Worshipful Society of Freemasons, Rough Masons, Wallers, Slaters, Paviors, Plaisterers and Bricklayers
Ritual 1° Indentured Apprentice


D.M.M. knocks *.
All rise.
D.M.M.: Fellows and Super Fellows, by the power and authority deputed to me by the G.M.Ms. to rule over this the … Assemblage (an Assemblage), I am opening this Assemblage of Lodges IV° to I°.
All rise and, with the exception of the D.M.M., Dep.J., Dep.B., S.I.W., Clerk, Treas., S.W., J.W., and I.G., if numbers justify same, members of the IV° to I° stand on the “Candidate’s Track”, facing inwards.
D.M.M.: To Order as Indentured Apprentices.
D.M.M.: Worthy J.W., what is the first care of a D.M.M. before he opens the Assemblage?
J.W.: To see that we are tiled externally.
J.W.: I.G., you will admit the O.G.
O.G. enters, carrying his Trowel and salutes J.W. (Clean hand sign, hold right hand, thumb in the form of a square, palm forward, about twelve inches in front of the right thigh, the arm fully extended), which is acknowledged by J.W. (clutching own throat with left hand). I.G. takes place of O.G. while the O.G. is in the Stone Yard.
J.W.: O.G., what is your position?
O.G.: Outside the entrance to the Stone Yard.
J.W.: Your duty?
O.G.: Being armed with a sharp instrument, to be wary of all cowans and eavesdroppers to Free Masonry, to guard the keys and plans when the Assemblage is not at labour and to see that Candidates come properly prepared.
O.G. salutes, which is acknowledged by J.W., and retires. I.G. returns.
D.M.M.: Worthy J.W., what is your place?
J.W.: In the N.
D.M.M.: Why are you so placed?
J.W.: To inform you when the morning has arrived and to mark the sun at high Twelve.
D.M.M.: Worthy S.W., what is your place?
S.W.: In the E.
D.M.M.: Why are you so placed?
S.W.: To see the setting sun, to report the same, so that the labours of the day may cease and to see that the working plans, tools and gauges are placed in safety and secured.
D.M.M.: Worthy S.W., what is the place of the D.M.M.?
S.W.: In the W., W.D.M.M.
D.M.M.: What is his duty?
S.W.: To mark the rising sun at the opening of the day, to set the craftsmen to work, to rule over the Assemblage of Lodges IV° to I°; to issue instructions, draw designs and to see that the commands and the work received from the G.M.Ms. are properly executed.
D.M.M.: The Assemblage being properly formed, before I declare it open, let us invoke the assistance of the Grand Architect of Heaven and Earth.
Omnes give Sign of Reverence (right hand over heart).
Dep.J.: Most Holy and Glorious El Shaddai, Thou Great Architect of Heaven and Earth, Who
art the Giver of all good gifts; in Thy Name we assemble and meet together, most humbly beseeching Thee to bless us in all our undertakings, to enlighten our minds with wisdom and understanding that we may know and serve Thee aright, to Thy glory and the salvation of our souls. This we humbly beg in Thy Name, Oh El Shaddai. So Mote it Be.
Omnes: God is our guide.
D.M.M., Dep.J., Dep.B. & S.I.W. proceed to central Altar. Dep.J. opens H.B. at Ruth Chap iv. V. 7 and all form the symbol (in forming the symbol, the short ends of the squares, point to the centre and the long ends clockwise. The symbol is not a swastika) and then return.
D.M.M.: In the name of the G.A. of H&E I declare this Assemblage of Lodges open for work in degrees Fourth to the First.
D.M.M. knocks ***, repeated by S.W., J.W., I.G. & O.G.
If the G.M.Ms. are present and seated on their Thrones.
G.S.I.W.: Brethren, Fellows and Super Fellows, To Order, facing W.
7-fold salute to the G.M.Ms.
G.S.I.W.: Brethren Fellows and Super Fellows, Be seated.
G.M.Ms.: Brethren, Fellows and Super Fellows, we thank you for your fraternal salutation and greet you well.
The “Keys” ceremony which follows is based on the old practice that, during the period when the Lodge is not open for work, the plans, gauges and tools are locked in a place of safety a cave or strong chest by the S.I.W. and the keys are guarded by the O.G. - the only “armed” officer.
