United Religious, Military and Masonic Order of the Temple, and of St. John of Jerusalem, Palestine, Rhodes and Malta of England and Wales and its Provinces Overseas
Ritual for Installation of a Knight Templar



Preliminary directions

The apartment represents a Chapel of the Order. In the East is placed an Altar om which are: a Bible, a Cross, two lighted candles and an alms dish, The Sepelchre is in the centre of the Chapel
In the West is placed a table on which is provided Bread and Water.
The Eminent Preceptor's Chair is in the N.E. on the North side of the Altar. A small pedestal must be provided for the use of the E.P.
The Chaplain is stationed in the S.E. of the South side of the Altar. In most cases, when the Chaplain offers prayer, he stands in the middle of the Altar, facing East, and removes his head-dress: after "A-men" has been said or sung, he replaces his head-dress and resumes his place: the exception to this is the Benediction given at the end of Closing the Preceptory
The First and Second Constables are stationed in the S.W. and N.W. respectively, with the Marshal between them, who has the Deputy Marshal on his left.
The Treasurer sits at the table in the N.E. on the left of the Registrar.
It is desirable that the Marshal should be a Past Preceptor.
The Marshal draws and returns his sword on all occasions when the Knights are called "To Order" or told to "Be seated", except where stated: on most occasions he sets the time for the other Knights for these drills.
Whenever possible the Candidate should be on the Marshal's left.
The Rubrics of this Ritual are framed for a Preceptory in which a Deputy Marshal is appointed.
Where no Deputy Marshal is appointed, the Marshal will be assisted by the 1st Herald.
The Deputy Marshal may, if it is desired, take charge of the Candidate when there is only one, in which case he will be assisted by the 1st Herald: M. then directs the movements of the Knights, Arch of Steel, Salutes etc., as laid down in the Ritual.
The Captain of the Guards is stationed within the entrance of the Chapel. He draws his sword when the Knights are first called "To Order". He keeps it drawn until the Knights "Return Swords" after the Preceptory has been closed. When the Knights are called "To Order" he stands with his sword at the "Carry". When the Knights are seated, he sits "at ease", i.e. with the blade of his sword resting on his right shoulder, the right hand holding the hilt of the sword, being crossed over the left, in front of him.

Salutations of the Order A.B.c.t.

Bring the Sword from the "Carry" to the "Recover". By three distinct outward movements of the wrist, raising the Sword to the right front, giving the "A.B.c.t." at each movement.
The Salutations are given in Threes, the Sword being raised higher each time, the Third being at the full extent of the right arm.
The number of Salutations to be given is to be stated by the Marshal when calling the Knights to order for that Salutation.

Collection of Alms

Immediately prior to the collection of Alms, M. calls the Knights to rise: they do not draw swords. The Templar Hymn may be sung during the collection.
Towards the end of the collection the Chaplain moves in front of the Altar and stands facing West. When the Almoner of other Knight making the collection has completed, he stands in front of the Chaplain facing East: he hands the Alms to the Chaplain, who turns right-about: he offers the Alms to the Altar, turns right-about again and hands the Alms back to the Knight who has collected them: he places them on the Treasurer's table and returns to his place; the Chaplain returns to his place.
The M. instructs the Knights to be seated.
All propositions should be dealt with prior to formally closing the Preceptory.

Reports (other than those for the Candidate) are dealt with as follows:

Guard knocks *****   **
C. of G.: Brother 2nd Constable, there is a report
2nd C. : Brother Captain of the Guards, see who seeks admission
C. of G. to Guard: Who comes here?
Guard: Knight
C. of G. closes door and reports with the S. of Crus.: E.P., Knight seeks admission
E.P.: Admit him, Brother Captain of Guards.
The Knight is admitted, draws his sword, salutes the E.P. with the S. of Crus., returns his sword and takes his seat.
Guarding the Sepulchre

The minimum number of Knights to guard the Sepulchre if four (on on each side): eight Knights provide a more impressive guard (three each on the North and South sides and one each on the East and West). It is desirable for the Marshal to nominate the Knights and rehearse this movement before the Preceptory is opened.

