Worshipful Society of Freemasons, Rough Masons, Wallers, Slaters, Paviors, Plaisterers and Bricklayers
Ritual IV° Super Fellow Setter Erector


Preamble to the IV°
In olden times a IV° Lodge was entered by a porchway with the inner door leading to the IV° Lodge and guarded on the inside by the I.G. and with the outer door leading from the III° Lodge. Therefore, so far as practicable, the actual door of the Lodge represents the inner door of the porchway. The outer room represents the Porch and, if a third room is not available, the former should be artificially divided into two parts to represent the Porch and the III° Lodge.
The Candidate must have with him his certificate as a Fellow or the Craft, endorsed that he has been promoted to the rank of a Super Fellow Fitter and Marker, his Form X, and should be wearing a Fitter and Marker’s apron. If there is more than one Candidate all except the representative Candidate MUST hand their forms X and Certificates (properly endorsed, including Mark) to the Clerk before the ceremony starts. A Candidate is not eligible to take part in the ceremony if he is without his Certificate or his Mark is not appended thereto.
The Assemblage has been previously opened and all business completed.
Examining and Entrusting the Candidate in the III° Lodge
D.M.M.: I must now ask all below the III° to retire. (done).
D.M.M.: I close the doors to the II° Lodge. (No adjustment is made to the H.B.)
D.M.M.: Any Super Fellow Fitter and Marker deeming himself qualified and desiring promotion may now make his application.
DM.M’s.D. conducts Cand., carrying his III° Certificate and form X, to the Clerk’s table and there he his signs form X.
D.M.M’s.D. conducts Cand. to S.LW.
Cand., prompted by D.M.M’s.D.: Wy.S.I.W., will you vouch for my good character as a Super Fellow Fitter and Marker. Hands form X to S.I.W. (Retains Certificate).
S.I.W.  signs form and returns it to Cand.
D.M.M’s.D. turns Cand. to face N. in S.W. corner. His feet are not in any ritualistic position.
Cand., prompted by D.M.M’s.D. shows III° sign which is answered by D.M.M. with p.s.
Cand.: W.D.M.M., I request permission to read my application.
D.M.M.: Pray read it. (done).
D.M.M.: Your application will receive attention. Worthy S.I.W., pray examine the Candidate.
S.I.W., facing Cand.: Show me your Certificate as a Super Fellow Fitter and Marker.
Cand. hands Certificate to the S.I.W. who examines it and returns it to the Cand.
S.I.W.: Are you a Super Fellow Fitter and Marker?
Cand., prompted by D.M.M’s.D.: I am, try me and prove me.
S.I.W.: By what will you be proved?
Cand., prompted by D.M.M’s.D.: By my knowledge as a Fitter and Marker of stones intended for the building.
S.I.W.: As a Super Fellow Fitter and Marker have you a Mark?
Cand., prompted by D.M.M’s.D.: I have. Cand. shows his Mark on his Certificate.
S.I.W.: What is the Overseer’s mark of approval?
Cand., prompted by D.M.M’s.D.: The Equilateral Triangle.
S.I.W.: When you were made a Super Fellow Fitter and Marker what test did you pass?
Cand., prompted by D.M.M’s.D.: As a living stone I passed the 3 x 1 x 1 running stone gauge.
S.I.W.: Give me the grip and word of a Super Fellow Fitter and Marker.
Cand. gives grip and word.
S.I.W.  to D.M.M.: The Candidate is thoroughly acquainted with his duties as a Super Fellow Fitter and Marker and is well qualified for further advancement.
S.I.W.  takes form X and the Candidate’s Certificate to the Clerk and returns to his seat.
D.M.M’s.D. places the Cand. in front of the D.M.M.
S.I.W.  conducts all other Cands. to the W. and places them evenly either side of the Representative Candidate.
D.M.M.: Are you willing to take an Obligation of secrecy?
Cand., prompted by D.M.M’s.D.: I am.
D.M.M.: Do you promise to continue to respect all your former Obligations?
Cand., prompted by D.M.M’s.D.: I do and will.
D.M.M.: Do you promise to conceal what I am about to impart to you?
Cand., prompted by D.M.M’s.D.: I do.
D.M.M.: Then I will entrust you with the passing grip and passing word to enable you to enter a Lodge of Setter Erectors. In olden times these would have been communicated to you privately, therefore, I must ask all below the rank of Setter Erector, with the exception of the candidate(s) to retire. (done).