O.G. with Keys on a cushion, knocks ***.
I.G. with sign: Worthy J.W., there is a report?
J.W. with answer sign: I.G., ascertain the reason.
I.G., opens door: O.G., what have you to report?
O.G.: The Keys of the Assemblage for the safe—keeping of the plans, gauges and tools. Hands them to I.G.
I.G., holding cushion, closes door and reports: Worthy J.W., the Keys of the Assemblage.
J.W. with sign: W.D.M.M. the Keys of the Assemblage.
D.M.M. with answer sign: You will instruct the I.G. to do his duty.
J.W.: I.G., do your duty.
I.G. takes Keys to the S.W.
S.W.: Worthy S.I.W., pray send me the plans and gauges, and provide the tools for the work.
S.W. (to S.W’s D.): Take the Keys to the S.I.W. S.W’s.D. goes directly to S.I.W.
S.I.W. (to S.W.’s.D.): Return these plans and gauges to the Worthy S.W. (done).
S.W.: W.D.M.M., The Assemblage is prepared for work.
The Sevenfold Salute
The salute is given three times to the M.H. and once to the Grand Master Masons.
The movements are made at three seconds intervals with the S.I.W. tapping the time with maul and stone. Each movement is made on the first heavy tap which is followed by two light taps. When facing east the S.W. should be the leader and when facing West the D.M.M. should be the leader. It is the responsibility of the S.I.W. to ensure that the two leaders are always in time with him.
1.: Stand erect and smite thighs with flat hands at tension.
2.: Place hands together in front, arms fully extended, palms inwards, chest and arms forming triangle.
3.: Bring tips of finger’s to lips — Sign of Supplication. Hands as though in prayer.
4.: Lower the hands, with thumbs in navel. Hands form triangle, fingers down, palms flat to body.
5.: Raise hands to Heaven forming triangle over head, palms inwards.
6.: Put in the Sacred Arch, the Dome of Heaven; both hands lowered sideways, until they are horizontal and hands flat, palms Up.
7.: Turn hands, palms down and drop to side without slapping.
Indentured Apprentice Preamble
Form “A”, the form of application to be made an Apprentice, must have been completed by the Candidate, signed by him and the signature witnessed. The Proposer and Seconder having signed and having obtained the signatures of five supporting members, the completed form should be in the hands of the Assemblage Clerk in time for the name and all necessary details to be included in the summons for the appropriate meeting. The Clerk will read the application in open Assemblage prior to the ballot.
The Candidate’s application is posted on the I° Lodge door by the S.I.W., symbolically 14 days previous to the ballot. If there is more than one Candidate the other forms “A” will have been completed and deposited with the Clerk. All Indentures and forms “C” must be completed, Except For Signatures, and deposited with the Clerk. Forms “B” for the non—representative Candidates will be signed and deposited with the Clerk. Form “B” for the representative Candidate will be signed during the Ceremony. It is the responsibility of the Asst.S.I.W./Asst.Clerk to ensure that forms are correctly deposited.
In the Ceremony it is assumed that there is only one Candidate. The other Candidates enter after the representative, sit in the S.E. and follow the Ceremony, except where instructed by the S.I.W.
In olden times the I° Lodge was entered by a covered porchway or preparation room. Within the porchway seven steps led down to a pool or bath, in which the Candidate washes, and seven steps up on the far side leading to the inner door of the porch which is the Lodge door and is guarded within by the Inside Guard. Outside the Porch of the Lodge is the Office of the S.I.W., to which the Candidate has been instructed by his proposer to report. Therefore, as far as practicable, the outside of the Lodge door represents the Porchway and a small adjacent room the S.I.W’s. office.
Outside the Lodge
While the Candidates are waiting for the result of the ballot it is desirable that the Outside Guard explains the foregoing to them. When the successful ballot is declared the Asst.S.I.W. retires, checks that the representative Candidate’s form “B’ is in order and prepares him (dirt on hands). All Candidates must witness.
S.I.W.: and J.W’s Deacon Enter S.I.W’s office.
S.I.W. to Candidate: I am the S.I.W. of this Assemblage of Free Masons and you are to imagine that you are in my office. Why do you desire to be a mason?
Cand., prompted by J.W’s.D.: I am verv much inclined to Stone work, have a good opinion of the Craft and wish to work at it as a trade.