Form of Opening a Preceptory

An Arch of steel is formed in the West under direction of the Marshal
M.: Brother Knights. To order.
E.P. enters under the Arch of Steel and takes the Chair. The other Knights enter the Chapel and go to their places.
E.P. rises: Brother Knights. To order. Assist me to open this Preceptory.
Are the approaches properly guarded?
Marshal proceeds to the entrance, sees C. of G. at his post. He opens the door and sees Guard at his post. He closes the door, returns to his place and reports.
M. (no sign): Eminent Preceptor, the approaches are properly guarded.
E.P.: See that none are present but Brethren of the Temple.
Marshal looks round the Preceptory and satisfies himself that it is so. He gives the S. of Crus. And reports: Eminent Preceptor, none are present but true Brethren of the Temple.
E.P.: Brother Registrar, call the Roll.
Each Knight, when his name is called, says "Here" and gives the S. of Crus..
E.P.: I call upon the Chaplain to beseech Almighty God to send his Holy Grace amongst us.
Chaplain, stands in front of the Altar, facing East, and removes his head-dress: Let us pray.
All Knights adopt the position of prayer.
Merciful Redeemer of perishing mankind, who has promised that Thou wouldts be in the midst of those assembled in Thy Holy Name; look down upon us, Thy humble servants, with an eye of tender compassion, and so direct us that our labours may be begun, continued and ended in love to Thee, affection to our companions, protection to the distressed, and obedience to our Order. A-men.
The Lord's Prayer is then recited by all:
Our Father, which art in Heaven, Hallowed be Thy name. Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done, in earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our trespasses. As we forgive them that trespasses against us. And lead us not into temptation; But deliver us from evil: For Thine is the kingdom, the power and the glory, for ever and ever. A-men. All Knights return to the carry.
Chaplain replaces his head-dress and resumes his place.
E.P.: Exhorting you, my Brethren, to bear always in mind the solemn and sacred ties by which we are bound to the Order and to one another, I now, in the name of the Holy, Blessed and Glorious Trinity (All Knights come to the Recover) and in the name of *Christ our Prophet, *Christ our Priest, *Christ our King, declare this Preceptory to be open.
*The E.P. pronounces these words slowly. He and the Knights salute with the S. of Crus.
The Chaplain opens the Bible on the Altar; at the same time the Marshal that on the S.; both at St. John, Chap. 1.
E.P. takes his seat.
M.: Brother Knights, I call upon you to salute our Eminent Preceptor with three.
The Knights give the Salutation of the Order thrice taking the time form the M.
M.: Brother Knights. Be Seated.

