Order of Scottish Clans
Subordinate Ritual



It is considered advisable that all Officers should memorize their respective parts.
When the hour of meeting has arrived, the TANIST will direct the JUNIOR HENCHMAN to see that the SENESCHAL has delivered to each Officer his implement of office; that the SENTINEL and WARDER are at their posts and that the outer door is closed. In Moot rooms in the United States the Stars and Stripes and in Canada the Canadian Flag should be displayed at the right of the Chief. Clansmen will not be permitted to enter or leave the moot during the Opening, Closing, or Initiation exercises, or while Reading the Minutes, or taking a Vote.
Three raps * * * calls up the Clan.
Two raps * * calls up the Officers.
One rap * seats and calls to order.
It is expected that every Clan will possess a Holy Bible and where there is an Altar in the moot the bible should rest thereon. Many of the Clans provide for a simple ceremony for the opening and closing of the Bible. During Initiation, Installation or other ceremonies requiring open apace the Altar may be moved to the side of the moot.
Chief, *:
Tanist! what duty precedes the opening of a Clan Moot?
To see the approaches safely guarded.
Cause the Sentinel and Warder to be informed that I am about to open this moot of
Clan …, that they are to take due notice thereof, watch and ward well, and let no one come, or go, except at the will of the Chief.
Junior Henchman! you will proclaim that all present not members of the Order of Scottish Clans will retire, and you will instruct the Sentinel and Warder, that the Chief is about to open this moot of Clan … that they are to take due notice thereof, watch and ward well, and let no one come, or go, except at the will of the Chief.
Jr. Henchman (from his station):
Hear ye! All present not members of the Order of Scottish Clans will please retire.
Then going to the entrance, which is wide open. with Sentinel and Warder at their stations:
Sentinel and Warder! the Chief is about to open this moot of Clan …, take due notice thereof, watch and ward well, and let no one come or go, except at the will of the Chief.
The door is closed, the Warder gives * * ,to which the Sentinel responds with *. Then the Jr. Henchman steps in front of the Tanist and saluting, says:
Tanist! the approaches are well watched and warded.
Worthy Chief! the approaches are well watched and warded, and no one will be let come, or go, except at your will.
Are all present Clansmen?
I will ascertain and report,
Junior Henchman! you will ascertain, by taking up the password, if all present are Clansmen.
In a large Clan, the Senior Henchman at this call will assist in the performance of this duty. If there are any Clansmen without the password they will be sent to the Chief, who, upon inquiring of the Financial Secretary, and finding them clear on the books, will give them the password. The Henchman, if all is satisfactory, will then report to the Tanist.
All present are Clansmen. Or otherwise, according to circumstances.
Worthy Chief! all present are Clansmen.
Tanist. When had the Ancient Clans their origin?
At a time to which the memory of man runneth not.
What principles prevailed with them?
Incorruptible loyalty of Clansmen to their Chief, and to one another; a high sentiment of honor, deep love of country, and unsubduable courage in its defense.
What principles should animate Clansmen of our present Order of Scottish Clans?
Sincere loyalty to the laws and Government of the country in which we live; affectionate remembrance of the historic fame of Scotland; honor which shall forbid Clansmen doing anything unworthy a man of Scottish blood, or a member of this Order; obedience to their Chief; love of fellow Clansmen, relief of a distressed Clansman and the widow and orphans of a deceased Clansman.
Thus animated may we labor together. * * *.

