Sons of Temperance


This society was founded in New York in 1842, when the temperance reform movement was astir in the United States. The organization was also a fraternal benefit society. Its beneficiary character evolved as it engaged itself in reforming drunkards and trying to prevent others from becoming alcoholics. Membership was open to men and women. The Good Templars were a spin-off of the Sons of Temperance. The female auxiliary was known as Daughters of Temperance, the Juvenile department the Loyal Crusaders. The Sons of Temperance kept certain features of their organization secret. Its organizational structure was similar to that of other fraternal orders.

The society still exists today in the United Kingdom as a friendly society and life insurance.

Initiation Ritual     
Ritual of the Love Degree
Ritual of the Degree of Purity
Ritual of the Degree of Fidelity

Ritual of Initiation Loyal Crusaders