Ceremony of Installation
Part 1

The Candidate is prepared, habited as a Pilgrim, wearing a mantle of brown, with a cord round his waist; a scrip over his left shoulder; a water-bottle over his right shoulder; a pilgrim's hat; and he carries a pilgrim's staff in his right hand. He is conducted to the entrance of the Preceptory by the Guard. The Alarm (****) is sounded without.
C. of G. (rises, gives the S. of Crus.): Brother Second Constable, there is an alarm.
2nd C.: Ascertain the cause thereof.
The C. of G. opens the door and, seeing the Can., closes it and reports with the S. of Crus.: Eminent Preceptor, a stranger is endeavouring to enter our Preceptory.
E.P.: Be cautious and see who the intruder is.
C. of G. (opening the door): Who comes here?
Guard: Companion , a pilgrim on his travels, weary and fatigued, having heard of this Preceptory of Knights Templar, is anxious to take refuge herein and, if possible, to be admitted to the privileges of the Order.
C. of G.: What recommendations does he bring?
Guard: The Reverential or Hailing Sign of a Royal Arch Mason.
C. of G. to Candidate: Show me that sign. (Done).
C. of G.: Wait, while I report to the Eminent Preceptor.
C. of G. closes the door, faces E.P. and salutes with the S. of the Crus.: Eminent Preceptor, Companion , a pilgrim on his travels, weary and fatigued, having heard of this Preceptory of Knights Templar, is anxious to take refuge therein and if possible, to be admitted to the privileges of the Order.
E.P.: What recommendations does he bring?
C. of G.: The Reverential or Hailing Sign of a Royal Arch Mason.
E.P.: Let him be admitted with caution.
Marshal goes to the door, receives Declaration Book from the Guard and takes it to E.P. who examines it.
E.P.: I confirm that the Declaration has been duly signed.
Marshal places Declaration Book on Registrar's table. He then veils the Cross on the Sepulchre and returns to his station in the West.
M.: Brother Knights. To order! E.P. remains seated.
M. with sword at the Carry, goes to the door, Pilgrim is admitted by C. of G., and is received by M. who guides him with his left hand on Pilgrim's right elbow; and conducts him to a point about six paces away from and to the East of 2nd Con.
M. and Pilgrim then advance together towards 2nd Con., who challenges Pilgrim by presenting his sword to Pilgrim's breast; M. must not attempt to parry Con.'s sword.
2nd C.: Who are you who dares to penetrate thus far into our Preceptory?
M.: Companion , a pilgrim on his travels, weary and fatigued, having heard of this Preceptory of Knights Templar, is anxious to take refuge therein and if possible, to be admitted to the privileges of the Order.
2nd. C.: What recommendations does he bring?
M.: The Reverential or Hailing Sign of a Royal Arch Mason.
2nd C. to Can.: Show me that sign.
To enable the Pilgrim to show the Sign, 2nd C. withdraws sword about 12 inches, but still maintains threat.
Pilgrim shows Sign
2nd C. brings sword to the Recover, then to the Carry.
2nd C.: Pass in the name of .
M. leads Pilgrim to a similar point to the East of 1st C.. M. and Pilgrim advance together towards 1st C. who challenges Pilgrim in the same manner and the same words as 2nd. C. He receives the same answers. Pilgrim shows Sign. 1st C. brings sword to the Recover and then to the Carry
1st C.: Pass, in the name of .
M. leads Pilgrim to central point in the West, midway between Constables and Sepulchre, facing East.
M.: Show that sign to the Eminent Preceptor. Pilgrim shows sign.
E.P.: Welcome in the Name of , rest yourself and partake of bread, the staff of life, and water, the only refreshment we can at present proffer you.
M.: Brother Knights. Be seated.
M. sets time by returning his own sword.
Dep.M. moves M.'s chair forward a few feet; M. conducts Pilgrim to chair and seats him.
Dep.M. brings platter with bread and cup with water from the table in the West, and hands them to M. M. offers platter to Pilgrim, who takes piece of bread and eats; he offers cup to Pilgrim, who takes it and drinks. M. hands platter and cup to Dep.M., who replaces them on the table in the West. M. draws his sword and instructs Pilgrim to rise, and leads him to central point in West. M. prompts Pilgrim in all his replies. Dep.M. replaces chair.
E.P.: Pilgrim, you have sought refuge in our Preceptory, and desire to be admitted to the privileges of our Order; let me therefore demand of you: on whom in the hour of day do you rely?
Pilgrim: On God.
E.P.: And on whom do you put your trust for eternal salvation?
Pilgrim: In our blessed Saviour Jesus Christ.
E.P.: Can you give me any proof of your sincerity?
Pilgrim: I am willing to undertake any task, however perilous, which may entitle me to admission under your banner as a Soldier of the Cross.
E.P.: Then, as a proof of your faith, I enjoin you a seven years' pilgrimage. This you will figuratively perform by proceeding seven times round the Preceptory.
M.: Brother Knights. To order. E.P. remains seated.
M.: Guard the Sepulchre.
Constables remain at their stations. Certain Knights, previously detailed, move directly to, and take post round the Sepulchre, swords at the Carry, facing outwards.
M., with the sword at the Carry, precedes the Pilgrim, as they march together round the Preceptory. M. should vary the pace from quick during the first round to tired and slow during the third round. On the third round, as M. approaches South-West corner of Sepulchre:
2nd C. to Pilgrim.: Halt!
M. leads Pilgrim to central point in the West where both Halt and facing East. M. to the south of Pilgrim.
2nd C. salutes with the S. of Crus.: Eminent Preceptor, the Pilgrim has performed three years of his pilgrimage and, having evinced a great zeal and fidelity, I beg to request that you will remit the remainder of the term.
E.P.: Brother 2nd Constable, I readily accede to your request and remit the remainder of the term.
M.: Brother Knights. Resume to your stations.
Chaplain, stands in front of the Altar, facing East and removes his head-dress: Let us pray.
All Knights adopt position of prayer; E.P. rises; Pilgrim, prompted, places right hand on heart.
Chaplain: O Great Emmanuel, our heavenly Captain, look down, we beseech Thee, on this Preceptory and impart Thy Holy Grace to the Candidate now before Thee, that he may acquit himself as a good and faithful Soldier of the Cross and henceforward with a firm resolution shun all occasions of offending Thee and so become worthy of Thy acceptance and salvation. A-men. All Knights return to the carry.
Chaplain replaces head-dress and resumes his place.
E.P.: Let the Pilgrim now approach the Holy Sepulchre and, kneeling on both knees and placing both hands on the Holy Gospels, enter into a solemn obligation.
M. restrains Pilgrim from moving. Dep.M. returns sword. M. removes hat and staff from Pilgrim, which he hands to Dep.M., who disposes of them in a convenient place in the West. Dep.M. draws sword again. M. instructs Pilgrim to advance to the Sepulchre, there to kneel on both knees and to place both hands on the Holy Gospels.
