance with the facts, and if found correct, the President will direct as follows:
The Steward and Assistant Steward will now please retire and introduce the candidates.
The Steward will arrange the candidates in proper order; advance to the Inner door and give four raps.
The Inner Guard will respond as follows:
Who comes?
Candidates for initiation.
Tarry while I report to the Council.
Mr. President, the Steward is at the door, with candidates desiring admission.
You will please admit them.
They are admitted. The President calls the Council up, and the Steward brings them before the President. It is desirable that music be introduced; at the conclusion of which the Steward reports:
. President the candidates are now ready to receive the Obligation.
The President requests each candidate to place the right hand over the heart, and administers the following Obligation:


You do now, in the presence of this Council solemnly affirm that your only motive in seeking to become a member of our Fraternity, is to aid in establishing those principles and measures of reform proclaimed by the Order; that you will never unlawfully reveal any of the secrets of the Order, nor any of the business contracts made by the National, State, or Subordinate Councils of this Order to any person not a member, under the penalty of being reprimanded, suspended or expelled, at the discretion of the Council; and that you will not print, write, or cause to be printed or written, any part of this Ritual, or any of the unwritten work of the Order; and that you will, to the best of your ability, fulfill all the obligations which membership in the Order imposes upon you.
That you will conform to and abide by the Constitution, Rules and Regulations of the National, State, and Subordinate Councels of the Order.
That you will never propose for membership in this Order, nor support the admission of any one whom you have reason to believe an unsuitable person nor will you oppose the admission of any one solely on the ground of any personal prejudice or difficulty.
That you will answer all lawful signs given you by the Brothers and Sisters of the Order, and render them such aid and assistance as duty may require.
That you will not knowingly wrong a Brother or Sister in word or deed, nor permit it to be done by another if in your power to prevent it.
You also promise to use your utmost endeavor to discourage and prevent litigation between members of the Order, and to encourage the settlement of all difficulties by peaceful arbitration.
Each candidate will answer, "I do."
The Council is seated with one rap, and the President proceeds to instruct the candidates in the secret work, viz:

P.P.W. S.A.P.W.
Alarm at O.D. P.W. at O.D.
Signal all. I.D. P.W. at I.D.
Salutation to V.P. Answer by V.P.
Gewneral Sign
Sign of C.
Test Q. and Ans.
Test Initial
One rap calls the Council to order.
Three raps calls the Council up.
One rap seats the Council.
The President then addresses the new members as follows:
I now greet you as Sovereigns of Industry, entitled to all the privileges and benefits of the Order, and in behalf of this Council, extend to you the right hand of fellowship. May you ever bear in mind the obligations you have solemnly taken upon yourselves, and strive to the best of your ability to conform to the laws, principles and purposes of our Order, and to faithfully perform the duties they impose upon you.
The Steward will conduct you to the Secretary’s desk, where you will sign the Constitution.
During the signing of the Constitution a recess may be declared, if desirable; after which the following address, or some other remarks appropriate to the occasion, should be delivered by the Lecturer or President, or some one previously appointed by the Council.



Brothers and Sisters: While extending to our newly initiated members a most cordial welcome, and charging them to be faithful to the principles of our Order, let us renew our pledge of friendship to each other.
May harmony prevail in our deliberations. In our intercourse with each other let us be courteous, magnanimous, and charitable, and in our discussions and co-operative work may we exhibit the spirit of genuine friendship. Our interests are mutual; may we feel our responsibilities to be mutual also. In seeking to alleviate common wants, and combining to oppose common foes, we should know neither high nor low, rich nor poor, sect nor party. Let Justice and Equity be our watchwords; they are the principles which lie at the foundation of this Order. Individually, our influence is scarcely felt; but, united in heart, plan and purpose, we immediately become a power. And, as organization and numbers give us the guarantee of success, let us be active in adding to our Councils true men and women.
Finally, let the spirit of Reform , which pervades and vitalizes this great movement, receive a hearty and hospitable welcome at our hands; and may Justice, Equity, Truth and Brotherly Love, like Guardian Angels, preside over and bless us abundantly as we press steadily forward in the path upon which we have catered.


The President calls the Council up and says:
Brothers and Sisters; having closed the labors of the evening, we are about to return to our homes and accustomed pursuits. Let us remember our obligations as Sovereigns of Industry, and endeavor to exemplify in our intercourse with each other, and the world, the precepts of the Golden Rule.
I now declare this Council closed.