Mystic Legion
Ritual of the Business Degree



At the hour for opening the Castle, the Worthy Regent shall take his position at the head of die room and give one rap with the gavel.
Worthy Regent:  The officers will now take their stations and the Mystics will be seated. The herald will collect the permanent and semi-annual words, after giving them to me, and
report the names of any not having the same.
The Herald collects the words, any who may be unable to give them must be reported
to the Worthy Regent, who will instruct them, if in good standing. The Herald will
again visit such members and receive the words. Visiting members must present a
Recognition Card or be vouched for by a member.
Worthy Herald: I have obeyed your commands and find all present qualified to sit with us.
Worthy Regent, gives three raps: Mystics arise and give me the Business sign; Its answer; The Recognition sign; Its answer; The Distress sign; Its answer; Repeat in a low tone the words of the Distress signal; Its answer; Divide in couples by repeating the words “Mystic Legion’’ The Sec. calls “Mystic’’ the Herald calls “Legion” the next member “Mystic” the next “Legion” and continue around the Castle, including the officers as they come in order. When the Regent gives the next instruction, the couples so divided will be ready to comply. Exemplify the grip and pass the Testword. Give the Honors of the Fraternity.
Mystics, we have gathered here tonight for the purpose of learning more of our beloved Order and of becoming better acquainted with one another, which is very important if we would be truly helpful towards each other, as we must know them well, in order to best know how to help. The true sentiments and teachings of our Order, if fully understood and practiced, will ennoble and elevate the character and lives of the members and will render our Fraternity truly grand. For what is it that develops true helpfulness and sheds abroad the light of happiness and charity, more than a Fraternal Order composed of true-hearted men and women, who are banded together by mutual ties of common interest. There should be no heart-burnings or jealousies within our Castle walls, but here should be found the well-instructed Mystic Brotherhood, ready and willing at all times to explain the objects
and exemplify the teachings of our Order. All our actions in the Castle should be harmonious and indicative of the good feeling prevailing among us. Remember the vows you have taken and be charitable and forbearing towards one another. The sighs of the distressed and the groans of the dying are always with us, and we should never let the signal of distress pass unheeded, for we know not how much suffering we may cause by so doing. Let there be no hatred or selfishness indicated by oar action here to-night, but let us all so act, that peace and harmony may prevail and when we leave this room, may we feel benefited, and strengthened to take up life’s burdens once more. We will now sing our Opening Ode.
Air—Pleyel’s Hymn.
Welcome Mystics, one and all,
Welcome to our Castle Hall;
We in love and friendship meet
Let us hold communion sweet.
While we live on earth below,
Lot our best endeavors show:
When our life’s short race is run
May we hear the words “Well done.”
AirRock of Ages.
Now the Mystic Legion binds
Helpful hands and kindred minds:
One another’s gains we share,
One another’s burdens bear;
Master, Thou of life divine,
Meet us here and make us Thine.
Thus we humbly clasp our hands,
Bow the head at Thy commands;
Wilt Thou draw divinely near
Take away our every fear;
Seal the work with Thine own will,
Let us feel Thy presence still.
Air—Battle Cry of Freedom.
We will rally at our Castle, we’ll rally once again,
Shouting the Battle cry “Protection,”
We will gather from the hillside, we’ll gather from the plain,
Shouting the Battle cry “Protection.”
Cho.—Our Castle forever; Hurrah, now Hurrah;
Gather the members from near and from far,
While we rally at the Castle, rally once again,
Shouting the Battle cry “Protection.”
We will welcome to our numbers the loyal, true and brave,
Shouting the Battle cry “Protection,”
And although they may be poor, not a man shall die a slave.
Shouting the Battle cry “Protection.”
Cho. —Our Castle forever, etc.
They are springing to the call from the east to western shore,
Shouting the Battle cry “Protection”
And we’ll fill our Castle halls with a million Mystics more,
Shouting the Battle cry “Protection.”
Cho. —Our Castle forever, etc.
Worthy Regent, gives one rap: Mystics, this closes our opening ceremony and I now declare … Castle, No. … of the Mystic Legion, duly opened in regular form, and ready for business; and I strictly enjoin you to abstain from all discussions of a political or sectarian nature.
Gives one rap.