M. gives cue to Constables, who advance together on either side of Sepulchre, halt when they are abreast of the Holy Gospels, turn inwards together, come to the Recover, then lower their swords so that the blades are resting horizontally across the hands of the Pilgrim, with the hilts lightly balanced in their right hands. All other Knights remain at the Carry.
E.P.: Pilgrim, you will state your Christian Names and Surname and say after me:
I, , in the name of the Holy, Blessed and Glorious Trinity and in the presence of the Knights here assembled, do hereby en hereon most solemnly promise and swear never to reveal the secrets of a Knight Templar to anyone beneath that rank, unless it to be a Candidate for the same, in a lawful Preceptory of Knights Templar, and then only while acting as a regularly installed Preceptor. I furthermore solemnly promise that I will faithfully defend and maintain the Holy Christian faith against all unprovoked attacks of its enemies; that I will not shed the blood of a Knight Templar in wrath, unless it be in the just wars of sovereign princes or states; but, on the contrary, will defend him, even at the risk of my life, where and whensoever his life or his honour may be in danger; that I will, to the utmost of my power, protect the near and dear relatives and connections of Knights Templar and if possible prevent all harm, danger or violence to which they may be exposed. Lastly, I do most sincerely promise to obedient to the supreme authorities of the country in which I do, or may, reside; strictly to observe and maintain the Ancient Laws and Regulations of the Order and the Statutes of the Great Priory of England and Wales and its Provinces Overseas and to answer and obey, so far as lies in my power, all summonses sent to me. To all these points I swear fidelity, without evasion, equivocation or mental reservation of any kind. So help me Christ and keep me steadfast in this my solemn obligation.
Constables raise their swords and 'engage' them over Novice's head.
E.P.: You will seal that solemn obligation seven times with your lips in the Holy Gospels.
Novice does so.
E.P.: Arise, Novice of our Order. Constables carry swords and resume their stations
Novice rises
M.: Brother Knights. Be seated. (Novice, M. and Dep.M. remain standing).
E.P.: Let the Novice be divested of his Pilgrim's habit and assume the garb of a Soldier of the Cross.
M. leads Novice back to central point in the West. M., assisted by Dep.M. takes off Pilgrim's habit, etc. Dep.M. places them in the W. and hands tunic to M., who invests Novice.
M.: Standard Bearers take post.
Both Standard Bearers rise, and take post on either side of Sepulchre, 1 St.B. to South, 2nd St.B. to North, both facing Sepulchre. M. takes post on South side of Novice; Dep.M. takes post a few paces behind Novice.
E.P.: The Novice will now attend to a portion of the Holy Scripture.
During the reading by the Chap., each St.B. in turn picks up the appropriate piece of regalia or armour as it is named; 1st St.B.: belt, spurs and helmet; 2nd St.B.: breastplate, shield and sword. Breastplate, shield and helmet should be held by St.B. as though he himself were wearing the item. Spurs should be held with the rowels pointing away from the person. Sword should be picked up horizontally in both hands, hilt to the South.
Chaplain, standing in his place, facing West reads St. Pauls Epistel to the Ephesians, Chap 6, vv. 10-17 inclusive; he pauses as each piece of regalia or armour is mentioned: Finally, my Brethren, be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might. Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day and, having done all, to stand.
Stand, therefore, having your loins girt about with Truth,
1st. St.B. hands Novice's Belt and Frog to M., who invests Novice.
and having the breastplate of righteousness,
2nd St.B. hands breastplate to M., who invests novice.
and your feet shod with the preparation of the Gospel of Peace,
1st St.B. hands spurs to M., who touches heels of Novice with them.
above all, taking the Shield of Faith, wherewith ye shall be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked.
2nd St.B. picks up shield, hands it to M., who invests Novice.
And take the Helmet of Salvation,
1st St.B. picks up helmet and hands it to M., who figuratively invests Novice.
and the sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God. Chaplain resumes his seat.
2nd St.B. moves to the East end of Sepulchre, picks up Sword in both hands, hands it to M., who invests Novice and instructs him to hold it at the Carry.
As each St.B. moves to West to hand the piece of regalia and armour, M. positions himself on the appropriate side of Novice, South for 1st St.B. and North for 2nd St.B., moving behind Novice to get from side to side.
M., as he receives each piece of regalia or armour, does not hold it up for E.P. to view it, but invests Novice directly. Novice retains belt, shield and sword. After investing Novice, he hands breastplate, spurs and helmet to Dep.M., who disposes of them in a convenient place in the West.
Dep.M. places Cap on head of Novice, as soon as M. figuratively invests Novice with helmet; M. adjusts Cap form the front, so that Novice is wearing it correctly.
M.: Standard Bearers, resume your stations.
Dep.M. and St.B. return directly to their stations and remain standing.
M.: Brother Knights, to order.
M. sets time by drawing his own sword.
E.P.: Being now armed as a Soldier of the Cross, I must request you to make those professions which were made by our sainted predecessors; you will repeat after me, suiting the action to the words.
M. directs Novice to hold Sword close to his left side, underneath the shield, as if sheathed. E.P. places his Baton on pedestal and rises.
E.P.: I draw my sword in defence of the Holy Christian Faith.
E.P. draws his sword, carrying it to the right front above his head to the full extent of the arm. M. prompts Novice to copy action of E.P. and to repeat his words.. E.P. returns sword to his side; M. prompts Novice to return sword to side.
E.P.: I draw my sword in defence of all Knights Templar. Novice copies as before.
I draw my sword in defence of the near and dear relatives and connections of Knights Templar. Novice copies as before, but returns sword to Carry.
You are now about to proceed on a seven years' warfare and, as you may be stopped and subjected to an examination as a Soldier enrolled under the banner of the Cross, I will entrust you with the sign and word of a Crusader, whereby you will gain confidence and support.
The Sign is given thus: (E.P. demonstrates, Novice copies) Bring the sword from carry to the recover, i.e. blade vertical, the back of the hand to the front, the cross bar on the hilt level with the mouth and about one inch from it; raise it to the level of the cap badge, lower it to the level of the eyes, pass it in front of the left eye, across to the front of the right eye, make a slight pause and return to the carry.
You will notice that this Sign is made in form of a Cross. E.P. demonstrates Sign again, Novice copies. It is called the Sign of the Crusader.
This sign (E.P. demonstrates for the third time, Novice copies) should always be given when addressing the E.P., or on entering or leaving the Preceptory. It may be given with the hand on certain occasions when the sword is not drawn.