S.I.W.: Will you sign this Declaration? J.W’s Deacon watches that Candidate signs correctly.
S.I.W.: Your first step is to apply at the door of No.1 Stone Yard (outer door of porchway). Give one bang on the door with your hand or foot and you will be admitted by the pass grip, and pass words (i) which I now communicate to you. The grip is made thus, giving pressure of thumb on back of right hand, the pass words are F… A… O… G… R…
S.I.W. returns to the Assemblage.
J.W’s.D. remains with the Candidate and instructs him to give one knock on the outer door of the Porch. (done).
O.G.: What is your request?
Cand., prompted by J.W’s.D. hands the declaration form to the O.G. and then gives the p.g. and p.ws.
O.G.: Come in done. O.G. signs form “B”.
Dep.B., S.I.W., D.M.M’s.D., & S.W’s.D. Enter Porch when directed by D.M.M..
O.G. Hands completed form “B” to I.G. as door is opened.
S.W’s.D. to Cand.: Do you swear that1 avoiding fear on the one hand and rashness on the other you will persevere through the ceremony of being indentured as an Apprentice?
Cand., prompted by J.W’s.D.: I do.
O.G.: Then I will lock the outer door.
D.M.M’s.D. symbolically divests Cand. of all clothing by removing his jacket and shoes and puts slippers on his feet. He instructs him that, symbolically, he must have no money with him apart from his footing fee, which is his bond of good faith.
Dep.B. instructs the Cand. “to wash and be clean” by dipping fingers in the layer seven times (symbolic of bathing seven times).
Dep.B. examines the Cand. for fitness by instructing him to lift a heavy rough ashlar and then listening to his heart.
Dep.B., on finding the Cand. clean and fit, clothes him in a Toga Candida.
S.W’s.D. gives the Cand. a sip of water explaining that this represents refreshment with food and drink.
S.W’s.D. places a cord, with noose in centre round Cand’s neck - ends of cord about 8ft apart when extended.
J.W’s.D. places a cord, with noose in centre round Cand’s waist, over the cloak, ends of cord about 6ft apart when extended.
D.M.M’s.D. hoodwinks Cand. and places footing fee in his hand.
S.I.W. & Deacons take up the ends of the cords in the form of a diamond. The D.M.M’s.D. is in charge of the Candidate. The cords should be held just taut.
First Degree
D.M.M.: Worthy S.I.W. and J. W’s.D., you will retire. They go to the S.I.W’s. office.
S.I.W. returns to the Lodge and reports: W.D.M.M., I have interviewed the candidate whose application has been posted at the entrance for 14 days, and on three occasions he has stood by his application when the Fellows were going to or from work. I have received no report against him. He waits in the Porch.
S.I.W. Takes form “A” to the Clerk rind resumes his seat.
D.M.M.: W.Dep.B., Wy.S.I.W. & Deacons, you will retire and attend on the Candidate. Done.
S.I.W. places footing stone at, N.E. corner on his way out.
Dep.B. returns and reports: W.D.M.M., the applicant has his right limbs as a man ought to have. He is able of body to attend the Science and is perfect in all his parts.
D.M.M.: Fellows and Super Fellows, do you approve … (name) be apprenticed to our Society?
ALL stand and give sign for approval or sign (raising left arm forward to horizontal position, palm of hand downward) for disapproval. In case of approval, D.M.M. answers sign.
O.G. knocks *.
D.M.M. to I.G.: Ascertain the cause of that alarm.
I.G. opens door: Wherefore this alarm?
O.G.: The Applicant has been refreshed and comes duly prepared to be made an Apprentice Mason.
I.G. closes door: W.D.M.M., the applicant has been refreshed and comes duly prepared to be made an Apprentice Mason.
D.M.M. to I.G.: Admit him in due and antient form.
I.G. opens door: How do you hope to obtain admission?
Cand., prompted by D.M.Ms.D.: By the help of El Shaddai, the pass grip and the pass words.
I.G.: Give them to me.
Cand. gives grip and words.
I.G.: Can you hear?
Cand., prompted by D.M.M’s.D.: Yes.
I.G.: Can you see’?
Cand., prompted by D.M.Ms.D.: No.
