Rituaal voor de Consecratie van Viceroy

Deze Engelse versie van dit rituaal dateert uit 1996. In Nederland wordt een vertaling gebruikt, die nagenoeg gelijk is aan deze versie.


V.Eus.: Venerable Priests-Mason, to order. The sun is risen, and the rose and the lily are in bloom. It is therefore the hour of a perfect Priest-Mason and it is time to continue our labours.
In the name of Constantine and Eusebius I declare this College of Priests-Mason duly opened. Knocks * * * ***. All give first part of the sign.
Be seated.
Mar. places a kneeling stool in the East.

The Ceremony of Consecration

Mar. retires, collects the censer, leads the Viceroy elect to the door and instructs him to knock * * * ***.
Gdn. opens door: Who approaches?
Viceroy elect: Melchisedek.
Gdn.: Halt, while I report to the Venerable Eusebius. Closes door and reports with sign: Venerable Eusebius, Melchisedek approaches.
V.Eus.: Admit him.
Mar., carrying the censer, conducts Viceroy elect into the College and places him in the centre, facing East.
V.Eus.: Give me the pass-word.
Viceroy elect: Melchisedek.
V.Eus.: You will advance and kneel before the Altar. Venerable Priests-Mason, to order.
Mar. hands censer to the High Prelate. High Prelate stands behind Viceroy elect and swings the censer throughout the Consecration. Mar. hands the anointing oil to the Venerable Eusebius.
V.Eus.: I consecrate you, now and for ever,
anointing the forehead a shepherd of our Fold;
anointing under the right eye a chief in our College;
anointing under the left eye a pillar in our Tabernacle;
anointing below the lips a priest in our Temple;
anointing on the heart and I charge you to perform with zeal the sacred duties we confide to your care.
You will now rise. Venerable Priests-Mason, be seated.
High Prelate hands censer to the Marshal. Marshal removes the anointing oil and returns the censer to Sentinel. High Prelate resumes his station.
V.Eus.: I will now entrust you with the mysteries restricted to the High Priesthood.
The first sign is of a twofold nature. The first part of the sign is to raise both hands above the head with the palms forward, thus demonstrates. This form was adopted by the sacrificing priests of old when they invoked a blessing on the people, as it is written "on this wise ye shall bless the children of Israel saying unto them 'the Lord bless thee and keep thee; the Lord make His face to shine upon the light of His countenance upon thee, and give thee peace.'"
You will now bring your hands together in front of the forehead, forming a triangle, thus demonstrates, at the time saying: "To the Triune God I look for support."
In this sign we find Freemasonry, in the first part under the Jewish laws of types and ceremonies and in the second part under the Christian laws of grace and truth.

The second sign is made by the forefinger of the right hand touching successively the forehead, under the right eye, under the left eye, below the lips and the heart, in memory of the five wounds of our saviour and in allusion to your five-year old Consecration.

The grip is given by mutually grasping the wrists, right to right and left to left, rising the hands and beneath them pronouncing the words 'Kodesh l'Adonai', which signify 'Holiness to the Lord'. This will impress your mind a sense of your dependence upon God and teach you that perfect holiness belongeth only to the Most High.
Venerable Eusebius returns to the Throne.
V.Eus.: You will now take twenty-four steps on the road to perfection, six from cardinal point to cardinal point, twelve being in memory of the twelve Apostles and twelve in allusion to the twelve grand points of the Cross of Christ. After each six steps, you will halt, face the cardinal point and shew the first sign.
The newly-consecrated Eusebius commencing in the East and going via the South, the West and the North, takes steps alone inside the pillars and on his return halts, facing East. Mar. hands to the Venerable Eusebius the clothing and insignia.
V.Eus.: Venerable Priests-Mason, to order. All rise. I invest you with this white garment, which is symbolical of the innocence, purity and righteousness of our Lord.
This cross, with its beams extending equally to the four points of the compass, represents the Christian Faith embracing the whole world.
The monogram upon the Labarum Standard is composed of the first two letters of the Greek word for Christ, and the purple background is in allusion to His Kingship.
With the grip and teh words Kodesh l'Adonai, I place you in the seat of Eusebius in the College of Priests-Mason, trusting that our Great High Priest will grant you grace to perform your duties aright.
And finally I present you with the Pastoral Staff, the symbol of your authority and calling.
Venerable Brother, you have been consecrated, invested and enthroned in the seat of Eusebius and are thus qualified to fulfil the wishes of the Knights Companion of the Conclave that you should act as an Eminent Viceroy in the West. We heartily welcome you to that high office and in the assemblies of the conclave you will occupy that throne.
Mar.: Venerable Priests-Mason, I call upon you to salute the newly consecrated Eusebius with twenty-four, three slow and three quick, repeated four times, taking the time from me. Done.
Be seated.


The Consecrating Eusebius, standing on the North side of the Throne, closes the College.
Cons.Eus.: We have happily preserved the knowledge that the lily denotes the spotless purity of our Great High Priest and that the rose is the emblem of His blood, which was shed for the redemption of the world. Let us therefore render hommage to the Most High.
All rise.
H.Prel.: May the blessing of our Heavenly High Priest descend upon us, now and for ever more. Amen.
Cons.Eus.: Before we part, I bid you pronounce the seven precepts of this Priestly Order.
H.Prel.: Beloved Brethren:
Let us love another;
let us bear with one another;
let us not speak evil of one another;
let us always do good to one another;
let us pray with and for one another;
let us unite as children of one parent, brethren of one tie;
and, in the name of God, let brotherly love prevail.
Cons.Eus.: In the name of the four Evangelists, I declare this College of Priests-Mason duly closed. Knocks * * * ***.
Mar. conducts the Consecrating Eusebius to a convenient seat. Mar. then conducts Most Puissant Sovereign to the throne. Mar. returns to his station.
M.P.S.: I now request all Knights below the rank of Sovereign to retire, with the exception of the Sovereign elect.

The Ceremony of Enthronement of the Sovereign  follows