Ordo Baphometis
Ritual Initiation into the Iš - Archaicum


This is the ritual of self-initiation into the I-Degree of the Ordo Baphometis.
On the altar is the GOTOB and 4 black candles, a cup of wine and a hostia. The candidate must be naked or clothed in a simple robe of white.
The initiate will stand before the altar, and focus his mind upon the opening towards the invisible temple of the OB.


Facing east:
Hor Hota Hem!
Ha Kochren ha tai alal?
Ho hatana hara he. (Baphometic language!)
Sigillum of the baphometic continuum

The candidate may now sit before the altar facing east and begins a short (10 min.) meditation upon the baphometic universe.
The candidate now vows loyalty to the gnosis of the OB:
I vow obedience to the secret matters of the secret Ordo Baphometis!
Preparation: The candidate stands at the altar and removes the veils from the hostia and the cup of wine.
He says:
This is the baphometic-body of the black-violet flame.
This is the infinite stream of the baphometic light.
Consecration: Holding his hands over the hostia and the cup of wine he says:
These are the secret configurations of Baphomet/Baphomae"
Elevating the elements, he places them in center of the altar and begins a meditation on the process of the pneumatic transformation before him and within him.


The candidate says:
Let the baphometic light visit all the god-spaces of the universe as we offer the invisibles this altar of the baphometic transmutation.
Invocatio Bephometis

He makes the Sigillum;

The candidate will invoke the baphometic spirits: to enter the spirit-spaces of the consecrated hostia and wine:
I call you the forces of the baphometic archaicum, come into this sacrament of the pneumatic gnosis.


Kyrie, eleison 3x
Baphomete, eleison 3x
Baphomae, eleison 3x
Communio Baphometis

Accipite, et manducate ex hoc omnes, Hoc est enim corpus meum!
He will now eat the baphometic flesh.

Accipite, et bibite ex eo omnes. Hoc est enim calix sanguinis mei!
He will now drink the baphometic blood.

After Communion

The candidate says:
By eating and drinking the baphometic light, I become more of the light of Baphomet.

He says:
The energy is light and power and wisdom in the baphometic gnosis.

The candidate now rests in front of his altar and meditate on the baphometic power which has come into him.
Password: "Archo"
Battery: 1x 3x
Gesture: He stands in front of the altar and looks to the GOTOB.