Order of the Knights of Pythagoras
Investiture Ritual


General Summary

A Council must open in full ceremonial form before the transaction of any business or the investiture of Novices.
A Council must close in full ceremonial form before the Council can be considered formally closed.
No officer shall read his part from the Ritual during the opening or closing of a Council. All Ritualistic work must be committed to memory. The "Ceremony of Investiture" must be delivered from memory by each officer participating. in accordance with his part, and in full ceremonial form as contained in the Ritual.
No addition to or omission from the Ritual is permitted.
The Council room should be furnished with the paraphernalia approved by the Supreme Council and in accordance with the Ritual.
The only robes that can be used are those adopted by the Supreme Council.
A staff or "Bishop's Crook" with nine detachable jewels is used in conferring the "Ceremony of Investiture" and is placed in a standard holder at the right of the Master Knight.
The Knight Marshal should conduct the Knight Chaplain to the Altar for all prayers, going to a point in front of the Junior Knight, thence North to a point on the West side of the Altar and immediately in front of same, facing Master Knight. The Knight Chaplain kneels on both knees, head raised slightly to ceiling while saying prayer. Knight Marshal remains standing. Returning, Knight Marshal conducts Knight Chaplain to a point due North, thence East to a point North of Master Knight, thence South to his station.
The Knight Sentinel may sit immediately inside the door, inside the Council room after the Council has been duly opened. He must, however, guard the Council from intrusion and step outside of Council room on least sign of disturbance from without or during ceremonies.
All members of the Order of the Knights of Pythagoras must kneel on the right knee facing Altar during prayer, while guests remain standing.
Officers or members should not salute Master Knight when addressed by him but only rise.
The Knight Sentinel should not admit members when the Council is being opened. Members coming in after Council has been opened should go to Altar and give step, token and sign. The Master Knight should return sign.
The Altar should at all times be decorated with an Altar Cloth and should, during the "Ceremony of Investiture" be decorated with cut flowers.
The flag should be placed in a standard holder at the right of the Knight Standard Bearer.
A Council banner should be placed in a standard holder at the left of the Knight Marshal.
The following system of raps is employed: Two raps call up officers; three raps call up the Council members and guests and one rap scats Council and guests. Two raps are given at the door by a member seeking admission and the same number are returned by the Junior Knight Deacon.
No officers, or members, while the Council is in session, should pass between the Altar and the Master Knight except where Ritual requires it.