During this ceremony, except as noted, the marching should be accompanied by music, .the longer marches with selections from appropriate Glees or Choruses, or portions of Opening Ode No. 3, or Closing Ode No. 2, or instrumental music only. When the marches are short a few chords from the instrument will be sufficient. There should be no singing however, until the Candidate has been brought in the second time. The Herald should measure his steps to be at the proper station when the music reaches a stopping place.
In preparing for this ceremony, three banners should be provided, each about fifteen feet lone and one and a half feet wide. One should have the word “Benevolence,” another ‘‘Fraternity” and the third ‘‘Security” neatly painted and to occupy the full space of the banner.
Where practical, arrange to suspend the first to form the side of a triangle towards the Past Regent’s station, the second to form the base towards the Vice Regent’s station, and the third on the side towards the Treasurer’s station. They should form a triangle that will be at least twenty-five feet on a side, but of course, the angles will be incomplete.
If this cannot be easily done, place them upon the walls over the stations named. If it should not be convenient, or not be thought advisable to have the large banners, smaller ones of any shape or size decided upon by the Castle, may be substituted, and they may be suspended over the triangle or over the various stations, as indicated, at the option of the Castle.
If suspended, the words should be placed on both sides of the banners, so they can be seen from either side, but when placed on the walls this will not be necessary.
Pin tapes on the floor to mark the triangle so the members can readily form at the proper time. Should there be more than sufficient to till the lines, the others should form another line behind but in the same regular order.
Rigid decorum should be observed during the ceremony or the effectiveness of the tableau when the hoodwink is removed will be destroyed.
Worthy Regent:  The Herald will now prepare the Castle for the reception of Candidates who may be in waiting. The Guard will ascertain and report any candidate who may be in the ante room.
While the Guard is out the room will he put in order.
After Guard has returned and reported.
Worthy Regent:  The Secretary will retire to the ante room, get the names of candidates and collect the fees.
After the Secretary has returned and reported.
Worthy Regent: Worthy Herald, you will proceed to the ante room, properly prepare the Candidate, conduct him into the Castle, and assist the officers in the ceremony of initiation.
Herald retires.
After hoodwinking the Candidate he will, with hum, approach the inner door and give two raps. The Guard will open the door and Herald enters with Candidate, slowly passing around the room to the right. At the second round the two knights bar the way at the Vice Regent’s station, with crossed swords.
No music.
Vice Regent: Who is this bold intruder that dares invade our inner court?
Worthy Herald: He is a stranger who wishes to become a Mystic.
Vice Regent: Does he know that none can enter here except he be a true and proven friend?
Worthy Herald: He is willing to be tested.
Vice Regent: Let him be conducted to the Worthy Regent, who will put him to the test.
Dirge or minor music.
Herald conducts candidate one and a half times around the hall stepping at the Worthy Regent’s station. He should apparently be passing when halted by the signal.
Worthy Regent, giving one loud rap: Worthy Herald, I perceive that you are accompanied by one who is not a Mystic; how does he appear here? By what device has he succeeded in passing the drawbridge and portcullis; have we traitors in our midst? This matter must be investigated. Let him be placed under guard while I inquire of the Watch. Sir Knights! Waits for the Knights ho come forward. This stranger must not be allowed to escape; I shall hold you responsible for his safe keeping until wanted. You will retire with him to the ante room, and one of you will relieve the Watch and send him to me. Knights, Herald and Candidate retire; the Watch enters, goes to Altar, salutes and comes to worthy Regent’s station. The inner door should be left ajar so this candidate can hear.
Worthy Regent: Worthy Watch, a stranger has appeared in our midst; how did he gain admission to our stronghold? It is your duty to prevent the entrance of any outsiders; do you not know that treachery is punished with death? If the Outer portal is not guarded, how can we be protected from our enemies? But we do not wish to judge you too hastily, let us have your explanation.
Here the Guard closes the door.
Worthy Watch: Worthy Regent, I can explain satisfactorily how the stranger came to gain admission. He appeared at time drawbridge, hailed me and said he wished to join our ranks. I asked him for his references which he gave me naming two members or the Deputy and they were satisfactory. His motives seemed honorable, so I lowered the drawbridge and raised the portcullis, and he entered. I believe he will make a good Mystic of our Legion.
Watch retires after saluting, leaving door open.
Worthy Regent: Mystics, the explanation of Our Worthy Watch seems to me satisfactory, but if any objection is to be made to the introduction of the Candidate, let it be made now. If no objection, Let the candidate be brought in again.
Candidate is conducted directly to Worthy Regent’s station.