D.M.M.: The passing grip is … and the passing word is ... You will now retire.
D.M.M’s.D. retires with Rep. Cand. and all other Candidates. (No sign).
Opening the IV° Lodge by Power
D.M.M. kns. *. All stand.
D.M.M.: By the power deputed to me by the G.M.Ms. at my appointment to rule over this Assemblage I open a Lodge for work in the IV° and close the doors to all other Lodges. I demand the hailing sign of a Setter Erector. Held until discharged by D.M.M. giving the penal sign.
D.M.M.,Dep.J.,Dep.B.& S.I.W. proceed to the Pedestal, open the H.B. at I Kings 6, v. 7 and return.
D.M.M. kns * *   * *, repeated by S.W., J.W., I.G. and O.G.
The Lodge room now becomes the IV° Lodge and represents the Temple site.
S.I.W., S.W’s.D. & J.W’s.D. Lay down strips of carpet, approx. 12” wide, to form a rectangle, 12’ x 4’ inside dimensions, which represents the walls of the Temple. In the first part of the ceremony it represents one of the lower courses and in the second part the top or final course of stones. The rectangle should be positioned as far East as possible to give room for the F.C.S.G. in front of the D.M.M’s. pedestal in the latter part of the ceremony.
In accordance with tradition and to admit entrance a single space should be marked to represent entrances. It must be borne in mind that a) the ground within the rectangle is “Holy Ground” and b) it is theoretically impossible to enter over the walls - which would be too high. All entrances and exits must be made through one or other of the “entrance” spaces.
Five plumbs are placed in position, one at each corner and one over the Central Column with the plumbs hanging immediately over the corner stones and the centre. The cords should be adjusted so that the plumb-bob is just above the head of each person acting as a corner stone. The centre plumb-bob should be just above the H.B. The S.I.W. must nominate three members to act as corner stones in the S.E., S.W. and N.W. respectively.
S.W’s.D. places a kneeling stool in the S.W. corner, outside the walls.
Within the III° Lodge
When the D.M.M’s.D. and the Candidate(s) retire(s) they pass through the Porch or Preparation room to the Outer room which now represents the III° Lodge.
D.M.M’s.D. prepares the Cand. by clothing him in a white cloak with the Fitter and Marker’s apron bound over It. His ankles are roped to limit his step to one cubit or 21 7/8 inches. All the Candidates must witness this preparation.
Within the Preparation Room
D.M.M’s.D. Knocks *   *   ** on the outer door - or on the floor with his foot - and is admitted, together with any other Cands. by the Outside Guard into the Porch.
D.M.M’s.D. to Cand.: I would again remind you that a Candidate represents a ‘‘living stone”. In the IV° you are first a footing corner stone that has already been marked and numbered and fitted to its neighbours and is ready for erection at the actual site. The IV° Lodge represents the site of the Temple and on your entry one of the lower courses, sent from the III°, is ready for erection.
D.M.M’s.D.: Were you given the passing grip and passing word by the D.M.M. of your Fitter and Marker’s Lodge?
Cand., prompted by O.G.: I was.
D.M.M’s.D.: Then you will follow me.
IV° Ceremony
D.M.M’s.D. knocks *   *   ** on Inner door.
I.G. opens door: Who comes?
D.M.M’s.D.: The Super Fellow … (Cand’s name) who has duly served his time as a Fitter and Marker, has satisfied the S.I.W. after strict examination of his ability in that capacity which has entitled him to receive the Passing grip and passing word. He now desires to become a Super Fellow Setter Erector that he may be able to work in the IV° Lodge setting and erecting stones of the Temple.
I.G. to Cand.: Give me the Passing grip and passing word.
Cand. gives grip and word.
I.G.: Wait while I report. Closes door.
I.G.: W.D.M.M., the Fitter and Marker … Cand’s. name who has given me the passing grip and passing word.
D.M.M.: Let him be admitted in due form.
I.G. opens door, places a chisel close to the Cand’s head, gives it * *   * * with a mallet and says: “Enter on the chisel at your head”. This is repeated for all Candidates.
D.M.M’s.D. places the Cand. in the S.W. corner, outside the wall and facing N.
S.I.W.  conducts other Candidates to seats in the S.E.
D.M.M. to Cand.: You will kneel while the blessing of heaven is invoked on our proceedings.
D.M.M. knocks *. All stand.