Opening Ceremony

MASTER KNIGHT, standing and giving one rap:
Sir Knight Marshal, you will call the Knights to labor that Chivalry shall not perish from the earth.
KNIGHT MARSHAL, rises, faces North:
Valiant Knights of the age of Chivalry, the Master Knight calls you to labor. A Council of the faithful is about to convene to the glory of God - our homes and our country.
You will take due notice thereof and govern yourselves accordingly.
Sir Knight Marshal, are all present Knights of Pythagoras?
Marshal makes circuit of room viewing all present to see if they are entitled to be present.
Stopping in front of Master Knight says:
Sir Master Knight. those in attendance are members of our Holy Order, accompanied by sponsors of our cause.
Master Knight seats Marshal with one rap.
Sir Junior Knight Deacon, is the Knight Sentinel on duty and is he in arms to defend our peace and quietude?
Junior Knight Deacon goes to the door, gives two raps, response with the same number by the Knight Sentinel. Opens the door and says:
Sir Knight Sentinel, a Council of valiant Knights is about to convene and the Master Knight inquires if you are in arms and prepared to defend our peace and quietude?
Sir Junior Knight Deacon, you will inform the Master Knight that I am in arms and defend this portal with my life if need be, to secure the peace and quietude of my fellow Knights.
Junior Knight Deacon closes door and returns to his station.
Sir Master Knight. the Knight Sentinel is in arms and directs me to inform you that he stands at the portal of our asylum prepared to defend the peace and quietude of this Council with his life if need be.
It is well! Sir Knight Deacons, you will collect the 'sesame' of this convocation.
The "sesame" is a word to be selected by the Council Advisor and is communicated to the Knight Sentinel before the opening of the Council. A Knight desiring admission into a Council Room must show his current year's membership card to the Knight Sentinel. The "sesame" is then divulged to him. A member of a Council desiring to vis it a Council elsewhere applies to the Knight Sentinel and requests a committee to examine him. This committee should be composed of three members of the Council and after examining the visitor should report favorable or unfavorable to the Knight Sentinel. If the committee is satisfied with their examination and their report is favorable, the Knight Sentinel then divulges the "sesame" to the visitor.
Knight Deacons rise, go to the Altar facing the Master Knight. Master Knight gives one rap. Knight Deacons leave the Altar without giving sign, collect ''sesame" from each Brother, except the Senior and Junior Knights, starting at the East. After the same has been done. Knight Deacons meet on a line even with the Senior Knight and walk to a point opposite Junior Knight from which point they march facing each other toward Altar and face Master Knight.
If the "sesame" is lost, Knights who have lost the "sesame" should remain standing until Knight Deacons report at Altar and receive authority to invest them with the "sesame".
The Senior Knight Deacon says:
Sir Master Knight, the 'sesame' is lost. The Master Knight then says: Cause the Sir Knight who lacks om 'sesame' to stand and if he be properly recognized and vouched for, give it to him that it may be returned unto you.
After this is done Senior Knight Deacon will then report that 'sesame' for the meeting is . If the 'sesame' is not lost, then Senior Deacon will say:
Sir Master Knight, the 'sesame' is .
Knight Deacons, after giving step, sign and token, return to their respective stations.
Each member of the Council should rise to give the ''sesame" to the Knight Deacons.
Master Knight gives two raps and all officers rise.
Sir Junior Knight, why stay you in the South?
This station is emblematic of the noon or manhood years of life. I guard the portals of the future.
Where is the station of the Senior Knight?
In the West.
Sir Senior Knight, why stay you in the West?
I guard the portals of the setting sun and the end of all our wanderings. This station is symbolic of the evening hours that prelude eternity.
Sir Junior Knight, why sought you fellowship in this Order of Chivalry?
To better prepare myself for all the duties and performances of devoted sonship and citizenship to glorify God and enjoy the fellowship of those who are consecrated to this Holy purpose.
Sir Senior Knight, what makes you a Knight of Pythagoras?
My obligation and devout sense of responsibility to be a better son a better man than I have ever been before.
Where is the station of the Knight Sentinel?
At the outer portal.
Where is the station of the Junior Knight Deacon?
Inside the asylum at the inner portal.
Sir Junior Knight Deacon. what is your duty?
I stand at the inner portal of our asylum to see that none enter who have not received the "sesame" from the Knight Sentinel.
Where is the station of the Senior Knight Deacon?
In the East at your right.
Sir Senior Knight Deacon, why stand you in the East to my right?
To serve you, Master Knight, in conducting the business of this Council and to guide Novices through the ceremonies of Investiture.
Where stands the Master Knight?
In the East at my left.
Why does he reign in the East?
At the portal of the morn of life symbol of the rising sun, he governs the labors of the Knights who comprise this Council.
Sir Senior Knight Steward, you will prepare our Altar.
SENIOR KNIGHT STEWARD, goes to the Altar, opens the Holy Bible, and says:
I open this Holy Bible upon our Altar around whose open pages the Knights of this Council meet in humble reverence and adoration to God the Father. Senior Knight Steward returns to his station.
Sir Knight Standard Bearer, you will present the flag of our nation at our Holy Altar.
Gives three raps. All stand.
Attention, Sir Knights! The flag passes.
Each Knight should stand with head erect, shoulders thrown well back, hands at seams of trousers and toes at an angle of forty-five degrees. If any Knights are covered, headwear should be removed with right hand and placed over heart.
Knight Standard Bearer takes flag, goes to a point South of Master Knight, then west to a point to the left of the Junior Knight, then East to the Altar, leaving sufficient space (about five feet) for the Knight Chaplain to kneel.
Sir Knights, you will salute and pledge allegiance to the flag. Salute to flag is made by placing right hand over heart and is maintained during pledge of allegiance. All repeat in unison: I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the republic for which it stands one nation, under God, indivisable, with liberty and justice for all.
Sir Knight Chaplain, you will lead us in our devotions. All Sir Knights to your right knee. Guests will remain standing.
Knight Chaplain goes to Altar, Knight Standard Bearer remains at Altar standing throughout prayer until Knight Chaplain has re turned to his station.
Heavenly Father, we come to Thee in this hour of our youth, fill ed with a deep sense of Thy Presence and Power.
Grant to us wisdom and understanding to know and do Thy Holy Will.
Sanctify and bless this comradeship that binds us and may we constantly reflect Thee in all things.
Make us to be good sons that we may become better men and upright citizens. Create in each one of us the desire to serve Thee in serving Thy humanity.
To Thy infinite glory Almighty God, we here dedicate and reconsecrate our hearts and minds to Thy Holy purpose. Amen!
Knight Chaplain returns to his station. Knight Standard Bearer leaves Altar, goes West to a point in front of Senior Knight, thence North to a point North of Senior Knight, thence East to his station completing circuit of room. Deposits flag. All stand at attention during the passing of the flag.
Sir Knights, we will sing our opening ode. One verse of the National Anthem should be used.
By virtue of the power in me vested as Master Knight of Council sponsored by and under the authority of the International Supreme Council of the Order of the Knights of Pythagoras, I declare this Council open for the transaction of business on the step, the token and sign of a Knight of Pythagoras. Each is given by all Knights of Pythagoras present as Master Knight refers to each move.
Sir Junior Knight Deacon, you will inform the Knight Sentinel that ... Council is duly opened.
Sir Knight Sentinel, the Master Knight directs me to inform you that Council is open for the transaction of business and you are to govern yourself accordingly.
The Master Knight's orders will be obeyed.
JUNIOR KNIGHT DEACON, returns to his station:
Sir Master Knight, the Knight Sentinel obeys your orders and the peace and quietude of our asylum is assured.
Master Knight seats Junior Knight Deacon with one rap.