Opening Ode

In days of old the Clansmen leal
Stood by their Chief, and a’ that,
For human rights, their country’s weal,
For freedom, faith and a’ that.
And a’ that, and a’ that,
Full well they fought, and a’ that;
With lion heart and good claymore,
For hame and weans, and a’ that
Then let us pray, that come it may─
As come it will, for a’ chat─
That sense and worth o’er a’ the earth,
May hear the gree, and a’ that,
For a’ that, anti a’ that,
It’s coming yet, for a’ that,
That man to man the world o’er
Shall brothers be, for a’ that.
The Chaplain will now invoke the Divine blessing.
Let us pray.
O God Almighty, all-wise and all-good, the Father of men, who with perfect order dost govern the world, and with perfect love the spirits of Thy children, direct now our work and prosper our aims, to the advancement of Thy glory, and the honor, happiness and peace of humanity. Fill the hearts of those who are here assembled with Thy chief gift, Charity; may brotherly love prevail with them, and may the desire of their souls be to fulfill Thy will. And to Thee would we ascribe all honor and glory, world without end.
Seneschal! Are all the Officers at their appointed stations?
Having previously, by direction of the Chief, seen all vacancies filled, he responds:
They are, worthy Chief
I now declare this Clan moot opened in due form. We are now ready to transact such business as may be properly introduced.
Warder! you will signify to the Sentinel that all having the password may enter.
Warder gives * *. Sentinel responds with *.
When roll of Officers is called, the Seneschal, standing at his post, responds Present for those in their places, giving the names of those acting pro tem.


Duties of Officers

The Chief will, whenever time permits, and after declaring the Clan moot open, examine the several officers as to their knowledge of their respective duties, as follows:
Seneschal! You will summon the Sentinel, and for the present take his post.
Seneschal salutes and retires leaving his implement of office behind him. Sentinel enters without his implement of office,─which he has given to the Seneschal─ salutes Tanist, and turning, salutes the Chief.

Sentinel! What is your duty?
Worthy Chief! It is my duty to watch well all approaches, keep off all spies. and permit none to pass to the inner post without the countersign. unless they have the word of the Chief to do so.
You will return to your post and relieve the Seneschal.
He salutes and retires. The Seneschal enters, salutes and takes his seat. The Warder gives * * which are responded to with * by the Sentinel, signifying that he is at his post.

Warder! What is your duty?
Warder and officers following will address the Chief from their respective stations.
Worthy Chief! It is my duty to ward well the inner post and permit none to enter without the password, unless they have the word of the Chief to do so.
Seneschal! What is your duty?
Worthy Chief! It is my duty to assist in the ceremonies of this Clan as the Chief shall direct; to tender hospitalities to visiting Clansmen, to provide and arrange properly any repast which may be ordered by the chief, to care for the property and regalia of the Clan, and, in conjunction with the Past Chief, test strangers seeking admission to the moor as Clansmen.
Junior Henchman! What is your duty?
Junior Henchman:
Worthy Chief! It is my duty to wait upon the Tanist; to carry messages to the Chief and elsewhere about the moot, as he shall direct, to see that none but Clansmen assemble with the Clan; to assist the Seneschal in his hospitable offices; to prepare strangers who may wish to be adopted Clansmen, and to conduct them into the moot at the word of the Chief.
Senior Henchman! What is your duty?
Senior Henchman:
Worthy Chief! It is my duty to wait upon the Chief; to carry messages about the moot as he shall direct; to bear the Fiery Cross at his bidding, and to assist at the adoption of Clansmen.
Treasurer! What is your duty?
Worthy Chief! It is my duty to receive all moneys from the Financial Secretary, giving him my receipt therefor; to keep a true and careful account of the same, and to pay it out at the order of the Chief, attested by the Financial Secretary.
Financial Secretary! What is your duty?
Financial Secretary:
Worthy Chief! It is my duty to receive all moneys due the Clan, to keep a correct account of the same, and to pay the same to the Treasurer, taking his receipt therefor.
Secretary! What is your duty’
Worthy Chief! It is my duty to keep a true and perfect record of the Clans official acts and doings and to perform such other clerical work as pertains to my office.
Chaplain! What is your duty?
Worthy Chief! It is my duty to perform the religious offices of the Clan; to tender the Obligation to strangers who are presented here to be adopted as Clansmen; to visit the sick, and to assist in the last rites over the remains of deceased Clansmen.
Past Chief! What is your duty?
Past Chief:
Worthy Chief! It is my duty to see that Clansmen are properly clothed in regalia, and to report any violation of this rule; and, in conjunction with the Seneschal, test strangers seeking admission as Clansmen; to preside as Chief in the absence of the Chief and Tanist; and it will be my pleasure to render to the Chief whatever aid and assistance he may require in conducting the affairs of the Clan.
Tanist! What is your duty?
Worthy Chief! It is my duty to assist the Chief in preserving order and conducting the ceremonies of the Clan; to serve as Chief in his absence, and, as he shall direct, visit sick and distressed Clansmen.
Worthy Chief! What is your duty?
Honored Tanist! As in ancient times the Chief was a father to his Clan, affording his Clansmen protection in trouble, and guiding them wisely in war and peace, so should the Chief now rule with loving care and equity; zealously guard the interests of the Clan; see that the sick are well attended; and, by the dignity of his bearing: his courtesy within the Clan and his deportment without: honor the Order and extend its influence.