Dep.J.: Most Holy and Glorious El Shaddai, we humbly beseech Thy blessing on this Lodge of Super Fellows gathered in Thy name. Do Thou especially bless him who now kneels before Thee. Grand that, by Thy help, he may so prepare the stone, which is his life, that when at the close of his earthly labours he comes before Thee, he may be found fit to become a perfect stone in that immortal Temple, eternal in the Heavens. Amen.
Omnes: So Mote It Be.
D.M.M. to Cand.: Rise. All sit.
D.M.M. to Cand.: We are informed that you seek advancement to the degree of Erector. We are now at the site of the Temple and you will journey round the site so that the Erectors may see that you are properly prepared.
D.M.M’s.D. places the Cand. on the wall at the S.W. corner facing N.
D.M.M’s.D. to Cand.: Step off with your right foot to the full length of the cubit cord and bring the left foot up to it; then go on again. D.M.M’s.D. conducts him once round the template, passing the S.W. corner again and stopping at the N.W. corner, facing S. The D.M.M’s.D. walks on the left of the Cand., outside the “Wall” during the circuit.
D.M.M.: In operative days you would have been required to walk four times round the wall of the Temple.
D.M.M.: Before I can advance you to the rank you seek, another Oath is required of you. Are you willing to take it?
Cand., prompted by D.M.M’s.D.: I am.
D.M.M’s.D. instructs Cand. to step off the Wall and conducts him to the West of the S.W’s. pedestal. They then proceed Westwards between the Deputies’ pedestals and enter the Temple through the Eastern entrance. Other Cands. are conducted to the E. by the S.I.W. and enter the Temple in the same manner to stand behind the Representative Candidate.
D.M.M., remaining in his place, knocks *. All rise.
D.M.M. to Cand.: Stand, support the H.B. on your left hand and place your right hand on it. The other Cands. will place the L.H. on the shoulder of the Fellow in front and give the sign of Fidelity with the R.H. You will (all) repeat your names at length and mentally assent to the oath I shall now read to you.
I, ..., in the presence of El Shaddai and of this Worthy and Worshipful Lodge of Super Fellow Setter Erectors, do hereby and hereon, solemnly confirm my former obligations as a Free Mason and do further swear that I will never divulge the secrets of my reception, nor the instruction which I am about to receive, to anyone in the world, unless it be to a free and regularly passed Super Fellow of the said Craft, who I have sufficient reason to believe has come by them as regularly as I am now about to do, or in the body of a Regular Lodge of Super Fellows consisting of three or more, presided over by the D.M.M., the S.I.W. or a duly Passed Master VI°.
D.M.M.: If you accept this obligation you will (all) repeat after me: “All these points I solemnly swear to observe under no less a penalty than that of having my right ear struck off, that I may no longer be able to hear the word. So help me El Shaddai and keep me steadfast in this my obligation as a Super Fellow Setter Erector.
D.M.M.: As a pledge of fidelity you will seal that obligation four times with your lips on the H.B. (done)
S.I.W.  supplies a second H.B. for the other Candidates to salute. (done).
D.M.M.: The Book is open at the verse which reads “And the house, when it was in building, was built of stone made ready before it was brought thither: so that there was neither hammer nor ax nor any tool of iron heard in the house while it was in building”.
S.I.W. relieves Cand. of H.B. and returns to his seat.
D.M.M’s.D. conducts Cand(s) to the East, outside the Walls of the Temple, facing W.
D.M.M’s.D. removes cubit cord from Cand.
D.M.M.: Super Fellow Setter Erectors, you will take your stations as marked stones on the site of the Temple.
All except the D.M.M., D.J., D.B., S.I.W., S.W., J.W., D.M.M’s.D., I.G. and Cand. arrange themselves on the carpet, shoulder to shoulder, facing inwards, with the designated corner stones in their respective positions and having right foot in hollow of left; right foot pointing to right along the “wall”.
The D.M.M.s.D. places the Cand. adjacent to the empty N.E.Corner position whilst the S.I.W. arranges other Cands. along the East wall and, if necessary, also the South wall.
During the forthcoming part of the ceremony the “Other” Cands. play two separate parts. Firstly, each one in turn is treated as though he is the N.E.Corner Stone and bedded down as such. Secondly, he now becomes part of the existing wall as the other members and is proved as such by the S.I.W., S.W. and J.W.. In other words, the course is proved starting from the immediate left of the N.E.Corner Stone and continued in a clock-wise direction until returning to the N.E.Corner.