I.G. places sharp instrument to naked left breast, symbolically to draw blood.
I.G.: Can you feel?
Cand.: Yes.
Cand. is admitted with S.I.W. leading and Deacons in diamond formation and is conducted to the footing stone in the N.E. Corner.
D.M.Ms.D. instructs Cand. to place his footing fee on the lower edge of the stone and to stand with feet either side of the stone, heels together forming a square.
S.I.W., S.W’s.D. & J.W’s.D. return to their seats leaving D.M.M’s.D. in charge of Cand. with cords hanging.
S.W’s.D. places kneeling stool immediately in front of the footing stone.
D.M.M. to Cand.: I now call on you to slip your shoes from off your feet and to kneel for prayer. D.M.M’s.D. assists.
D.M.M. knocks *. All rise.
Dep.J.: Oh Most Gracious El Shaddai, we beseech Thee to bless our present undertaking and grant that, this our friend who now kneels before Thee, may become a true and faithful brother and Apprentice Mason, and that he and all of us, may live as men who know the important ends for which Thy goodness has created us. Grant that this “living stone”, rough and unpolished, may arrive at such perfection that be will he fitted to form a perfect ashlar in Thy eternal Temple. Amen.
Omnes: So Mote It Be. All sit.
D.M.M.: Let the applicant take heed while I address a few questions to him.
1: What age are you?
Cand., prompted by D.M.M’s.D.: Full.
2.: What is your character?
Cand.: Good.
3. What is your knowledge?
Cand.: None.
4.: Where have you been working?
Cand.: I have not been working.
5.: Have you ever been a member of any Guild or Company before?
Cand.: No.
6.: Do you swear that you have never been expelled, discharged or run away from any work?
Cand.: I do.
7.: How do you hope to rise in your profession as a Free Mason?
Cand.: By my industry and your instruction.
D.M.M.: Right. I congratulate you on your answers. Let me now ask you: In all cases of danger and difficulty, in whom do you put your trust?
Cand., prompted by D.M.M’s.D.: In El Shaddai is all my trust.
D.M.M.: Right, rise. You may now replace your shoes. Brn. and Fellows in the East, South, West and North, you will take notice that … (name) is about to pass before you to show that he is properly prepared and fit and proper to be made an Apprentice to our Art, Craft and Mysteries.
D.M.M’s.D. to Cand.: Do you see anything?
Hoodwink is slightly raised by Deacon so that Cand. may see his feet.
D.M.M’s.D. conducts Cand. around the Lodge, carefully following the “Candidates Track” using “end—on work” or “work—in—line” (by putting heel of left foot in front of and touching toe of right foot, then heel of right foot in front of and touching toe of left foot, etc.) for the first few steps AFTER each corner or stop. (Note in olden times the Cand. was guided around the “track” by the four Officers holding the cords in diamond formation as at entrance. There is unlikely to be space for this in the average Lodge room).
J.W. Stands with left arm extended in forward position, palm downwards and holding truncheon in right hand.
J.W.: I bar progress. Halt. Who comes?
D.M.M’s.D.:(name) in a state of darkness, who has been well recommended and comes of his own free will, prepared according to antient custom, humbly soliciting to be admitted to our Art, Craft and Mysteries.
J.W.: How does he hope to gain admission?
D.M.M’s.D.: By the help of El Shaddai and the pass words.
Cand., prompted by Deacon gives pass words.
J.W.: I raise the bar raises left arm and lowers right hand. Pass, F… A… O… G… R…
D.M.M’s.D. conducts Cand., giving steps where appropriate, to S.W.
S.W., stands as did J.W.: I bar progress. Halt. Who comes?
D.M.M’s.D.:(name) in a state of darkness, who has been well recommended and comes of his own free will, prepared according to antient custom, humbly soliciting to be admitted to our Art, Craft and Mysteries.
S.W.: How does he hope to gain admission?
D.M.M’s.D.: By the help of El Shaddai and the pas words.
S.W.: Give me the P.Ws.
Cand., prompted by Deacon gives pass words.
S.W. (as J.W.): I raise the bar. Pass, F… A… O… G… R…
D.M.M’s.D. conducts Cand. to left of S.W.
S.W.: W.D.M.M., I present to you … (name) a Cand. prepared according to antient custom to be admitted to our Worshipful Society. He has been tried and proved in accordance with antient usage and has been found worthy.