Secretary Have you the name of any stranger who has been duly examined and elected for adoption into Clan …?
Worthy Chief, I have here the name of …. The Secretary will hand application to the chief.
Seneschal! you will retire to the anteroom, and ascertain if the stranger named is waiting and the Financial Secretary will accompany you to collect the prescribed fee. Financial Secretary will proceed past Past Chief and will meet Seneschal in front of Tanist whom they will salute and retire.
Worthy Chief, the alarm.
Warder, you will ascertain the meaning of that alarm.
The Financial Secretary and Seneschal returning.
Let them be admitted.
They enter and salute the Tanist, then about face. Seneschal addressing the Chief reports as follows:
Worthy Chief! I find in waiting ….
Financial Secretary:
Worthy Chief! The fees have been duly paid.
If the fees are not paid, the Initiation cannot proceed.
The Financial Secretary and Seneschal will remiss to their stations.
Jr. Henchman and Seneschal! you will retire to the ante-room and piepare the stranger who seeks adoption.
They salute the Tanist and retire.
The stranger will be requested to remove his right boot, and in its place a heavy woolen hose, or slipper should be supplied.
The Bore-stones, or Pedestals, in which the standards of the Lion and Fiery Cross are placed, should be of stone, or metal painted to resemble stone, about 6 inches by 4 inches, and before the Jr. Henchman arid Seneschal re-enter the moot should be placed as marked in diagram. The Chief may direct their proper placing and their later removal. When all is ready the Junior Henchman gives alarm * *.
Warder! you will ascertain the meaning of that alarm.
The door is thrown wide open by the Warder.
Who comes here?
Jr. Henchman:
A stranger who wishes to be adopted into Clan ….
Leaving door open Warder reports to Chief.
Without is a stranger who craves the honor of adoption into Clan ….
Let him be admitted. * * *. Stranger is led one-third way up middle of hall.
This is important business! We will summons the Clan. Senior Henchman, you will call the Clansmen together!
Speed forth the signal! Clansmen, Speed!
Go! Summon Scots at Scotland’s need! The muster place, Scone’s royal hill!
Such is your chosen Chieftain’s will.
Take the Fiery Cross staid go at once!
If there be a piper he will play a gathering tune, marching to and fro in front of the Chief. While music is played, the Senior Henchman will take the Fiery Cross and march around the hall until he comes for the second time to the front of the Taoist, who then falls in on the left. As they arrive at the Past Chief’s Chair, he will fall in behind the Tanist. After passing the Chief’s chair, the Clansmen will fall in two by two in rear of Past Chief, and on passing the Chaplain’s chair, that officer will take position on the Past Chief’s right. The march will be continued, until all Clansmen have fallen in line, then in front of the Tanist’s chair, the file led by the Senior Henchman will continue its march around the hall, while the file led by the Tanist will counter-march to the left. When Taoist and Senior Henchman reach their positions in front of the Chief, the Tanist will give the command HALT. The Tanist and Senior Henchman will cross their implements of office, the Clansmen will sing one verse of "Hail to the Chief" while the Chief leaves his chair, and escorted by the Chaplain, on his left, passes under the crossed implements into the circle.
Stranger! do you wish to be adopted into Clan …?
I do.
Jr. Henchman! Has he been found to be a true man, and of Scottish blood?
Jr. Henchman:
He has.
Why ,does he wish to come, among us?
Jr. Henchman:
To cherish the fame of Scotland, her history and traditions and to enjoy the fe1lowship of the Clansmen and protection of the Order of Scottish Clans.
Stranger! In ancient times a bond of amity or manred, was given by those who craved this great privilege. Are you willing to take upon yourself a solemn obligation that you will be obedient to all the laws and rules of this Order, they not conflicting with the duty you owe to God, your family, or your country? If you are willing, answer I am.
I am.
Tanist! you will now place the candidate in proper position to receive the obligation. Tanist advances past right of Chief, and Senior Henchman past left of Chaplain and plant their implements in the pedestals, the Red Lion on left front and Fiery Cross on right front of the candidate. Tanist will stand to the left of Red Lion and Senior Henchman will stand to the right of Fiery Cross, both facing toward the candidate. Tanist just before addressing candidate will step toward him and if necessary assist him to assume proper position.
: Stranger! you will place yourself in proper position to receive the Obligation. You will kneel on your right knee, your right foot unshod; your arms folded, the fingers of your right hand touching your left shoulder, the fingers of your left hand touching your right
shoulder. On your right the Fiery Cross, on your left, the Lion of Scotland.
Tanist will resume his place to the left of the Red Lion. Tanist and Senior Henchman will then turn facing Chaplain.

