Daughters of Isabella
Installation of Officers


Installing Officer is announced by official title by Regent.
R.: I welcome you as our Installing Officer.
Sisters official title of I.O., is present to install the officers-elect of Circle hands gavel
to I.O..
I.O. requests officers to vacate stations.
I.O. gives one rap of gavel.
I.O.: Sisters, I am present to install the officers of Circle, . Have they been legally and duly elected?
R.: They have.
I.O.: Have your books been properly audited, and signed, and bonds secured for financial officers?
R.: They have.
I.O.: I will then proceed to install and will appoint Sister to act as Marshal for Installation ceremonies.
Recording Secretary will please call the roll of officers, and as names are called the Marshal will place the officer in front of altar.
Recording Secretary arises, reads names of officers-elect, and then, if she he one of them, takes her position in line.
I.O.: Sister Financial Secretary, are these the duly elected officers, and if so, are they qualified to serve?
FIN. SEC.: They are.
Officers must be financial.
I.O.: Thank you. Officers-elect, raise your right hand and place your left hand over your heart and repeat after me the following obligation:
I, name in full, in the presence of Almighty God and the members here assembled, do solemnly promise that I will faithfully and impartially discharge the duties of the office to which I have been elected, and that I will obey and cause to be obeyed the Constitution and Laws of the National Circle Daughters of Isabella.
That I will endeavor in every honorable way to promote the growth and prosperity of this Order and will deliver to my successor all properties and moneys which may be in my possession belonging to the Circle. Lower the hands.
The success of your organization depends largely upon you as its officers; it demands from you loyalty to its principles, prompt attendance at meetings, and the careful and conscientious performance of the duties of your several officers.
Marshal presents Guides and Guards-elect.
I.O.: Guides, Guards. Marshal places officers as called in front of altar. There is no ceremony or rites that is not deserving of faithful guardianship, and you, dear friends, are the trusted sentinels of our mystic habitation. Let your ears, rather than your lips, guide you in your efforts, giving thine ear to many and thy voice to few; permitting no one to pass the portals of our abode who is not duly qualified. These labors are the armor of your defenceless positions; take them, and, like true Daughters of Isabella, use them with caution firmness and prudence.
Scribe, you have been selected to record the various items of interest occurring in your Circle. It is your duty to give such publicity to all these happenings as will further the interests of our Order.

Monitor, the position to which you have been chosen is a very important one, and deserving of your earnest attention. The introduction of strangers to the mysteries of your Circle is not the least important. You should be ready at all times to discharge those and other duties, without recourse to the Ceremonial or Manual of our Order. A pleasant guide to the ambitious ones who seek to solve our rites and ceremonies; generous and willing aid rendered to your sister officers will serve to advance you, not only in the good opinion of all, but will lead to higher honors.
You are invested with due authority. Please be seated.

Custodian, the office to which you have been chosen is one of vast importance to our organization. You are to aid in the impressive ceremonies of Initiations; as the part assigned to you in our ceremonial is most exacting, and to render them in an impressive and forceful manner, you will need to give your mind and best talents thereto.
A study of the lines assigned you and a mastering thereof should be your aim and hope. Let your efforts win you the sweet reward of unstinted praise, and the good will of your sister members.
Please be seated.

Chancellor, as it always has been, and is at present in all Catholic societies, the rule to open and close each meeting with prayer, and whenever it shall please God to call from our midst any member of this Circle, prayer shall be offered for the repose of her soul. Upon you, worthy Chancellor, rest these sacred duties, and also to assist in the impressive ceremonies of Initiation. Let this cross remind you of the sacred duties imposed upon you. With the best wishes of your associates, please be seated as the Worthy Chancellor of your Circle.

Organist, you and our worthy Chancellor are obligated to bring into our various ceremonies a spirit of devotion. Music has the power of exalting the mind and putting at rest the turbulent spirit. As organist, therefore, the welfare of your Circle rests largely in your hands and may your associate members have no regret for placing this great confidence in you. Assume your station as Organist.

Treasurer, confidence is one of the immediate jewels of the soul, and never should be soiled by sordid greed or listless effort. You have accepted of the trust that your sisters have tendered you. You will discharge your duties as becomes a trusted servant. When you have served your term and rendered true account thereof, you will enjoy the rest that comes with the comforting assurance that you have well deserved the confidence of your sisters, and that your official record is as bright and untarnished as the metal of this shining key, the emblem of your office. Please be seated.

Financial Secretary: dear friend and associate, you have been selected to keep the accounts of your Circle, the position of trust and responsibility. Your ability is conceded; let it be your care that at the end of your term the work has been well and faithfully done, and that you have, as a result placed your foot upon the ladder that ends in the highest place in your Circle. The quill is emblematic of your duties; accept it and the responsibilities that go therewith. Please be seated.

Trustees, you have been selected by the membership to supervise the business affairs of your Circle. It is your duty to oversee all bills and to audit all accounts at such periods as are provided by our laws. Be seated as Trustees of this Circle.

Recording Secretary, through the good will of your associates of this Circle of friends, you have been chosen as the recording clerk thereof. Your duties are many and demand close and arduous labor at your hands. The records that you are to keep are the foundations of the official life of your Circle, hence extreme care is required that these records are truthful transcripts of our various acts, as they are taken from time to time. Do your duty as you understand it, and the reward will be the gratitude of those you serve. The scroll is a fitting symbol of your position. Please be seated.

Vice Regent, the duties of your position are well defined in the laws and rules of our organization. You are the second highest officer thereof, and in the natural course of events you will be called upon to exercise and discharge the duties of the Regent, should that officer be absent at any of your meetings. The same obligations that bind her rest equally upon you. Your ambition will be to honorably succeed to the first place in this Circle, and to attain this let your services be of such a character that your associates will reward them, by conferring upon you the honors thus deserved. Be seated as the second officer of this Circle.

Past Regent, having served your Circle in the capacity of presiding officer, you realize more fully than any of its members the many duties and responsibilities to be encountered by the newly installed Regent. It should be your constant aim to assist and encourage her in her many undertakings.
You should at all times be willing to give her the benefit of your past experience. Such co-operation existing between the two highest officers in the Circle cannot help but be a splendid example of unity, friendship and charity for the members at large. I now seat you as Past Regent of Circle.

Regent, the duties of your position are many and varied, and the success of your Circle depends largely upon a faithful discharge of the same. You are to preside with absolute fairness at all meetings of the Circle during your term of office. You should have no friends to reward, or enemies to punish, but should treat all members fairly and impartially. Degree work will be your most exacting, and let us hope, your most pleasing duty. You are the chosen representative of authority, clothed with merited honor. This will prompt you to a faithful and diligent discharge of your laborious and exalted duties. Your authority, as presiding officer, from and after this date is now declared.
Your duties lie before you and with the best wishes of your associates, you will now assume the same. Be seated as the Regent of this Circle. 
Conclude with the following invocation: Friends, you have been duly installed in your several stations. Your duties will come to you through the channels of experience, the greatest of all schools, rather than from the cold formality of set phrases; each will labor for good of all, and all will stand united.
Let the past be a memory sweet to review,
And the future a bright star to beckon us on,
As in concord we meet, our love pledge to renew,
Till our Circle doth widen and shine like the sun.'
I now declare the officers of Circle, No. , duly installed for the ensuing term.