D.M.M.: Worthy S.W. we will attend to your presentation, but first the Candidate must take the Oath of Nimrod.
J.W’s.D. places kneeling stool to E of Altar.
S.W’s.D. lays strip of cloth from E of Lodge to kneeling stool so that Cand. may not step on mosaic pavement.
J.W’s.D. places a rough ashlar to the N of the Altar.
D.M.N’s.D. conducts Cand. to Altar.
S.I.W. conducts other Candidates to the E and they line up behind the representative—in pairs if necessary with left hand on shoulder of Cand. in front and giving sign of Fidelity with right hand.
D.M.M. to Rep. Cand.: You will kneel, symbolically on the rough ashlar stone with both knees bare. (done)
S.I.W.& Deacons take up cords as at entrance with left hands, taking care not to stand in front of Altar, all facing W.
Asst.S.LW. supplies S.I.W. with a small H.B. and has a second one ready for later.
D.M.M.: You will take the solemn Obligation of an Apprentice Mason.
D.M.M. knocks *. All rise with S of F (right hand over heart, thumb in form of square).
D.M.M.: Support the H.B. on your left hand and place your right hand on it with the thumbs in the form of a square. S.I.W. places H.B. in position open at Ruth iv v 7.
D.M.M.: State your names at length and mentally assent to the Oath of Nimrod which I am about to read to you: I, …, in the presence of El Shaddai and of this Worshipful Assemblage of Free Masons, promise and declare that I will not at any time hereafter, by any act or circumstance whatsoever, directly or indirectly, write, print, cut, mark, publish, discover, reveal or make known, any part or parts of the trade secrets, privities or councils of the Worshipful Brethren or Fellowship of Free Masonry, which I have known at any time or at any time hereafter shall be made known unto me. I Further swear that, I will well and truly serve as a Mason’s Apprentice during the term of my apprenticeship, and obey all signs and summonses sent or given to me and especially the sign of Distress given by a Brother or Fellow in his need, and that I will in all things conform myself to the Laws, Charges and Regulations of an Apprentice Mason. The penalty for breaking this great Oath shall be the loss of my life, that I shall be branded with the mark of the traitor and slain according to ancient custom by being throttled, that my tongue shall be cut out by the root and that my body shall be buried in the rough sands of the sea, where the tide regularly ebbs and flows twice in twenty-four hours, so that my soul may have no rest by night or by day.
D.M.M.: If you accept this Obligation you will now repeat after me: So help me El Shaddai and the contents of this Holy Book. You will seal this Oath once with your lips on the Holy Book.
Asst.S.I.W. offers another H.B. to the other Candidates in turn.
N.B. The H.B. must not be taken from the kneeling Candidate at this stage,
D.M.M.: Take good heed to keep it right well for it is perilous and a great danger for a man to foreswear himself upon the Holy Book. S.I.W. removes Holy Book.
D.M.M’s.D &. J.W’s.D. remove centre cord.
S.LW. & S.W’s.D. release ends of neck cord and leave it hanging.
D.M.M.: Give light that he may place his hand to his bond.
D.M.M’s.D. removes hoodwink.
Clerk brings form “C” and Indenture on a suitable board, for Candidate to sign while kneeling at the centre Altar. He offers a pen and instructs Cand. to sign each in turn, being careful not to rest the board on the Holy Book. (done).
Cand., prompted by D.M.M’s.D., hands board to Clerk saying: I deliver this as my act and deed.
D.M.M.: Rise Apprentice of the Craft of Free Mason.
Treas. goes to the footing stone and makes up the footing fee.
When there is more than one Candidate the D.M.M’s.D. takes the first one to one side and instructs the next one to kneel so th8t the signing ceremony can be repeated for every Candidate. (done).
All sit with the exception of the D.M.M’s.D. who places the Candidate(s) before the D.M.M. in the West.
D.M.M.: I will now instruct you in the Grip, Word and Sign which prove you an Apprentice Mason.