Investiture Ceremony

Brother Knight Recorder, do any Novices await investiture?
Brother Master Knight, several supplicants seek to become Knights of Pythagoras.
Brother Knight Marshal.
Knight Marshal, rises, faces South and says:
Brother Master Knight.
You will retire with the Knight Stewards and receive the Novices. Lights dimmed.
Knight Marshal and Knight Stewards go to Altar (give step, sign and token, and retire.) Knight Marshal and Knight Stewards go to the door of preparation room.
Knight Marshal gives three raps, opens door and addresses Novices so that all in the Council Room may hear him distinctly, as well as the Novices.
Novices are hoodwinked.
What is the cause for this alarm? Who dares interrupt our deliberations?
Brother Knight Marshal, several Novices seek admission to this Order of Knights of Pythagoras, that they might enjoy the comradeship of our fellow Knights.
Do they come with good report and are they well qualified to receive the boon of Knighthood?
I believe them to be worthy and earnest of purpose.
It is well.
My friends, you stand at the inner door of our Council Chamber, a supplicant for the honors and rights of Knighthood. Before your investiture I must admonish you that nothing will transpire during the course of this ceremony that will border mirth or levity. You must approach this Service of Installation in a serious and spiritual frame of mind, realizing that the purpose of all our ceremonies is to create in your hearts and minds the urge for righteous living and to deserve the good opinion of all right thinking men.
Before you enter into this fellowship I must make certain inquiries of you. Your answers will decide your admission.
Do you fully understand that the Order of the Knights of Pythagoras is not a junior Masonic order, and does not promise you future membership in Masonic organizations?
Novices reply.