A few chords.
Worthy Regent: Stranger, your entrance here has been satisfactorily explained, but before you can become one of us you must be tested and proven, to find if you are worthy and entitled to the confidence and trust that must be reposed in one of our number. You will be required to give satisfactory answers to the following questions: “Do you present yourself here of your own free will and accord?”
Candidate: I do.
Worthy Regent: Are you willing, and do you pledge yourself to obey the laws and constitution of our Order?
Candidate: I do.
Worthy Regent: Do you present yourself here and take the necessary obligations without any mental reservation whatever?
Candidate: I do.
Worthy Regent: The Herald will now conduct you to the Past Worthy Regent for instructions. Candidate is conducted once around the room and to the station of the Past Worthy Regent.
Worthy Past Herald: Past Worthy Regent, acting under the directions of our Worthy Regent, I now present this Candidate to you for instructions.
Past Worthy Regent: Stranger, you have how entered upon a new life, in the ranks of a brotherhood that shall encompass the globe with bonds of Love, Charity and Protection. Do
you regret the step you have taken, for if you do, there is still time for you to recede before you take the final obligations and tests, Do you still desire to go forward and become a true Mystic?
Candidate: I do.
Past Worthy Regent: You will then repeat after me the following: In the presence of the Castle here assembled, I do solemnly promise, on my sacred honor, that I will do all in my power to further the interests and objects of this Order. That I will faithfully obey the Constitution, Laws and Regulations. That I will forever keep secret the Signs, Words, Grips and Secret work of this Order, and never reveal the same to any person, except he be a member in good standing. That I will never permit the Distress Signal of a Mystic to pass unnoticed, and I will do all in my power, to relieve a Mystic or his family in distress. When I find a Mystic unemployed, I will do all I can consistently, to aid him in securing employment, and all things being equal, I will always give a member of’ this Order the preference in business, that the true fraternal principle may be exemplified. Should I hear spoken, or see printed, or written, that which is intended to reflect upon the good name or reputation of a Mystic, or that of any member of his family, I will remain silent, and give them the benefit of every doubt, and will defend them so far as I can truthfully and consistently do so. I will not recommend for membership any person, whom I know to be of unsound health, bad habits or unsavory reputation.
Past Worthy Regent: The Herald will now conduct you to the Worthy Regent. After passing around the room once.
Worthy Herald: Worthy Regent, I now present the Candidate to you for further instruction.
Worthy Regent: You have now started on the fraternal way, and it stands you well in hand to be very careful what associations you make in the future, for on your associations depend, in a great measure, your future success in life. If you should choose from among those who partake of the flowing bowl you will, ere long, be very liable to be of them in fact and deed. Partake now of this libation to Health, Sobriety and a long and happy life. Presents a glass of water. There is no lurking demon in a glass of pure water; there is no shadow of a prison or an almshouse in the clear Aqua Pura of a beneficent Creator. Think you that a just God would give to his children that which will enfeeble, debauch and curse them? The use of pure water brings no sorrow and premature death. Temperance is a chain of gold that holds all the virtues in its train. The curse of drink will ruin all who yield to its deadly influence. It will wreck the home and send the loved ones out on the street to beg and suffer. Then yield only to such influences as have a tendency to help you in the noble aspirations of a grand and good cause. You are now surrounded by good and true friends who will help you on in all the noble pursuits of life; who will protect you in the fullest sense of protection, protection in sickness, protection in health, protection in business and protection for your dependent ones when the loving hand that has provided for all their needs is cold in death. When the lips that have spoken words of encouragement and praise are silent, and the kind heart that has felt for their sorrow and troubles is stilled to beat no more forever. Always be prompt in paying your assessments and dues. Think how much happiness and joy they may be the means of sending to some poor, sorrowing, stricken heart. Think how much it may be to you when your tired head is pressing its pillow for the last time; when earth seems slipping away from you and you are losing your grasp on all things mortal; when your eyes are looking over the dark river into the great beyond, and you can feel that you are leaving your loved ones in good hands who will care for them, even as you cared for those of some other weary one who has laid down the harden of life, grown too heavy for the tired back. Therefore let me again adjure you by all you hold dear, be prompt in paying your assessments, even as you would that others should be prompt in paying their assessments to keep your own dear ones from want and penury.