S.I.W.: W.D.M.M. a course of stones is ready save one only, which is required to complete the number, and which is now on the site.
D.M.M. to Cand.: You will take your place in the N.E. corner of the living wall, shoulder to shoulder with your neighbours with your feet in this position.
D.M.M. moves to a position where Cand. can see him and explains foregoing. D.M.M’s.D. assists Cand. to take his place.
D.M.M. returns to his place.
DM.M’s,D. takes a convenient seat nearby.
S.I.W. to D.M.M.: The course is now complete.
D.M.M. to S.I.W.: Let the corner stone be set.
S.I.W.  takes the heavy setting maul and goes direct, though avoiding the walls, to the back of the Cand. D.M.M’s.D. joins him.
S.I.W.: I erect you a stone in this living Temple gives two taps on head with maul and I bed you down gives one tap on each shoulder and hands Maul to Deacon.
Right passes his hands down Cand’s sides and Level places his hands on Cand’s shoulders. Thus I erect you a Living Stone in our Temple and pray El Shaddai that you may ever be a credit and an ornament to the living wall of which you now form part.
This ceremony must now be repeated for all other Cands. down to flight and Level. Then the S.I.W. says for all other Cands. “Thus I erect each of you a Living Stone etc.” S.I.W. then returns to his place.
D.M.M’S.D. takes the Maul to the table and returns to his place.
S.I.W.: W.D.M.M. all the stones have now been set.
D.M.M.: The course having been duly set, do you Worthy S.I.W. and you worthy S. and J. Wardens prove it with the straight edge, the level and the plumb.
S.W. & J.W. proceed to the S.I.W’s table and provide themselves with level and plumb respectively.
S.I.W.  takes up straight edge and all three proceed to the N.E. Corner via the West and North.
J.W. proves the course Right by placing the plumb against the back of each Super Fellow, commencing with the stone on the Left of the N.E.Corner Stone. (This may be or may not be another Cand.).
S.W. proves the course Level by placing the level across the shoulders of two neighbouring stones, commencing with the N.E.Corner Stone, which is his guide to correctness.
S.I.W.  proves the course Straight by placing the straight edge across the backs of neighbouring stones, again using the N.E.Corner Stone as his guide.
S.I.W., S.W. & J.W. proceed clockwise testing ALL stones until they return to the N. E.Corner.
S.W. & J.W. hand their tools to the S.I.W. and return to their places.
S.I.W. returns to his table and replaces the tools.
J.W.: W.D.M.M. the course is right.
S.W.: W.D.M.M. the course is level.
S.I.W.: W.D.M.M. the course is straight.
D.M.M.: Since the course is set right, level and straight it only remains to ascertain that it is true to the plan.
D.M.M. goes to the N.E. corner and checks the line through the centre to the S.W. corner and that the plumbs are correctly over the heads of the Corner Stones.
D.M.M. Goes to the S.E., S.W. and N.W. corners and checks similarly. He then returns to his seat.
D.M.M.: I declare the course true to the plan. Let us give thanks to the G.S.I.O.T.U. that another course has been truly laid.
D.M.M. kns. * and the Super Fellows stand with the sign of Thanksgiving (clasping the hands, interlacing the fingers, in front of the face. The placement of the arms refers to the equilateral triangle, with the chest forming the base.
D.J. advances to centre column through E. entrance: We offer heartfelt thanks O El Shaddai, for Thy divine direction this day and that, through Thy guidance, we have succeeded in completing another course well and truly laid. Grant that in all our labours we may be inspired to build with wisdom, truth and beauty. May our work continue in Thy sight and may the Temple which we are striving to erect ever draw nearer to perfection and be completed to Thy glory. Amen.
Omnes: So Mote It Be.
D.J. resumes his place, passing again through the E. doorway.
D.M.M.: You may now return to the Lodge.
D.M.M’s.D. conducts Cand(s) to the West. Other Super Fellows return to their seats. All passing outside the walls.
D.M.M. to Cand.: I invest you with the apron of a Setter Erector which adds a heavy setting maul to the other emblems. I also invest you with the jewel showing that you are now one of the senior workmen on the site. Other Cands. are similarly invested. May you ever prove worthy of the trust placed in you.
D.M.M.: The working tools are the beetle or heavy setting maul, the straight edge, the level and the plumb. There is no tool of iron in use by an erector. Shows them to Cand. and returns them to the S.I.W.