Do you upon your honor state that you are not prompted by idle curiosity to seek admission to our Order?
Novices reply.

Do we have your word of honor that your purpose in joining this Order is to join with your fellows in trying to make each other better, and to do good?
Novices reply.

Do you assert upon your honor that you will abide faithfully by all of the instructions given you, keep all the secrets entrusted to you, and work loyally with us in our efforts for right living when I assure you upon my own honor that nothing will be asked of you contrary to the demands of justice, honor and patriotism?
Novices reply.

Do you now declare upon your word of honor that you will obey the laws of your city, state, and nation, the Constitution, Statutes and Council Regulations of the International Supreme Council of the order of the Knights of Pythagoras and the By-Laws of this or any other Council of Knights of Pythagoras of which you may become a member?
Novices reply.

I approve your answers and will recommend your admission to the Master Knight of our Council. Brother Knight Stewards you will take charge of the Novices and prepare them for initiation.
Knight Marshal closes door, returns to Altar, gives sign and says:
Sir Master Knight, I have interviewed the Novices without and they have properly answered the required queries and I approve their admission.
It is well admit them!
Knight Marshal returns to his station. When the Novices are prepared, the Senior Knight Steward gives three raps. The Senior Knight Deacon rises, faces East toward Master Knight and says:
Sir Master Knight, the Novices are prepared and await your further instructions
Sir Senior Knight Deacon, you will take charge of the Novices.
Senior Knight Deacon goes to the Altar, gives step, sign and token, proceeds to preparation room door and gives three raps, answered by Senior Knight Steward in like manner. Opens door.
Enter! Done. Choir. My friends, your presence here signifies an earnest desire to join with tis in our labors to achieve clean, reverent and manly living.
The great objective of our Order is to practice and teach the virtues of upright, clean, reverent and patriotic living as the best preparation for the manhood we are approaching. We are consecrated to the practice of being better sons, better brothers and better friends so that when we reach the years of manhood we shall be better men.
Do you des ire to consecrate and dedicate your lives to these ideals of good sonship and good citizenship?
Novices reply.
I accept your affirmation of right purpose and dedication and now will conduct you to the Master Knight of our Council who will instruct you further in the ideals and aims of our Order.
Senior Knight Deacon conducts Novices and Stewards to the East. Done. Choir.
Sir Master Knight, I present to you and through you to the fellow Knights of this Council these Novices who seek companionship in our Order by being elevated to the dignity of Knighthood.
My friends, you stand before me as humble supplicants for the honors of Knighthood I trust that this moment will ever remain before you as a constant reminder of your promise to be a better son than you have ever been before, and to be a citizen of whom your Order and country will have ca use to be proud.
Your fellowship here will mean little to us unless we can be of aiel to each other and repay in some measure the sacrifices our parents have made for us.
This moment is one of reconsecration to serving God, our parents and our country. We approach this task with no vain resolutions, but in sin cere preparation for the mantle of citizenship that is so soon to be placed upon our shoulders.
Do you still desire to dedicate your lives to the service of your comrades, your country and to the glory of Almighty God?
Novices reply.
Then you will be presented at our Holy Altar where you will take upon yourself vows to which you cannot be false without incurring the contempt of good men.
Novices conducted to Altar.
Master Knight gives three raps, leaves his station to approach the Altar from the East, around which all Knights assemble for the purpose of Obligating Novices.
Choir "Nearer My God to Thee".
You will kneel on both knees, place both hands upon the Holy Bible, say, "I," pronounce your own name in full and repeat after me:
At this Altar and in the presence of Almighty God, with both hands upon His Holy word, I do solemnly promise and vow on my sacred honor that I will keep all of the secrets entrusted to me by the Venerable Order of the Knights of Pythagoras or its Supreme Council.
I promise and vow that I will strive daily to serve God.
I further promise and vow that I will sincerely endeavor to repay my Parents for the love and sacrifices they have devoted to me.
I furthermore promise and vow that I will, at all times, serve my country as a loyal, devoted and patriotic citizen, defending its honor at the cost of my own life if need be, and that I will uphold and observe the laws of my city, state and nation
I furthermore promise and vow that I here consecrate my utmost endeavors to the defense of intellectual, political, religious and civil liberty and that I will always be an active opponent of every agency that is hostile to mv country's welfare.