The word is Golgotha. Novice repeats. E.P. returns his sword and resumes his seat.
Thus prepared, you may prosecute your crusade, which you will figuratively perform by proceeding seven times round the Preceptory; and be prepared to defend yourself with your sword.
M. explains to the Novice: When challenged, guard your head with your sword, thus: the challenge is made in each case by a downward sweep of the sword, as if to strike at the head of the Novice: this is parried by the Novice holding his sword horizontally above his head with the right hand: when the blow is parried the two swords form a cross. The Novice, accompanied by the M., proceeds round the Preceptory and is stopped and challenged, in the first round by a P.P. in the S.E., in the second round by the 1st C. in de S.W. and in the third round by the 2nd C. in the N.W.
Just before each challenge is made, M. cautions Novice: Guard your head.
Challenge: Who comes here?
Novice: A Soldier of the Cross
Challenge: Give me the Sign of the Crusader. Done
Challenge: Give me the Word of a Crusader. Done
Pass G
After the Novice has been stopped and challenged for the third time by the 2nd C., 1st C. to M.: Halt
M. conducts Novice to central point in the West and both halt facing East.
1st C. salutes with the S. of Crus.: Eminent Preceptor, the Novice has zealously prosecuted the campaign up to the present time; is it your pleasure to remit the remainder of the term?
E.P.: Most willingly I will remit the remaining four years of his probation as a Crusader.
The M. conducts the Novice to the N.W. of the Sepulchre and goes to S.W. himself. Both face East with Swords at the Carry.
With the pint of your Sword you will assist the Marshal to unveil the Cross and you will then notice the scroll thereon.
Novice, assisted by M. unveils the Cross on the Sepulchre and M. points to the scroll with his sword. He retains crepe in his left hand.
That scroll bears the initials of the Latin inscription placed over our Saviour at his Crucifixion.
M.: Brother Knights. Be seated.
Marshal hands crepe to Dep.M., who disposes of it. Novice is conducted by the M. to central point in the West, where he stands facing East. He is divested of shield and sword, which are placed in the West by Dep.M. M. remains standing to South of Novice.
E.P.: Worthy Brother, now a Novice of our Order, the ceremonies in which you are engaged are calculated to impress your mind deeply and, I trust, will have a lasting influence upon your future character. You were first, as a trial of your faith and humility, enjoined to perform a seven years' pilgrimage; it represented the pilgrimage of life, through which we are all passing; we are all weary pilgrims, advancing towards that haven where we shall cease from our labours and be at rest for ever. You were then, as a trial of your courage and constancy, directed to perform seven years of warfare. This represented to you the constant warfare with the lying vanities and deceits of this world, in which it is necessary for us always to be engaged. You are now about to perform a year of penance, as a further trial of your humility and of that faith which will conduct you safely over the dark gulf of death and land your enfranchised spirit in the peaceful abodes of the blessed.
Let the emblems of life and death which lie before you remind you of the uncertainty of your earthly existence and teach you to be prepared for the closing hour of your mortal life; and rest assured that a firm faith in the truths revealed to us will afford you consolation in the gloomy hours of dissolution and ensure your ineffable and eternal happiness in the world to come.
M.: Brother Knights. To order!
E.P. rises
M. returns his sword; then moves to the South side of the Sepulchre. The lights, except those on the Sepulchre and Altar, should be extinguished by Dep.M., in which case the Preceptory is not re-illimunated until Novice has retired at the end of Part 1. As the lights are extinguished, and it is strongly recommended that they are, then the Chaplain must have learned by heart the two portions of the Holy Writ he is about to say.
E.P.: You are now to undergo one year of penance and mortification; you will therefore take that skull in your left hand and one of those small lighted apers in your right, and banishing all worldly thoughts and mentally invoking the blessing of heaven on your undertaking, you will figuratively perform one year of penance by walking slowly round the Preceptory, keeping your eyes fixed on those emblems of life and mortality.
The skull with face to Novice and the small taper from the West end of the North side are here presented to the Novice by the Marshal, who instructs him to keep his hands close together
The Novice proceeds slowly by himself once round the Preceptory, and returns to his position facing the E.P. A solemn dirge may be played during the Penance.
E.P.: You will now repeat after me: May the spirit which once inhabited this skull rise up and testify against me, if I ever wilfully violate my obligation as a Knight Templar; and may my light be extinguished among men as was that of Judas Iscariot for betraying his Lord and Master and as I now extinguish this light.
The Novice does so. The M. takes and replaces on the Sepulchre first the unlighted taper and then the skull.
M.: Brother Knights. Carry Swords.
E.P.: You are about to retire to mediate upon the ceremony through which you have just passed and to prepare yourself for the honour of Knighthood. And to enable you to gain re-admission, I will entrust you with the Casual Sign and Grand Password of our Order: The Chaplain will read a portion of Holy Writ.
Chaplain, standing in his place facing West, reads or recites Isaiah, chap 50, v.6: I gave my back to the smiters, and my cheeks to them that plucked of the hair: I hid not my face from shame and spitting.
E.P.: The Casual Sign is given thus, as if p.a.h.f.t.c. E.P. demonstrates, Novice copies. It may be given with either hand.
Chaplain, standing in his place, facing West, reads or recites Isaiah Chap. 8, v. 1: Moreover the Lord said unto me. Take thee a great roll and write in it a man's pen concerning Maher-shalal-hash-baz.
E.P.: The Grand Password is Maher-shalal-hash-baz, (Novice repeats G.P.) and is contained in the portion of Scripture which has just been read to you by the Chaplain. It is in the Hebrew language and it signifies: In making speed to the spoil he hasteneth the prey. You may now retire.
M.: Brother Knights. Be seated.
Salute the Eminent Preceptor with the Sign of the Crusader with your hand.
M. conducts Novice to door and he retires. E.P. sits. If Preceptory has been darkened, it is now re-illimunated by Dep.M. The armour and regalia are replaced by the Dep.M. The kneeling stool is placed in position in the East by the Dep.M. M. places the dagger is his own belt and satisfies himself that the stone is in order and that the regalia of the Novice is ready. The scabbard is placed in the frog on the Novice's belt by the Guard, before the Novice is re-admitted.

