Order of Red Eagles


This ‘benevolent, protective and patriotic society’, incorporated under the laws of Michigan, claimed in a propaganda circular, issued about 1912, to have been founded in Germany in 1705, and to combine “all the good qualities found in the German character, and the very best found in American institutions.”
Organizer Corthell, in telling what were the secrets of the Order of the Red Eagles said: “If you are aware of something unpleasant or unkind in man’s career, something that is painful to recall, then you are a custodian of a powerful Eagle secret. Your lips must be sealed. If you cannot say that of a brother which will uplift him, elevate his reputation, enhance his standing, promote his business, it is your solemn and sacred duty as a Red Eagle to remain forever silent.”
The Order seems to have been reorganized in 1912, under the title of Red Eagles, Supreme Council. It claimed over 13,000 members.
The Order vanished in the 1910s of 1920s.

Ritual for the Adoption Degree, Red Eagles - Supreme Council