Reverend Chaplain, the stranger is in proper position to receive the Obligation.
Tanist and Senior Henchman retire to original positions at head of files. The Chaplain approaches candidate with the Clansman’s sign, keeping same throughout the Obligation.
Stranger! you will pronounce your name, and repeat after me: I, …, In the presence of God, and of my own free will and accord, take upon myself this obligation, to conceal, and never reveal, except it be to a brother Clansman, the secret work, signs, pass, countersign, and grip of this Clan, and of every other Clan of this Order; to be loyal to its principles, promoting their proper influence by my conduct and conversation. And I further promise, to yield a cheerful obedience to the laws of this land and to the Constitution, rules and usages of this Order of Scottish Clans; to be a true Clansman, loyal to my Brother Clansmen, and to the widows and orphans of deceased Clansmen, "good at need," So help and sustain me, God!
You now behold me approaching you with the accepted sign of this Order which alludes to the manner in which your arms were placed when you took upon yourself the obligation to preserve inviolate its secrets, and to be loyal to its principles. You are to make this sign to the Tanist whenever you enter or leave the moot. I now raise you by the grip of a Clansman, and give you the permanent countersign; the latter you will give when seeking to eater the outer door. We have also a password changed semi-annually, which you will give at the inner door.
The countersign and password must be given by the Chief in a whisper; and never by one Clansman to another. The Chief returns to the chair escorted by the Chaplain. The Chaplain then returns to his place in the circle.
To the welcome of your brother Clansmen I now commend you.
Clansmen! receive your brother!

Welcome Ode

Welcome Clansmen! Welcome here!
Blythe Scots and leal are we;
Scotland’s sons to Sots are dear,
Blythe Scots and leal are we;
Scottish hearts on distant shore,
Cherish brother Scots the more,
Shout the welcome o’er and o’er
Blythe Scots and leal are we.
Begin the march

