Deutsche Orden der Harugari

This order was formed in 1847 in New York as a fraternal group that would bring the german immigrants together socially and to practice their mother tongue. The order was also begun out of a concern for some group defense against the strong native-American sentiment that prevailed at that time. The name Harugari was chosen in honor of the old Teutons who were called Harugaris by virtue of their meeting in forests. Haruc means grove or forest.
The order's motto has always been "Friendship, Love and Humanity." As a fraternal benefit society, the organization has been recognized for its altrustic demeanor. Some critics, however, have felt that de order has been antagonistic toward the Roman Catholic Church. The order had nothing with christian religion. The oaths made during the initiations were not made on the Bible.
The order had five degrees, an initiatory degree, three more and a Grand Lodge degree.

Ritual of the Initiatory Degree     
Ritual of the First Degree      
Ritual of the Second Degree     
Ritual of the Third Degree