Part 2

Guard gives knocks ***** **
C. of G. rises, gives the S. of Crus.: Brother Second Constable, there is a report
2nd C. rises, gives the S. of Crus. With his hand: Eminent Preceptor, there is a report
E.P.: Inquire who seeks admission.
2nd C. sits and says to C. of G.: See who seeks admission.
The C. of G. opens the door, faces E.P. and salutes with the S. of Crus.: Eminent Preceptor, our new Companion-in-Arms.
E.P.: Admit him.
M. with drawn sword goes to the door. Novice gives the casual sign and the Grand Password to C. of G. and is admitted. He is then conducted by the M. to central point in the West.
M.: Salute the Eminent Preceptor with the Sign of the Crusader, with your hand.
E.P.: Our new Companion-in-Arms will now attend to a portion of Holy Scripture.
Chaplain, standing in his place facing West, reads 1 St. Peter, chap. 2, vv. 11-17: Dearly beloved, I beseech you as strangers and pilgrims abstain from fleshly lusts, which war against the soul; having your conversation honest among the Gentiles; that, whereas they speak against you as evil-doers, they may by your good works, which they shall behold, glorify God in the day of visitation. Submit yourselves to every ordinance of man for the Lord's sake; whether it be the king, as supreme, or unto governors, as unto them that are sent by him for punishment of evil-doers, and for the praise of them that do well. For so is the will of God; that with well-doing ye may put to silence the ignorance of foolish men: as free and not using your liberty for a cloak of maliciousness, but as the servants of God. Honour all men. Love the Brotherhood. Fear God. Honour the king. Chaplain sits.
E.P.: Brother Marshal, let the cup of memory be presented to our new Companion-in-Arms.
M. returns sword, goes to the Southside of Sepulchre and picks up cup of wine, which he presents to Novice: he warns him in a whisper that he will have to sip the wine on seven separate occasions when so directed.
M.: Brother Knights. To order. M. does draw his sword.
E.P. rises: Worthy Brother, at your first admission you were refreshed with bread and water; we now invite you to refresh yourself with the cup of memory. You will repeat after me:
- To the memory of Moses, Aholiab and Bezaleel, the three Grand Masters who presided over the Holy Lodge. Novice sips.
- To the memory of Solomon, King of Israel, Hiram, King of Tyr and Hiram Abiff, the three Grand Masters who presided over the Grand Lodge. Novice sips.
- To the memory of Zerubbabel, the prince of the people, Haggai the prophet and Joshua, the son of Josedech, the High Priest, the three Grandmasters who presided over the Grand or Royal Lodge. Novice sips.
- To the memory of St. John the Baptist, the forerunner of Christ. Novice sips.
- To the memory of St. John the Evangelist, the Beloved Apostle of Our Lord, who finished by his learning what St. John the Baptist had commenced by his zeal. Novice sips.
- To the pious memory of all those valiant knights who sealed their faith with their blood, under the banner of the Cross. Novice sips.
- To all Knights Templar, wheresoever dispersed over the face of the earth or water.. Novice sips.
M. takes cup, replaces it on the Sepulchre, then returns to stand on South side of Novice.
M.: Brother Knights. Be seated.
E.P. sits. M. remains standing.
E.P.: You will now attend another portion of Holy Scripture.
M. goes to North of Sepulchre, opposite the stone, facing South. Chaplain, standing in his place, facing West, reads Rev. Chap. 2 v. 17.: He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches: To him that overcometh will I give to eat of the hidden manna, and will give him a white stone, and in the stone a new name written, which no man knoweth saving he that receiveth it. Chaplain sits.
M. collects pen and stone and returns to stand on North side of Novice.
E.P.: Worthy Brother, it was customary at the period of institution of our Order for each Novice to be required to sign his name with his blood on the North-East corner of the Mystical Stone before he could obtain the Sacred Word which it enshrines; are you prepared to sign (M. hands pen and stone to Novice) your name on the Stone which is now presented to you?
M.: Are you prepared to conform to the ancient ceremony of the Order?
N., prompted by Dep.M.: I am.
M.: Whence will you have the blood drawn?
N., prompted by Dep.M.: My arm
M. draws his dagger from his belt then with his left hand and takes hold of N.'s left wrist and with his right hand directs the point of dagger thereto.
M.: Eminent Preceptor, the Novice is ready.
E.P.: Worthy Brother, accepting your ready acquiescence as a sufficient proof of your devotion to our Order, we dispense with the observance of the custom (M. releases N.'s wrist, replaces his dagger in his belt and takes his place at N.'s side) further than to require you to moisten the pen with your lips, and write your initials with it upon the Stone.
The Novice moistens pen with his lips, writes his initials on the Stone and is shown the Word by the Marshal, who replaces stone and pen on the Sepulchre: he then picks up small stone from Sepulchre, which he presents Novice in the customary manner.
M. stands on North side of Novice, facing South. He tells Novice to stretch forward his right hand, palm upward. M. inclines his sword, so that the hilt is elevated, and the point rests in the outstrechted right hand of the Novice: with his left hand M. slides small stone down the blade of sword into Novice's right hand; he returns sword to the Carry, closes Novice's fingers over stone, and tells him to drop his right hand to the side.
E.P.: You will carefully preserve that memorial, for should you wish again to gain admission into a Preceptory of Knights Templar, you will on presenting that Stone and explaining the circumstances under which you received it, be recognized and admitted as a Knight of our Order.
Should a Knight other than the E.P. be invited to give the accolade, he will do so at this point and continue with the following words: Approach my Brother and receive the highest honour I can at present bestow upon you. M. tells Novice to put the small stone in his pocket.
Constables and Standard Bearers do not draw swords. Dep.M. hands cushions with regalia to Constables. Standard Bearers collect Standards.
Marshal assembles an escort in the N.W. in the following order: Standard Bearers, Novice, Constables carrying regalia on cushions (2nd Constable carries the Ribbon, Cross and Star, 1st Constable the Mantle and the Sword, hilt to the front and point tucked under his right arm).
M. (when escort is formed): Brother Knights to Order, Escort, March.
On arriving in the E., the Standard Bearers take post in the North East and South East, both facing inwards. Novice is conducted to West side of kneeling stool, facing East, with the Constables on either side and slightly in rear of him. The M. stands behind him. M. instructs Novice to kneel on both knees, to remove his cap and to hold it in his left hand. On cue from the M., the E.P. leaves his chair and stands between the Altar and the kneeling stool, facing West. M. presents his sword to E.P.
E.P.: In the name of the Holy, Blessed and Glorious Trinity, and by the authority vested in me as a Preceptor of this Order, I make thee a Knight of the Temple and the Holy Sepulchre.