Greet him, then, with heartiness,
Blythe Scots and leal are we;
True to him, and he to us.
Blythe Scots and leal are we;
Sires of ours and grandsires died
For their brother Scots with pride;
We, their sons, will brothers bide,
Blythe Scots and leal are we;
Cherish bonnie Scotland’s Fame,
Blythe Scots and leal are we.
Love her still though far frae hame
Blythe Scots and leal are we.
Wave on This’le, proud and free!
Scotland, here’s a health to thee!
Sing it, then, "wi’ muckle glee,"
Blythe Scots and leal are we.
While first verse of welcome ode is being sung, the candidate is moved forward until in line with Tanist and Senior Henchman. Tanist and Senior Henchman to reclaim their implements during singing of first verse. At beginning of second verse, the Clansmen, headed by the Tanist, will march in circle, and as they pass the candidate, each one gives him the grip of a Clansman in a hearty manner. Singing of third stanza optional. The circle is kept intact until all have passed the new Clansman. Those marching, excepting Jr. Henchman and Seneschal will proceed to their respective places and stations when the Chief will seat the Clan. *.
Jr. Henchman and Seneschal! You will conduct the newly initiated Clansman to the Tanist, that he may show his proficiency in the sign, grip, countersign and password and for further instructions in the wore and traditions of the Order.
Jr. Henchman:
Clansman! You will show the Tanist the sign, give him the grip of a Clansman, and whisper to him the countersign and password.
Clansman! When you were first admitted here you witnessed the Chief summon the Clan to meet at the Hill of Scone pronounced Skoon. This was to remind you that Scotland has ever been free and independent. and that for centuries, on the moot hill of Scone, her kings were crowned; and that when her liberty was imperiled. "The patriotic tide that streamed thro’ Wallace’s undaunted heart," and the deep love of country which animated the noble nature of Bruce, redeemed her, and once more her kings were crowned at Scone. The virtue which preserved Scotland as a nation should ever be cherished by men of Scottish blood; and it is in part to encourage these virtues that the Clans are formed. You now are a Clansman, and I charge you to look to it that they flourish in you, and that, in word and deed, you honor your Scottish heritage. We stress our love, respect and loyalty to the United States of America (Clans in Canada will substitute the words "The Dominion of Canada") not alone by giving its flag the place of honor in our every moot room but by precept and example foster the strong abiding faith that made Scotsmen and Scotswomen important and leading factors in the settlement, development and defense of this great country.
Junior Henchman, you will conduct the clansman to the Past Chief for further instruction.
Junior Henchman:
Past Chief! I here present our new brother Clansman for further instruction.
Past Chief:
Clansman! You entered the moot with right foot unshod, which alluded to the way in which the Thistle came to be the badge of the Royal Arms of Scotland. The Danes, in an attempt to surprise the Castle of Slaines, incautiously stepped with unguarded foot upon the Thistle. An involuntary cry of pain aroused the garrison and the invaders were repelled. "Memo me impune lacessit" is the legend of the badge, which interpreted is: "No one provokes me with impunity." I commend to you this expression of courageous self-respect.
Junior Henchman, you will conduct the Clansman to the Chaplain for further instruction.
Jr. Henchman:
Reverend Chaplain! I here present our new brother Clansman for further instruction.
Clansman! When you took upon yourself the solemn obligation of a Clansman, your folded arms made the Cross of St. Andrew, the patron saint of Scotland. That cross symbolizes the strong religious faith which has ever supported Scotsmen in adversity, filled them with high daring
for right and truth, and established in steadfastness their character. It is the faith and virtue of Scotland
"That makes her loved at home, revered abroad"
and it is by them we expect Clansmen to honor the land of their sires, this Order, and themselves.
Junior Henchman, you will reconduct the Clansman to the Chief for further instruction and enlightenment in the work and traditions of the Order of Scottish Clans.
Jr. Henchman:
Worthy Chief! I here present our new brother Clansman for further instruction and enlightenment in the ‘work and traditions of the Order of Scottish Clans.
Clansman! On my left, as you received the obligation, was the Fiery Cross, the Clansmen’s Symbol of Loyalty, at sight of which they
"Left untended the herd,
The flock without shelter
Left the corpse uninterred,
The bride at the altar."
and, like the wind or the wave, swept on to defend their native glens, their Brother Clansmen, and their Chief. Loyalty, my brother, is especially a Clansman’s virtue, which you are to manifest by being true to this Order, and to every just cause, and by the celerity with which you assist a distressed Clansman, and the widows and orphans of deceased Clansmen. Thus may we remain true to one another, till, at the end of time, we shall meet in
"The Land o’ the Leal."
On my right, as you received the obligation, you beheld the rod surmounted by the Red Lion rampant on a golden held. This is the chief figure in Scotland’s armorial bearings. It is the emblem of Courage, and is to incite you to be lion-hearted in the defense of right and of a brother clansman. No true man will fail to cherish this virtue.
For centuries people have made pilgrimages to the field of Bannockburn, made famous by the heroic valor of Scotsmen, and have drawn inspiration from the rock on which Robert Bruce planted his unyielding standard. Let us not forget that we are the descendants of these Scotsmen, and that the Bore-stones, in which the standards of our Order are planted, are Faith, Loyalty and Courage! These are the three important marks of a true Clansman, and they are alluded to in the three raps; * * * which you will make on the inner door as you enter the moot. Sincerely held, my brother, they are the passports to the hearts of men and the presence of God, to whom all Clansmen bow. All Clansmen will give the accepted sign of a Clansman. *.
I will now instruct you how to gain admission into a Clan moot. Upon knocking at the outer door you will give the countersign, the first word I whispered to you; this will admit you in the ante-room, where you will clothe yourself in regalia, advance to the inner door, and give, the signal─thus─three soft raps with the gavel. To the officer in charge you will give the password, the second word I gave you. This will gain you admittance to the Clan moot. You will then step to the saluting base, three paces in front of the Tanist, and give him the accepted sign of a Clansman, thus: …. He will reply in the same manner, when you will take your seat. We have also a voting sign, the uplifted right hand.
If you are in company and wish to ascertain if there is a Clansman present, you will raise your right hand till the taps of the fingers touch the left shoulder. If this is noticed by a Clansman, he will reply by raising his left hand till the tips of the fingers touch the right shoulder. In shaking hands the first party will use the Clansman’s grip; the other will respond and whisper in a low tone, Scotland Forever.
Should you desire to enter a sister Clan moot where you are not known, when admitted to the ante-room you will pass a slip of paper to the Warder, containing your name and rank, and the name and number of your Clan. This will be forwarded to the Chief, and if there is no one there to vouch for you, a committee will wait upon you, in the ante-room, and test you.
The Seneschal will now invest you with the regalia of a Clansman: the plaid, the ancient costume of the Caledonians, the tartan is that of Clan …, may your heart warm to it, and may your conduct never bring disgrace upon it; the brooch of the Lion rampant, to hold the plaid in place, the bonnet, with the thistle and feather.
Junior Henchman, Seneschal and candidate about face.