I furthermore promise and vow that I will avoid dissipation, keeping my mind free from the vices that debauch youth, and will continuously and without interruption, strive to live a moral and clean life.
I furthermore promise and vow that I will always recognize and defend a Knight of this Order; that I will always be loyal to him in word and deed and that I will, without hesitation. aid him in time of dire trouble and need.
I furthermore promise and vow that I will never wrong or cheat a fellow Knight and that I will always speak a good word in his defense or remain silent.
I furthermore promise and vow that I will be tolerant in my opinions, giving to my fellows the same right to their beliefs as I ask for my own.
I furthermore promise and vow that I will never dishonor womanhood, nor will I be guilty of defaming the character of any woman or permitting harm to come to her. I will always aid and defend the sister or mother of a member of this Order. To all of this and these I pledge my knightly word, So help me God! Choir.
You will detach your hands, rise and kiss the Holy Bible.
Lights on full.
NOTE: Many Councils find it necessary to use two Novices when the degree is being conferred on a large class. The remaining Novices may be seated near the Altar as possible The Novices who are seated should be instructed to rise and repeat the Obligation with the
Novices at the Altar.
After the Obligation, hoodwinks are removed before Novices are asked to kiss the Holy Bible.
The Knight Stewards can pass a small Bible among the Novices not at the Altar.
Master Knight returns to his station, raps once, and officers and Knights at Altar, except Knight Deacons and Knight Stewards, return to their stations.
Senior and Junior Knight Deacons advance to the East, facing each other in front of Master Knight and exemplify the secrets of the Order as directed by the Master Knight.
It is now my pleasure to invest you with the secrets of a Knight of Pythagoras. I admonish you not to disclose them outside of a Council Room or in the presence of anyone other than a Knight of Pythagoras.
The Sign is made by folding the arms across the chest, the right hand showing above the elbow of the left arm. The left hand concealed beneath the right arm.
The Step is made by placing the right foot to the rear of the left, raising the toe of the left foot.
The Token is made by tilting the head slightly backward.
The grip of a Knight of Pythagoras is given by taking the right hand of the opposite person with your right hand in the regular manner, the thumb touching the second index finger.
The sign typifies an embrace of friendship that makes of this new companionship an eternal compact.
The step is emblematic of our determination and strong resolution to uphold and defend a fellow Knight and the principles of our Order.
The token symbolizes the pride of Knighthood and the far flung vision of the Order of the Knights of Pythagoras.
The grip refers to our duties to God, our parents and our country.
The Sign of Need is made by placing the right hand to the chin, the end of the thumb and the first index finger at each corner of the mouth, and should be given only in time of great distress and need. The Knight going to the aid of a Brother Knight in need should say "Pythagoras Knight." The Knight in need should reply "Knight of Pythagoras "
And now, Sir Knight Deacon, I place in your custody these Knight aspirants who desire to join you in your symbolic journey of human life that they may experience the spiritual labor of a day in the tenets of our Order.
Senior Knight Deacon returns to Altar and leads Novices, accompanied by Knight Stewards, to the East by way of the North. Junior Knight Deacon returns to his station. Choir.
My companions, your symbolic journey begins from this station in the East, emblematic of the glorious mourn of life.
Yonder road leads to new frontiers that beckon across to far horizons that are never reached.
The eternal lights on a thousand yea ten thousand hill tops warn of the by paths that lead to the destruction and ruin of everything that is moral or spiritual in man.
In the character of Knights of Pythagoras we can here only suggest to you those eternal verities of truth that have blazed the wav for those who have traveled this road before.
I place in your charge this symbolic ''Staff of Youth" which you will carry during your journey. It is an emblem of peace and comfort that illuminates the pathways of men to the very throne of God. In your hands may it support and lead you "beside the still waters" that
when you reach the end of your journey you may "dwell in the house of the Lord forever."
I commend you to the Mentors in charge of the jewels of the "Staff of Youth" and may God guide and keep you in the right path.
Master Knight gives Senior Knight Deacon the "Staff of Youth". Senior Knight Deacon then conducts Novices to First Mentor after making a complete circuit of the room, conducting the Novices from the East to the South, to the West, to the North, to the East and thence to the First Mentor. Novices should be conducted in the above manner at all times, remembering to use a clockwise movement or the direction in which the sun travels.
It is suggested that the Senior Knight Deacon stand at the left of the Mentor, holding the "Staff of Youth," so that the Mentor can place his jewel in it. After the Mentor has placed his jewel the Senior Knight Deacon conducts Novices to the next succeeding Mentor. Mentors should remain standing until Novices have passed.