Plucking a thorn f rein the travelers’ path,
Turning away a neighbor’s wrath;
Stretching a hand towards the needy soul,
Pointing the way to the distant goal:
Lifting a fatten Mystic up,
Sweetening the draught in the bitter cup;
Planting sweet flowers on a lonely grave,
Seeking a single soul to save;
Sowing the seed ‘gainst a spring-tide rain,
Watching in lose by the bed of pain;
Heeding the orphans’ plaintive cry,
Wiping the tear from sorrow’s eye;
Shunning to act the liar’s part,
Loving the truth with a fervent heart;
Guarding from ill a friend’s good name,
Burying deep the tale of shame:
Working to earn the bread we eat,
Climbing the hill with patient feet;
Dealing with men in an honest way,
Seeking Heaven’s tight in the darkest day;
Bidding the pooh’ to an ample feast,
Treating with kindness the poor dumb beast;
Hoping for all things good and true,
Trusting to God in what we do;
Earning true riches as on we go—
Buying Crown Jewels as pure as snow.
Worthy Herald, you will now conduct the Candidate to the Altar; the final portion of our most solemn obligation will be given there.
Slow music.
Herald conducts him once and a half around the room and to the Altar, the members form a triangle around the Altar with the base about ten feet behind the Herald and Candidate, leaving room at the apex, (towards the worthy Regent’s station) for the Regent to take his place After the members and other officers are in position, the Past Regent and Treasurer slowly leave their places and proceed inside the triangle, standing about two feet inside the line and facing the Candidate, then thin Vice Regent and the Regent slowly approach from their places, the former standing inside the line and about sax feet back of the Candidate, the Regent forming the apex as before explained. In this way time Past Regent, Vice Regent and Treasurer form a triangle inside the larger triangle. When all die in position the Herald removes the hoodwink.
One of the Knights stands an line so as to be near the Treasurer.
Worthy Treasurer: You do solemnly promise me Presenting naked sword, which he has previously taken from Knight by this emblem of Justice, that you will promptly pay all just and legal assessments that may be called for the payment of expenses or beneficiary obligations of this Order; that you will faithfully guard the interests of this Castle and of the fraternity; that you will not wrong or defraud any member of this Castle or Order, or any member of his family, and that you will guard the interests of a Mystic as faithfully as you would wish him to guard yours.
Candidate gives assent.
Worthy Treasurer: Should you voluntarily and intentionally violate this, your solemn obligation, may you be cast out from the society of all good people;
Vice Regent: May the finger of scorn and contempt be ever pointed at you;
Past Regent: May your name be disgraced in all good society as one who has violated the most solemn obligation he can take;
Treasurer; May you wander through life like a ship without rudder or compass;
Vice Regent: May you be shunned by all good men;
Past Worthy Regent: May your sun set in abject want and misery;
Treasurer: And may your body lie in an unmarked grave.
All: Neglected and forgotten.
Worthy Regent: You will now receive instruction regarding the words on which our Order is founded.
Past Regent: Above me you see the word ‘Benevolence.’ This is one of the foundation stones of ours as well as other secret beneficial Orders; ‘Bene-volens’—well-wishing, is the primary
meaning, but we enlarge its definition to include charity and assistance; charity for faults and failures of life, assistance in distress. Every member of this Castle has the good wishes of every other true Mystic and may count on our assistance as far as it lies in our power to give it. And it will be your privilege and duty to render such aid to deserving Mystics, as circumstances and conditions may allow.
The Candidate is faced about.
Vice Regent: Behold another word that, like the sun in the heavens, sheds light upon all in the ranks of the Mystic legion. ‘Fraternity’—without which we have no bond of fellowship. This is the Mystic tie that binds helpful hands and kindred minds and while we join with all fraternities in waging common warfare against high priced insurance, yet are you especially enjoined to co-operate most heartily with those of our own members, seeking to swell our membership by every legitimate means you may be able to command.
The Candidate is turned to his original position.
Treasurer: By making use of solid business methods, we are able to guarantee absolute ‘Security’ not only of the funds of the Order, but of the benefits promised by the Mystic Legion. Never in the history of fraternal insurance have such safeguards been thrown around the treasure box, not only in the local Castle but as regards our highest officials. Every officer, through whose hands any money passes, is bonded in a regular surety company. Our bonds are not a mere matter of form, signed by personal friends as an accommodation. Our system of equalization in the payment of death benefits, creates a reserve, the income from which will be used to keep assessments down to, or below the number estimated in our plan. The methods employed secure the proper disposition and safe-keeping of all funds and we point with pride to this word ‘Security’ as completing the safe and secure foundation on which the Castle of the Mystic Legion is builded.