D.M.M.: The rule is twelve units long with two hinges dividing it into lengths of three, five and four units.
D.M.M.: We symbolise your advancement by representing the cubic ashlar in this form.
D.M.M. shows the cube both open and closed and says: This is the third development of the cube.
D.M.M.: You may now take your seat and we will continue with the ceremony.
D.M.M’s.D. & Cand. take their seats. Short pause.
D.M.M.: This pause indicated an interval of seven years and the Building is now almost complete.
S.I.W.: W.D.M.M. The work is at a stand!.
D.M.M.: For what cause?
S.I.W.: For want of the Great Corner Stone of the building which cannot be found though it has been traced back to the quarries. The S.I.W. of the IV° of the Arch Yard has told me that the keystone of the sacred arch is also missing and he is unable to remove the wooden centre on which he builds.
D.M.M.: Who is the cause of these accidents? Such stones cannot have been blown away by the winds! After reflection: The matter must be reported to the G.M.M.s. Meanwhile, let diligent search be made.
The three Deacons leave the room. After a pause they re-enter and stand in line in the E. (No knocks but give sign on re-entry.
D.M.Ms.D.: Tidings W.D.M.M.! The stones are found! We have discovered that the Great Corner Stone had been carelessly marked with red paint and carried to the Arch Yard where it was rejected as they had no use for a stone of that description. We have also discovered the missing keystone and returned it to the Arch Yard. It had been marked with blue paint and so had been “hove over” as not belonging to our square and level work.
D.M.M. stands and gives sign.
D.M.M.: Thanks be to El Shaddai that they have been found! Our Royal Grand Master, King Solomon, can now set them in their proper positions and the Temple may be dedicated in the month of Ethanim.
D.M.M. sits.
As for those careless markers they will be brought to justice and as a punishment for the delay they have caused they will themselves be “hove over” the thirty cubit drop.
S.W’s.D. & J.W’s.D. resume their seats.
D.M.M’s.D. places Cand. before D.M.M.
S.I.W. conducts other Candidates to D.M.M.
D.M.M.: I will now instruct you further in the secrets of a Super Fellow Setter Erector. You will recall that the passing grip is … and the passing word is ... The grip is given thus, with thumbs together, representing  the equilateral triangle, the Overseer’s Mark of Approval. As ever the grip must always be covered by the Fellow who is challenged. It is never complete without the word nor can the word be given without the grip The word is Chebraoth, which means Super-Fellow Companion of the Mark, spoken by the challenger, to which the reply is: ‘Mark carefully’.
The D.G. or Hailing Sign which must be given when entering or leaving a IV° Lodge or when addressing the W.D.M.M. thereof is given thus: extend the two arms straight forward with hands upturned as though frasping a stone. Sway the stone three times straight before you i.e. three single movements, forwards, backwards and again forwards as if to heave the stone over the brow of a hill directly in front of you. As always must be maintained until it is answered by the Penal Sign which is moving the left hand in one single swift movement from the top to the bottom of the right ear. The E.S. is ...
The Signs of Secrecy and Distress are the same as for Apprentices and Fellows and throughout the Society.
There are two other signs peculiar to the IV° namely the Sign of Disappointment, given by laying the right temple in the right hand and the Sign of Thanksgiving, given by clasping the hands, interlacing the fingers, in front of the face. The placement of the arms refers to the equilateral triangle, with the chest forming the base.
This is the antient mode of rendering thanks to E.S. It took its rise when the Great Corner Stone of the square guild and the keystone of the arch guild were placed in their relative positions by our Royal Grand Master, when the skilful Craftsman made this sign, and in an ecstasy of joy exclaimed ‘Thanks be to God I have marked carefully!’
The kns. are * *   * *. The H.B. is open at I Kings 6, v 7.
Dep.J. reads this text.
You must now pass the test of the footing corner stone gauge as (a) living stone(s).
S.I.W. avoiding the walls, removes the F.C.S.G. from E. of the centre column, places it behind the Cand. and instructs him to step backwards into the gauge.
S.W. & J.W. take position at the ends of the gauge and raise it over the Cand’s head. This must be done for every Candidate and more than one Candidate may be tested at a time.
S.I.W.: The Cand(s) pass(es) the test.
D.M.M. to Cand.: Thus we receive you as (a) Super Fellow Setter Erector(s).
S.I.W.  removes the gauge from the site.
S.W. & J.W. resume their seats.