I place in the "Staff of Youth" the jewel of "Adoration and Reverence" for God the Father, His creations and for His Son the Christ who is our way-shower.
It is well that we who are just beginning the journey of life should, in the midst of worldly ambition, make God the Keystone of our daily living.
Outward observance of religion is but a mockery if there is not within, a great sense of God. As a Knight of Pythagoras, let your light so shine among your fellows that God the Father will be glorified by your personal acts and living.
At the beginning of your journey it is well to reflect that it will profit a man if he gains the whole world, yet loses God.
May this jewel in the "Staff of Youth" grow brighter and brighter as the years unfold.
My companions, all of our efforts here will be wasted and your own declarations prove sterile if this ceremony of investiture does not make you a better son than you have ever been before. Tomorrow should see you a more mother loving-father loving son than yesterday.
''Honor Thy Father and Thy Mother" is just as commanding today as when God himself carved it on the tablet stone.
You and I are apt to be forgetful of the sacrifices our parents have made for us and oftentimes we have secretly felt humiliated to reveal in public and before our friends the love and respect that sincere sons should feel in their hearts
May I say to you in all candor, that, irrespective of age, there is nothing unmanly or "sissified" in the son who displays real and courteous affection for his Father and Mother.
We, as Knights of Pythagoras, demand of each other the display of all the virtues, of filial love, gratefully remembering the debt we can never fully repay.
Mere observance of affection, however, is not enough unless we, by precept and example, strive through thoughtful consideration and dutiful obedience, to remember the exacting obligation of our sonship.
May this jewel in the "Staff of Youth" never be forgotten through neglect or disobedience as time goes on.
I place in the "Staff of Youth" the jewel of "Righteous Thinking."
Today demands, as never before, clear thinking boundless understanding and a firm resolution to bring into action and practice the virtues of Divine Wisdom.
As a Knight of Pythagoras, you are consecrated to constant and unending warfare against ignorance, superstition and bigotry.
Let your mind and heart conceive only good thoughts good intentions and noble practices whether it is to be in the home the school or on the broad plains of good citizenship.
May narrowness of mind self conceit and despotism in act or deed vanish from your thinking for the glory of God your parents your Order and all humanity.
God grant that this jewel in the "Staff of Youth" will lead you in the paths of righteous endeavor.
I bring to you an oft repeated message from the "Sermon of the Mount". "Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God."
The world honors and respects the young man who displays strong religious convictions and has a high moral standard that does not countenance the obscene the foul mouthed, the dissipated or immoral habits which leaves him diseased in heart, weakened in body, or enfeebled in mind.
As Knights of Pythagoras, we must guard our minds from these insidious faults that ensnare the intellect debauches our bodies and leads to blasphemy. Never take the name of God in vain. Oppose irreverence of every kind and the cheap vulgarity of unclean jest. "Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven."
May this jewel of "Purity" in the "Staff of Youth' shine brighter and brighter unto the perfect day.
My companions, young men have fought every war our country has ever waged. Many of them gave their lives in defense of its honor that you and I might enjoy
life's richest blessings.
Patriotic blood flows in your very veins. Our day of stewardship is upon us and we stand at the threshold of a vigorous manhood, keenly aware of our obligations to promote and practice a devoted and patriotic citizenship.
If there is a heroism of war, there must be a patriotism of peace, and good citizenship is the only opportunity for the display of this virtue.
As a Knight of Pythagoras, I enjoin you to be a citizen of whom your Order and nation will have cause to be proud by living worthily for your country, as well as dying bravely for it if the need should ever come.
I place in the "Staff of Youth" the jewel of "Patriotism" and dedicate you anew to your Country's welfare.
Choir: "Star Spangled Banner". Master Knight calls all to feet by three raps during singing. Gives one rap to seat Knights at conclusion of song.
I place in the "Staff of Youth" the jewel of "Toleration,'' that understanding which enables you and I to get along with each other-our intimates and all with whom we come in contact.
We can accept among our number only those who are willing to be tolerant in their opinions, courteous to their opponents, and above all things, faithful to every trust reposed in them.
As children of a Universal Father, we are our Brother's keeper. Down through the ages comes the emphatic command "Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, and pray for them that despitefully use you, and persecute you: That ye may be the children of your Father which is in Heaven: For He maketh His sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sendeth rain on the just and on the unjust."