The E.P. lays the sword first on Novice's left shoulder, then on his right shoulder and then on his head, as he pronounces the following words: Be loyal - brave - and true.
E.P. hands sword back to M., who returns it. E.P. takes new Knight by his right hand and raises him: Arise Brother Knight.
M. removes kneeling stool, and instructs the new Knight to replace his cap. Each Constable in turn presents his cushion to E.P. who takes each item of regalia therefrom (except the mantle) and invests the knew Knight saying: Wear this ribbon or sash, the ensign of our Order; invests Knight with sash under left arm and over right shoulder. This Cross; pins Cross on Knights left breast; then takes Star and shows it to Knight and this Star, an emblem of the reward which the great Captain of our Salvation has promised to those who conquer in His Name, He being the Bright Morning Star whose rising brought peace and salvation to mankind and light to those who sat in darkness and in the shadow of death. Bear this ever in mind, and continue His faithful soldier until death. E.P. then pins Star on knew Knight's left breast, below Cross.
M. takes mantle from cushion and places it on new Knight's shoulders from behind; he hands cords to E.P.
E.P.: We clothe you with this mantle of pure white. E.P. ties cords in front. It is ennobled with the red Cross of our Order. E.P. lifts left side of mantle and shows Cross to the new Knight. This is the symbol of the Christian's Faith and Hope. E.P. takes sword from cushion by the hilt with his right hand: Lastly, I present you with this sword. E.P. holding sword by cross-bar, places hilt in right hand of new Knight and instructs him to hold sword at the Carry. Never draw it without cause nor sheath it without honour. Return your sword, Brother Knight.
New Knight returns his sword, directed if necessary by E.P.
E.P.: I will now entrust you with the Grand Sign, the Grand Grip and the Grand Word of our Order.
The Grand Sign is made by: crossing the right foot over the left; raising the arms in a horizontal position, palms to the front, and slightly inclining the head over the left shoulder, in reverent allusion to the posture of our Saviour at his crucifixion
The Grand Grip is given by: interlacing the fingers of the opposite hands and with the disengaged hand grasping the opposite elbow, thus forming a crude representation of the skull and cross-bones. This Grip may be given with either hand.
The Grand Word is Emmanuel.
E.P. resumes his seat. The Marshal draws his sword, then forms the escort in the reverse order to the former procession and the new Knight is conducted to the West. M. when escort is formed: Escort, March.
The new Knight is seated in Marshal's Chair, which Dep.M. moves forward to West of the Sepulchre. Dep.M. collects cushions from Constables, who resume their stations; Dep.M. disposes of cushions in the West. M., with the Standard Bearers on either side of him, stands behind the new Knight, all facing East. Dep.M. and Constables draw swords and Heralds return swords. E.P. rises.
E.P.: Heralds, you will now proclaim.
The Heralds step forward and remain facing North and South respectively.
1st Herald, in the S.W.: Brethren of the Temple. Be it known that our Brother and Companion, , is this day installed a Knight of our Illustrious Order and I call upon you to salute him, taking the time from the Marshal.
The Knights give the Salutation of the Order thrice, under direction of M.. The Heralds do not salute.
M.: Brother Knights with three.
2nd Herald, in the N.W.: Long life, honour and prosperity to our Most Eminent and Supreme Grand Master, the Great Officers and all other Knights of our Order, and I call upon you to salute our newly installed Knight , taking the time from the Marshal.
The Knights salute thrice under the direction of the M., as before.
M.: Brother Knights. Be seated.
M. returns his sword at the Carry. Heralds return to their stations and sit. Standard Bearers replace Standards in the West, return to their stations and sit. When all is ready, M. directs new Knight to rise; Dep.M. replaces chair and sits. The M. conducts the new Knight to North-West corner of Sepulchre, where he stands.
E.P. rises and moves to North-East corner of Sepulchre. M. returns to his station, returns his sword and sits.
E.P.: I will now explain to you the symbols of the Order. The three Great Lights placed at the angles of the equilateral represent the three favourite apostles of our Saviour; namely Peter, James and John of whom the last named was the most beloved; for, leaning on our Saviour's bosom, he received those instructions which he communicated so faithfully to the other disciples. The nine Smaller Lights, distributed equally between those already noticed, are emblematical of the nine other Apostles, of whom one, represented by the taper extinguished by you, betrayed his Lord and Master. You will now re-light and replace the taper. The new Knight does so.
Chaplain advances to S.E. corner of Sepulchre and (only in Holy Orders with the right hand raised) recites: So may our Saviour lift up the light of His reconciled countenance upon you and keep you from falling. Chaplain returns to his seat.
E.P.: The skull and cross bones, the emblems of mortality, are placed at the foot of the Cross; these collectively remind us of the place called in the Hebrew Golgotha, unto which Solomon of Cyrene was constrained to bear the Cross on which our Saviour was crucified. The skull also reminds us of the fate of one Simon of Syracuse, who was admitted into our illustrious Order, but violated his obligation by betraying his trust to the Infidels. They, although they profited by the treason, despised the traitor and caused his head to be struck off and sent to the Grand Master of the Knights Templar, who ordered it to be placed on the point of a pinnacle or spice, the skull to be laid open, and the brains exposed to the scorching rays of the sun, as a warning to all others. It is in allusion to this circumstance that this sign was formerly given in our ceremony. E.P. demonstrates with the thumb of the right hand; new Knight copies.
The Lamb, the Dove and the Cock are sacred symbols of the Order. The first is emblematical of the Paschal Lamb, slain from the foundation of the world. The Dove is symbolical of the Almighty Comforter, who descended like a Dove on Christ at His baptism, whereby His divine mission was indicated to St. John the Baptist. The Cock is the monitor of the Oder for, as his crowing heralds the morn, so let it at that still hour call to our remembrance our duties as Knights Templar, and remind us thus early to ask for assistance to perform them throughout the coming day. May we ever welcome that sound as a friendly caution and not have reason to fear it as the periodical reminder of a broken vow.
E.P. returns to his seat. M. rises, draws his sword and conducts the new Knight to the East, where the E.P. shows the Warrant and gives him a copy of the Statutes and By-laws of the Preceptory.
The new Knight is then conducted to a seat in the North-West of the Preceptory, either behind of on the East of the North Column of the Arch of Steel. M. returns to his station, returns his sword and sits.