Clansmen, it affords me great pleasure to introduce our new Clansman give name, who has been duly obligated and instructed, and is entitled to all the rights, privileges and benefits guaranteed by our Constitution, By-Laws, Rules and usages.
Junior Henchman, Seneschal and candidate about face.

Junior Henchman! you will conduct your new brother to the Secretary’s table, where he will add his name to the roll of the Clan.
Junior Henchman and Seneschal after conducting their new brother to the Secretary’s table will return to their stations.
The Chief in his discretion may call upon any officer or Clansman to address the new Clansman on the duties, benefits and responsibilities of membership.
Where two or more are initiated it will be necessary to alter certain words in the ceremony from the singular to the plural.
Where the word "Salute’ is used in the Ritual it will mean the accepted sign of a Clansman unless otherwise specified.
Note: In conducting the Candidate from one officer to another, the following procedure may be followed.
From Chief to Tanist: Jr. Henchman. Candidate and Seneschal about face, walk down to Tanist.
From Tanist to Past Chief: left turn, walk to side, left wheel, up side to front of Past Chief.
From Past Chief to Chaplain: about face, walk across to Chaplain.
From Chaplain to Chief: right turn, walk to top of hall, right wheel to front of Chief.


A suggested charge to newly initiated clansman (no. 1)

This Charge may be given at any time during or following the regular Initiation ceremony by the Chief or such clansman or officer as the Chief shall designate.