Worthy Regent: I will now instruct you in the secret and unwritten work of the Order. Wishing to enter the Castle, you approach the outer portal and give the alarm; the watch will open the door or wicket and to him you will give the permanent pass word, and if a visiting member, your name, the name, number and location of your Castle. He will admit you to the ante room and provide you with the badge of the Order, which you will fasten to your left breast. At the inner door you will give two raps. When time guard opens the wicket you will give him time semi-annual pass word; also your name, and if a visiting member, name, number and location of your Castle, and any other information he may require. He will report you to the Worthy Vice Regent, who will order you admitted if entitled to same. You will proceed by right angles to the altar in center of room and facing the Worthy Vice Regent, salute him with the business sign of the Order, after which you may take your seat. Should you desire to change your seat, you will address the Vice Regent, under the business sign, and receive his permission. Wishing to leave the room, you will pass to the altar and again salute the Vice Regent and receive his permission before retiring. Wishing to take the floor or address the Worthy Regent, you will rise and be recognized by the Worthy Regent before speaking. I will now instruct you in the signs and grips.
1st. The Business sign, used also in voting, and answer.
2nd. Recognition sign and answer.
3rd. Sign of distress, its answer and words of same.
4th. Grip.
5th. Castle Honors.
6th. Test Word.
7th. Motto.
One rap calls the Castle to order and seats the members, two raps calls up the officers and three raps calls up the members.
Be mindful that you do not improperly use these signs and grips. Remember your pledge never to reveal them.
We hope, dear Mystic, for you are now entitled to that term, that the obligations you have this night taken will be impressed upon your mind so indelibly as never to be forgotten.
And now by authority of my office I declare you regularly introduced in this Castle and the Fraternity, and entitled to all the rights and privileges pertaining to the Business Degree.
Worthy Regent: Mystics, let me introduce to you Mystic ….
The Castle will greet him with the Honors of the Fraternity.
The Castle will have a short recess to congratulate time new Mystic.
Closing Ceremony
Worthy Regent, rising and giving two raps, which calls up the officers: Worthy Mystics, we are now ready to close the present session of the castle; is there anything left unfinished that cannot well be deferred until our next meeting?
Then let us remember our obligations to keep silent regarding our transactions here this evening. Let us not forget the principles and teachings of our Order as expressed in the words on which it is founded.
Past Worthy Regent: Benevolence—which means charity for the needy and unfortunate.
Worthy Vice Regent: Fraternity—which means love for our Brotherhood.
Worthy Treasurer: Security—which means protection for our homes and families.
Worthy Regent: Protection for each other in life and health—in business—in sickness, and for our loved ones when the hand that has supplied their needs is stilled in the cold and silent tomb. Let us remember our duty to the sick, needy and distressed; they are ever with us and require our attention. Let us remember that even as we keep our obligation towards them so will others keep their obligations towards us. Our Order is mutual in all its requirements. As we depart may we feel renewed confidence and a determination to bring in some friend to enjoy the advantages and pleasures of our beloved Order.
Gives three raps. All rise and repeat together: We do each pledge ourselves to do all in our power for the advancement of the Mystic Legion, and will never let an opportunity pass without speaking a good word in its interests; we will strive to bring into its ranks all of our friends, and will endeavor to make it the most successful Order in the world.
All give the Honors.
All: Witness our obligation.
Worthy Regent, We will now sing our Closing Ode.
Long may our Legion live
And to its members give
It’s mission is world wide;
Now standing side by side,
May peace with us abide
And purity.
Air—“A Thousand Years.”
Lift up your eyes, ye faithful Mystics
Fling to the winds your needless fears:
We have unfurled our beauteous banner,
And it shalt wave a thousand years.
Cho.—A thousand years, my own true Legion,
‘Tis the glad day we long to see;
When from the power of all old liners,
We and our children shall be free.
Envious foes in all directions
Little we heed your jibes and sneers,
Little will they, our children’s children,
When you are gone, a thousand years.
Cho.—A thousand years, etc.
Haste thee along, thou glorious noonday,
Bringing the balm to soothe all fears:
Giving new strength to all “Fraternals”
When they have lived a thousand years.
Cho.—A thousand years, etc.
Worthy Regent: I now declare this Castle duly closed until … give day, date and hour.
Gives one rap.