Order of Sons of St. George

This fraternal secret society was composed of Englishmen and their descendants. Apparently, when founded in 1871 in Scranton, Pennsylvania, the society was meant to resist the activities of Molly Maguires. Members were required to believe in a supreme being, have high regard for the Bible, and be loyal to America. The history and martyrdom of St. George served as the bases of the society’s ritual.
Soon after its founding it settled down into an ethnic fraternal benefit society for Englishmen in America and their sons and grandsons, with sick benefits, funeral benefits, and so forth. Eligibility was limited to first-, second-, and third-generation Englishmen.
There was the initiatory degree and there were two higher degrees, which were adopted by the Supreme Lodge in session at Cleveland, Ohio, October, 1922, known as the Degree of Patriotism and the Rank of Knighthood.

The ladies’ auxiliary was named Daughters of St. George. Headquarters were in Chicago, Illinois.

In 1936 it changed its name into the St. George Fraternal Insurance Society.

Ritual of the Initiatory Degree