D.M.M.: The Grip is given by … This Grip must always be covered by the brother who is challenged, which is the Candidate!. The Word is JABAL spells it and Apprentice repeats. Jabal denotes “strength of construction” and is derived from Jabal, the first man to build a house of stone. You must be careful to remember this word as without it you will be refused admission by our Inside Guard through his porch to our Stone Yard. The Sign which is given on entering and leaving the Lodge and when addressing the D.M.M. is the Due Guard or Hailing sign called the Clean Hand Sign. This sign must be maintained until it is answered by the penal sign. The penal sign is given by clutching own throat by left hand. The Clean hand Sign is also given as a sign of approval, whilst disapproval is given by raising the left hand forward to a horizontal position, palm of hand downward.
D.M.M.: There are other signs which must be known by Indentured Apprentices. The Emblematical sign which is given by striking the left thigh with the left hand, in allusion to the left hand pillar at the Porch Entrance of King Solomon’s Temple. The sign of Secrecy, which is given by placing the tips of the fingers of the right hand to the lips, at the same time shading the eyes with the left hand. Should a brother inadvertently witness work which he is not entitled to see he will be excused the penalty of his Obligation, if he makes this sign.
The sign of Distress is given by raising both arms, with the elbows square, palms forward. Aid must always be extended to a mason making this sign and uttering the word “help”.
D.M.M.: The knocks of the degree are ***.
The Holy Book is open at Ruth, ch. iv, v. 7.
D.M.M.: I show you the working tools of an Apprentice. S.I.W. hands them to D.M.M. They are the chisel, the small maul and the straight edge. May you ever use them to our advantage. I invest you with the apron of an Apprentice done. Give me your left shoe. This was an antient custom amongst Free Masons as we read in the fourth chapter of the Book of Ruth.
Dep.J. (reads): “Now this was the manner in former time in Israel concerning redeeming, and concerning changing, for to confirm all things; a Man plucked off his shoe, and gave it to his Neighbour; and this was a testimony in Israel. Therefore the kinsman said unto Boaz, Buy it for thee. So he drew off his shoe. And Boaz said unto the Elders and unto all the people, Ye are witnesses this day”.
D.M.M.: You may now replace your shoe and maybe in after time, you may be asked what it cost you to be made a Mason. You can answer it cost you an old shoe of your Mother’s, this being your Mother Lodge and that shoe its property.
D.M.M’sD., places Candidate(s) in S.W. of the Lodge facing the Clerk/Orator.
Orator: This is the charge to the Apprentice dated 1663.
1.: You shall truly honour El Shaddai, His Holy Church, the King, your Master and His Wardens. You shall not absent yourself but with the licence of one or both of them from their service by day or night.
2.: You shall not purloyn or steal or be privy or accessory to the purloyning or stealing of the value of sixpence from or either of them.
3.: You shall not commit adultery or fornication in the house of your Master, with his wife, daughter or maid.
4.: You shall not disclose your Master’s or your Warden’s secrets or counsels which they have reported unto you, or what is to be concealed, spoken or done within the privities of their house, by either of them, or by any Free Mason.
5.: You shall not maintain any disobedient argument with your Master, Wardens or any Free Mason.
6.: You shall reverently behave yourself towards all Free Masons, using neither cards, dice, or any other unlawful games, Christmas time excepted.
7.: You shall not haunt, or frequent any Taverns or Ale Houses, or so much as go inside any of them, except it be upon your Master’s or your Warden’s, their or any of their affairs, or with their, or one of their consents.
8.: You shall not commit adultery or fornication in any man’s house where you shall be at table or at work.
9.: You shall not marry, or contract yourself to any woman during your apprentices hip.
10.: You shall not steal any man’s goods but especially your Master’s or any of his fellow Masons, nor suffer any to steal their goods, but shall hinder the felon if you can, and, if you cannot, then you shall aquaint the said Master and his Fellows presently.
D.M.M.: All these Articles and Charges which have been now read to you, you shall well
and truly keep to the best of your power and knowledge: so help you El Shaddai and the contents of this Holy Book.
S.I.W. presents H.B. which Cand. Kisses.
D.M.M’s.D. places Candidate(s) before D.M.M.
D.M.M. removes cord from Candidates neck.
D.M.N.: I place around your neck this cord in place of the cord which you have worn since you entered the Lodge. You will wear this cord for seven years to remind you of your bond.
D.M.M.: I present to you the Constitutions, Rules and Regulations of this Worshipful Society to assist you to govern your conduct. I also present to you the By-Laws of the Assemblage and … (other items detailed by the G.M.Ms. and in force at the time).