Form of Closing a Preceptory

E.P.: Brother Knights, all business for the advancement of the Glory of the Cross and for the Honour of our Order having been completed, we may now close this Preceptory for, praise be to God, all is well, and God grant that it may so continue and goodness be every day increased.
Brother Knights. E.P. rises. To order. Listen to our Precepts.
Chaplain, standing in his place, facing West: Love, honour, and fear God; walk after His commandments. Maintain and defend the Christian Faith and honour, dignity and interests of our Order. Be loyal to your Sovereign, dutiful to the Grand Master and obedient to those who rule over you. Prefer honour to wealth. Be just and true in word and deed. Give no willing cause of offence to any; but, while opposing wrong and injustice, deport yourselves courteously and gently. Assist the distressed, the widow and the fatherless. Eschew all debasing employment, recreation and company; abhor pride and selfishness and so raise the standard of chivalrous honour, striving for the welfare of your Brethren. Chaplain then reads Psalm 122: I was glad when they said unto me, let us go into the house of the Lords; Our feet shall stand within thy gates, O Jerusalem; Jerusalem is builded as a city that is compact together; Whither the tribes go up, the tribes of the Lord, unto the testimony of Israel, to give thanks unto the name of the Lord. For there are set thrones of judgement, the thrones of the house of David. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem; they shall prosper that love thee. Peace be within thy walls, and prosperity within thy palaces. For my brethren and companion's sakes, I will now say, Peace be within thee. Because of the house of the Lord our God, I will seek thy good. Chaplain stands in front of the Altar, facing East and removes his head-dress. Let us pray. All Knights adopt position of prayer.
Chaplain: O Merciful Lord, grant Thy Holy protection and salutary blessing to this Preceptory. Enlighten its rulers with the rays of Thy Brightness, that they may see the just ways of our heavenly Captain and may by their example teach the Knights committed to their charge so to follow them through this wilderness of temptation that, being armed with the Shield of Faith and the Breastplate of Righteousness, they may overcome the enemies of Thy Holy Name and finally arrive at the Heavenly Jerusalem, through Jesus Christ our Saviour. Amen.
All Knights return to the Carry. Chaplain replaces head-dress and resumes his place.
E.P.: In the name of the Holy, Blessed and Glorious Trinity and in the name *Christ our Prophet, *Christ our Priest, *Christ our King, I close this Preceptory. *E.P. pronounces these words slowly. He and the Knights salute with the S. of Crus.
Chaplain, stands in front of the Altar, facing West, without removing head-dress: Let us pray. Knights adopt position of prayer. May the blessing of our Heavenly Captain descend upon us, and remain with us now and ever more. Amen.
Knights carry swords, Chaplain closes Bible on Altar, at the same time M. closes Bible on the Sepulchre.
An Arch of Steel is formed in the West under the direction of the M. and E.P. retires.
Order of Recession: Dep.M.; E.P.; Chaplain; 2nd Constable and 1st Constable; Great Officers (in pairs, seniors leading). M. remains in the Temple. Knights not forming the Arch of Steel stand to order at their stations. They return swords under the direction of the M. and disperse when the Arch of Steel is dismissed.