Give to every man the right to his opinion as you would ask for your own. Be worthy of the name of a true Knight of Pythagoras.
May this jewel never lose its lustre in the " Staff of Youth."
I place in the "Staff of Youth" the jewel of "Courtesy."
You and I are often guilty of the fault of reserving our greatest politeness for friends and even strangers, and casting aside in our homes the many little evidences of understanding and affection that beautify human character and make of home "a heaven on earth."
As a true Knight of Pythagoras we cannot omit from our code of ethics courtesy toward the aged, courtesy toward the stranger and above all, courtesy to our parents and all with whom we come in contact.
No man is really refined who is not courteous and possessed of understanding and whose courtesy is not truly natural instead of being assumed and artificial.
May this jewel in the "Staff of Youth" shine forth with brilliance as the years go by.
I piece in the "Staff of Youth" the jewel of "Friendship."
That friendship which makes a companion of every Knight of Pythagoras.
History has recorded and glorified the friendships of unknown millions of men who were faithful to every trust reposed in them even unto death.
True friends are like sure and peaceful havens that prove a refuge from the poverty and misfortunes of life.
A real companion keeps his friend out of mischief and bad behavior. He helps in moments of weakness and despair. He incites to noble deeds.
Emerson put it well when he said: "The only way to have a friend is to be one."
The "Staff of Youth" is not complete without this jewel of priceless virtue.
I place in the "Staff of Youth" the jewel of "Constancy" the fidelity that makes a man's word as good as his bond.
You and I are called upon every hour and every day to be faithful to obligations we have assumed; to promises given; to ideals professed.
The world respects the man who fulfills his pledges, if humanly possible, and proves as constant as the North Star.
"Without constancy there is neither love, friendship, nor virtue in the world."
May this jewel in the "Staff of Youth" glorify your Knighthood throughout the years ahead.
Senior Knight Deacon conducts Novices through complete circuit of the room to Junior Knight in the South.
At South.
My companions, you are at the station in the South emblematic of the noon of life when half of your years lie behind you and half before. Your symbolic journey has ended but it is well to here contemplate the duties and responsibilities of the manhood
years that are before you. If youth is filled with promise, then manhood bids fruition. The lessons inculcated by the symbolic jewels in the "Staff of Youth" should prove for you a bulwark in the trail ahead, but your translation of their virtues into daily living will reflect your stewardship of the "Staff of Youth." You will now be conducted to the Senior Knight for furth er instruction.
Senior Knight Deacon conducts Novices directly to Senior Knight.
At West.
Sir Pilgrim Knights. I welcome you to this station in the West emblematic of the end of the journey and the closing years of life.
For complete life, the perfect pattern, includes old age as well as youth and maturity. The beauty of the morning and the radiance of the noon arc good, but it would be a very silk person who drew the curtains and turned on the light to shut out the tranquility of the evening.
It is well to pause and here meditate upon the journey just completed the boyhood years almost past and consider the ending of our journey as well as its beginning.
When you reach the end of your earthly pilgrimage may you look back upon a life well spent a journey filled with righteous living, tasks well performed the western sky filled with the glorious brilliance of the heavenly throne upon you and the sounding of celestial trumpets as you cross to the other side. You will now be conducted to the Master Knight for further instruction.
Senior Knight Deacon conducts Novices to Master Knight's station.
At Master Knight's station.
Your symbolic journey is ended. It is but the vestibule to the actual responsibilities and duties of the manhood years that now await you. You are about to lay aside the "Staff of Youth '' for the "Staff of Manhood." God alone will vision, our stewardship of their virtues. Men will witness your fidelity to the cause which they represent.
You will kneel on both knees!
By Virtue of the power in me vested as Master Knight of Council, and acting under the authority of our Supreme Council, I now declare and consecrate each one of you valiant Knight of the Order of the Knights of Pythagoras, dedicated to all the performances of true Knighthood.
Henceforth if someone's candle in the human family should flicker under harsh conditions, let your light help to rekindle theirs. Always deserve the reputation of a good son a good Christian and a good citizen. Be a good Knight of Pythagoras in every daily act and in every contest you may enter be true to the ideals of your Knighthood even if no human eye is upon you.
This completes your investiture as a Knight of Pythagoras.
Brother Senior Knight Deacon, you will seat the newly erected Knights.

