York Rite


The so-called York Rite, also known as the American Rite, confers degrees above that of Master Mason. Unlike the Scottish Rite, where degrees are merely numbered and are commonly worked somewhat perfunctorily, the degrees of the York Rite have names and can be worked more fully. 

The degrees, starting with the fourth (because Master Mason is the third) are:
Mark Master (4th)
Past Master (5th)
Most Excellent Master (6th)

Royal Arch Mason (7th)

Superposed on the Royal Arch are the "Cryptic" Degrees
Royal Master (8th)
Select Master (9th)

Super Excellent Master (10th)

Otherwise, or after taking these, a Royal Arch Mason (7th degree) may proceed via the following:
Order of the Red Cross (8th)
Order of the Knights of Malta (9th)

Knight Templars (10th)
The Knight Templar Degree is closed to non-christians.

In European countries these degrees are worked in under various different orders, such as the Council of Royal and Select Masters and United Religious, Military, and Masonic Orders of the Temple.

Rituals of Mark Master, Past Master, Most Excellent Master and Royal Arch Mason for the state of Indiana (1952).