D.M.M’s.D. conducts Candidate to the N.E. Corner, feet placed to the footing stone as before.
S.I.W. seats the other Candidates.
S.I.W.: How are you going to live until you draw your first weeks’ wages?
Cand., prompted by D.M.M’s.D.: I am poor.
S.I.W.: W.D.M.M., the Apprentice is poor.
D.M.M.: Worthy S.I.W., pray take up a collection from the Brethren and Fellows for his support until he draws his first week’s wages!
J.W’s.D. takes up a collection of one penny per member -not from other Candidates- and presents it to the Candidate,
Cand., prompted by D.M.M’s.D.: I offer this collection to the Lodge.
D.M.M.: This collection is symbolically for your support, a penny in olden times providing food for a day, but as, in fact, we trust you do not need it and have donated it to the Lodge, it will be handed to the Treasurer for the benefit of the Lodge.
J.W’s.D. takes collection to the Treasurer.
D.M.M.: You are now an Indentured Apprentice Free Mason and must work diligently for seven years to promote the general good of the Society. We congratulate you and wish you well.
D.M.M’s.D. conducts the Apprentice to a seat and instructs him to disrobe.
D.M.M’s.D. obtains Candidate’s jacket and shoes from O.G., returns them to him and resumes his seat.
Closing an Assemblage of Lodges IV° to I°.
D.M.N. knocks*, All rise.
D.M.M.: Fellows and Super Fellows, assist me to close this the … Assemblage of Lodges IV° to I°. To order as Indentured Apprentices. Held until answered by penal sign.
D.M.M.: Worthy S.W., what is your position?
S.W.: In the East.
D.M.M.: Why are you placed there?
S.W.: To see the setting sun; to pay the F.Ms. their wages and to see that the working plans and gauges are deposited in a place of safety.
D.M.M.: Worthy S.W., what is the hour?
S.W.: W.D.M.M., the day is at an end, I see the sun is setting.
D.M.M.: As the sun is setting, let us close the day’s work. Bro. S.W., you may issue my command to close the assemblage and see that all plans, gauges and tools for the work are secured in a place of safety. But before we close this Assemblage, let us invoke the blessing of the G. A. of H. & E.
Dep.J.: Most Glorious El Shaddai, Thou Great Architect of Heaven & Earth, we give Thee humble and hearty thanks for the manifold blessings we have received from Thy boundless store. As Thou hast been present in our Assemblage, guiding us through our labours, so do we beseech Thee to continue to be with us in our daily avocations, that we may be built up as living stones, into a spiritual house, meet for Thy habitation; and grant that, in all our works begun, continued and ended in thee, we may glorify Thy Holy Name and finally, by Thy mercy, obtain everlasting life. This we humbly beg in Thy Name, Oh El Shaddai. So Mote It Be.
Omnes: God is our guide.
S.I.W. 7—fold salute to the M.H. — facing E.
G.S.I.W. (only when G.M.Ms. are present): Brethren, Fellows and Super Fellows, to Order.
G.M.Ms.: Retire with members of the VII°.
D.M.M., only when the D.G.M.M. is present without the G.M.Ms.: Brethren, Fellows and Super Fellows, to Order.
D.G.M.M. retires with members of the VII°.
S.W. hands plans and gauges to his Deacon saying: Return these plans and gauges to the Worthy S.I.W. (done).
S.W’s.D. returns with the Assemblage Keys on a cushion and hands them to the S.W.
S.W.: The D.M.M. has instructed me to issue his command that the Assemblage of Lodges should be closed and, in the name of the G.A. of H. & E., I declare this the … Assemblage of Lodges closed for work in the degrees fourth to first until six o’clock tomorrow morning. Knocks ***.
D.M.M., Dep.J., Dep.B. & S.I.W., proceed to the central Altar and remove the symbol. Dep.J. closes the H.B. and all place their elements of the symbol thereon.
S.I.W. gives order to retire and procession of Dep.B., Dep.J., D.M.M., S.W. and S.I.W. leaves the Assemblage.
J.W., after procession has departed and I.G. has closed door: Fellows and Super Fellows, the sun has set, the Assemblage is closed and the labours of the day are at an end. Depart in harmony and peace.