D.M.M.: You will now sign the Roll of Super Fellow Setter Erectors at the Clerk’s table. All Candidates sign the Roll.
S.I.W.  conducts other Cands. to their seats.
D.M.M’s.D. places Cand. in the N.W. corner. Not on the carpet, which now represents the completed wall of the Temple.
D.M.M. to Cand.: This completes the operative part of the ceremony. At this point, in operative days, instruction was given about setting and erecting stones. I now draw your attention to a lecture on the subject. We wish you well.
D.M.M’s.D. conducts Cand, to his seat.
Orator or Any member of the VI° reads the Lecture.
IV° Lecture
As you were informed in the III°, no traditional charge has come down to us relating to either the III° or IV°, although it seems possible that a charge in one form or another was given.
The work of the Setter Erectors was to assemble the stones received from the III° yard and to erect them as part of the fabric of the building. These masons must have been acquainted with the methods of raising heavy weights, for if the stones were of traditional size, they would have weighed about 17 tons each. A full knowledge would also be essential of the system of marking employed in the III°, so as to ensure that each stone went into its intended place and for which indeed it had already been fitted. From this, it is certain that, before being permitted to work on the site, an Erector would had to have worked in the III° yard - fitting and marking stones.
It was essential that the bottom of a stone, when erected in the building, should be the same as the bottom of the stone when taken from the quarry — otherwise the stone would “splay” and would no longer fit with its neighbours. Therefore, before commencing its journey from the quarry every stone received a “bed mark” — this was an arrow pointing to a line and indicated the lower part of the stone when taken from the quarry.
Before leaving the quarry the stones were given an “Order” to distinguish stones required for one building from those required for another. The Order Mark for the Temple of K.S. was the interlaced triangle.
As each course was dealt with as a whole, presumably it was not necessary to have a mark on each stone to show to which course it belonged. Let us consider for example the North Wall. The wall stone nearest to the East corner would be No.1, followed by Nos.2, 3, 4 etc., until the corner stone in the West was reached, Stone No.3 would be marked at its East end E2, and at its West end E4. These numbers would indicate that the stone should abut No. E2 at its East end and the “3” end of No. E4 at its West end.
There was also the personal mark of a mason who had fashioned a particular stone and the Overseer’s mark, which when completed was the equilateral triangle. As the marks were between the joints, they were not visible in the completed structure.
The traditional method of joining the stones was by brass tees let into the stone and finally run-in with molten lead. For joining two stones, a double tee would be used, and for joining three stones a triple tee — or triple tau — was the appropriate jointer. Among the ceremonies, which appear to have formed part of the IV° in earlier days, was the following: The Great Temple was destroyed by Nebuchadnezzar but, while the Jews were in captivity in Babylon, the masons kept alive their knowledge of the first Temple. When they returned under Zerubabel, Nehemiah and Kadmiel after seventy years captivity, it was known that in a vault six cubits below the floor there existed a pedestal marking the centre and containing the plans. The Sanhedrin therefore ordered that labourers should be instructed to search for the keystone of this vault, and to report when found.
In clearing away the rubbish, the labourers came upon what appeared to be the key stone and reported their discovery to the Senior Passed Master, and he in turn to the three Grand Master Masons. They at once sent three Passed Masters VI° to investigate.
The Passed Masters removed the keystone and, finding a vaulted chamber, descended by ropes and found the pedestal which contained the plans.
Among the plans was a record of the words engraved on the enormous lintel set over the entrance of the first Temple: “IN THE BEGINNING GOD CREATED THE HEAVEN AND THE EARTH”
Thus were rediscovered the Centre and the plans of King Solomon’s Temple.
Before Closing the IV° Lodge
D.M.M’s.D. sssists the Cand. to disrobe.
S.I.W.  assisted by the other Deacons, clears the floor of plumbs, carpet, etc.
Closing the IV° Lodge by Power
D.M.M. kns. *. All rise.
D.M.M.: Super Fellows, by the power deputed to me by the G.M.Ms. at my appointment to rule over this Assemblage I close this Lodge in the IV° and open the doors to all Lodges from the IV° to the I°.
D.M.M., S.I.W., S.W. & J.W. proceed to the centre column and adjust the H.B. to the Book of Ruth chap.iv, v7.
D.M.M. knocks * *   * *, followed by S.W., J.W., I.G. and O.G. All resume their seats and any members of the lower degrees are admitted.