Closing Ceremony

Sir Knights of the Holy Order of the Knights of Pythagoras, the hour to cease labor is at hand. If any Knight remains unheard, let him now speak.
Rises, gives two raps. All officers rise.
None appearing, I shall proceed to close this assembly.
Sir Knights, standing at the portal of manhood years, we have met here for a brief time to prepare ourselves for the duties of the citizenship that awaits us. The world judges you and I by the life we live by our performance of the duties of clean, reverent and patriotic citizenship.
Let your light so shine among your fellows as to glorify God and ennoble this Order to which you belong. Three raps. All rise. Sir Knight Chaplain, you will lead us in prayer.
Knight Chaplain is conducted by Knight Marshal.
"Our Father which art in heaven,
Hallowed be Thy name.
Thy kingdom come.
Thy will be done on earth, as it is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread;
And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who
trespass against us, and
Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil;
For Thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the
glory, forever. Amen."
Sir Knights. I now declare this Council closed, to be again convened upon my order.
Together, Sir Knights, the step, the token and sign.
Each movement is given as the Master Knight refers to it. Council is closed with one rap.
Knights and guests remain standing while officers retire.

Examination Ceremony

All Knights of Pythagoras are required to memorize the following questions and answers and stand proficiency examination in open Council meeting. The senior Knight Deacon conducts the examination.
It is the duty of the Master Knight to appoint a committee of three to instruct and coach those initiated. The following questions and answers must be memorized by each Knight of Pythagoras for the purpose of good standing, advancement, eligibility to vote on those petitioning for membership and other matters affecting the Council, hold office and visiting other Councils. After memorizing the questions and answers, the Knight must stand
examination in open Council meeting at a stated or a special meeting. The Council must vote upon and decide the Knight's proficiency.
Are you a Knight of Pythagoras?
I am.
What made you a Knight of Pythagoras?
My vow made at the Altar of a regularly constituted Council of the Knights of Pythagoras.
Will you repeat it as you have received it?
Will you give me the sign, step, token and grip?