Brother Clansmen: I now extend to you the right hand of fellowship, and with it a hearty welcome into this great national brotherhood.
May you find your membership in ,his organization a thing of intense usefulness, and an abounding joy all the days of your life.
We look to you to always help us to make this Order a brotherhood in very reality and not one in name only.
With this intent, you will try to remember that the first and constant care of a true Clansman is prompt and punctual attendance at the Clan meetings.
It should be a pleasure, as well as a duty, for you to regularly attend the meetings of your Clan and do your utmost to add to its membership.
You will remember also that this great brotherhood is likewise a business organization, and so it is absolutely necessary that all dues and assessments be paid promptly that the Order can carry on.
You should try to cultivate the acquaintance of your brother Clansmen, at all times, for unity is strength, and sympathy of purpose is one of the strongest bonds of human affiliation.
Keep, also, strongly set in your mind the thought that there is something finer in our being banded together here than the mere significance or value of a monetary consideration or investment.
We are building of ourselves a structure to perpetuate the name, fame and honour of Scotland, and each one of us consecrates himself, by his obligation, as a part of that building.
We will be better citizens of this country where we now reside if we continue to practice those Scottish virtues of honesty, industry, thrift, piety and respect for law.
You have just been told that the three important marks of a true Clansman are Faith, Loyalty, and Courage, and you will, no doubt, treasure them in the storehouse of your memory fox practical use.
It is important, and you are strongly urged to make a careful and thorough study of the foundation and structure of this great organization as contained in its Constitution and By-Laws, copies of which have just been banded to you.
Thus, "Knowledge to your eyes, her ample page
Rich with the spoils of time will far unroll"
and, thus, on behalf of the widow and orphan, the sick and distressed, you will make your membership in this Order a living thing, a thing of growth and progress, and an ever returning source of benefit to others and of satisfaction and consolation to yourselves.

A suggested charge to newly initiated clansmen (no. 2)

This Charge may be given at any time during or following the regular Initiation ceremony by the Chief or such clansman or officer as the Chief shall designate.

Brother Clansman: It affords me great pleasure on behalf of Clan … and the Order of Scottish Clans, to extend to you the right hand of Fellowship and the cordial welcome of this great brotherhood.
I congratulate you on becoming a Clansman.
May your membership in this Order be one of usefulness and happiness. May the step you have now taken help you and give you strength to serve God and your brother man. May you ever cherish the associations you are now forming and hold dear the friendships you may establish through this medium. May you constantly endeavor to emulate the noble example of those worthy men, who have devoutly pledged themselves to uphold the principles of this great Order, and who have carried our standard, ever upward and onward with unflinching loyalty, devotion and self-sacrifice.
You have taken these same obligations upon yourselves this evening and prayed that God may so help and sustain you in their fulfillment, but, you must bear your part with Faith, Loyalty and Courage and by constant endeavor for Right and Truth be loyal to your Chief and brother Clansmen.
Be loyal to your Clan by attending the meetings regularly, by the promptitude with which you pay your dues and assessments, by assisting in building up the membership of the Clan, and by working in unity and harmony with your brother Clansmen for the good of the Order.
Visit the Sick. Help the needy. Succor the distressed. Comfort the bereaved. Be virtuous in all things. Fear God. Honor the flag of this our Country and respect its laws.
Thus will you do honor to yourselves, this Order, and the land of your sires.
This invocation is none other than the Golden Rule. May it inspire you to greater and nobler ideals and aspirations and as the smith with strength and skill forges the crude metal on the anvil and fashions it in shape and form to serve a definite and useful purpose, so let us, with Loyalty to our task, forge our lives with Courage on the anvil of Faith, and fashioning them after those ideals and aspirations, may we, with singleness of purpose dedicate ourselves to the service of usefulness and to the doing of good, so that on that Great Day when life’s task is o’er and we are called hence to give account of our labors, it tiny be said of each one of us "Well done, thou good and faithful servant"